Tuesday, November 11, 2008

~*Update, Freebie Finish and an Oops*~

Hello Dear Friends! I hope you are all happy & warm... enjoying the pleasures of Fall as it is in full force now. I've been keeping VERY busy inside. Last week I decided to move my craft stuff (and there sure is a lot of stuff!) to the basement. Planning this huge move, I was thinking it would only take 1/2 of the main room ~ kind of a rec room. Well.... let's just say, I'm slightly off on my planning. LOL I have taken over 1/2 of that room.... but also the laundry room and my stepson, Jamie's, old bedroom. How it all fit in the spare bedroom (without a bed), I'll NEVER know. When the lil' red house does get finished, I know there will be no problem filling it up! The project started on Sunday, was worked on yesterday, and was still worked on some today. I'm almost finished though and really enjoying this new change.

Tony built me shelves to stack my wool upon, plus worked tirelessly helping me get the heavy things down the stairs. I'm so thankful & grateful to have such a wonderful hubby! Jamie, Craig (my other dear stepson), and Trinity helped a whole bunch too! Thank you to ALL my AWESOME boys!

Here is how the old room looked yesterday..... a lot of stuff, huh?


Today I received notice of another freebie finish....

This darling ditty was made by Staci of Snippets and Stash. Red is my very FAVORITE color & I just LOVE this! Don't you? Staci stitched this on 32 count linen & filled it with crushed walnut shells. I do just love it! Thanks Staci for showing us!


Now for our Oops!

This is the windshield of our car. The spiderweb crack was caused by the head of a 6 year old. Yup, Trinity. Don't worry, he wasn't hurt. The car wasn't even moving! He and I were waiting in the car to pick up Cub Scout popcorn. He does ride in the back, but sat in the front to wait & avoid the cold weather. For some reason, unknown to me, he decided to stand up and jump. As he did this, he head butted the windshield causing the crack. I was so shocked! He said he wasn't hurt... but there sure were tears of guilt, remorse, and 'uh oh'. He wasn't punished, but was given a sturn talking to about being too excited at times. When we arrived home, he bought his piggy bank to Dad & I offering to pay for the Oops. No, we didn't take it. There is someone coming tomorrow to install a new windshield... not something we needed to spend money on so soon to Christmas, but we will make it all work.

I'm sure this is something we will never let him live down though... he will forever be teased for having a hard head! LOL

Gotta go work on this move some more. Until next time, many warm smiles to you...



  1. Thank you again Betty for the sweet pattern :) I've really been enjoying your blog.

    Boys do seem to have the hardest heads (and sooo much energy!) I've got a 6 and 8yr old.

    And your pears looked delish!

  2. Ouch! I am glad that Trinity is ok! Windshields can be replaced.

  3. Betty, I thought that was so sweet of Trinity to bring his pig bank down to pay for his mistake.
    You both are doing a great job of raising him. He does sound like a great kid.

  4. I'm glad Trinity has a HARD head but sorry about your windshield.
    You have inspired me to pack up a bunch of my craftin' stuff and haul it up the stairs to the attic...just hope I can get my big ol' bear to help me up with those boxes!

  5. OMG thank goodness Trinity is alright! Sounds like a responsible young man offering his piggy bank. I'm sure your new crafting area will be perfect! The freebie finish is so pretty! Well done Staci!

  6. Betty,
    The fun never ends, lol. My son was always getting lumps and we never stop worrying. Glad he is ok.


  7. I'm with Sherry on the windshield. I have a room craft room that looks just like your photo....I open the door with every intention to get everything place....take one look, then close it again!

  8. Love the cross stitch piece. Nice job Staci. Glad Trinity is ok, and it sounds by him bringing you his piggy bank that he has "learned" a lesson from this. I'm sure for a while each time he gets in the car he will remember. I hope you show the after picture of when you get all your stuff organized. No matter how hard I try, I have realized that my room is just too small to hold all my stuff. Need to make more or purge. (cringing at that word purge lol)

  9. I could dive into that craft room. Oh the goodies!

    Glad that poor Trinity is okay. It was so sweet of him to offer his piggy bank. What a dear!

    I finally posted my little sampler kitty that I completed from your pattern. I just love him! I made another one in orange & black with Spooky on his body. I didn't post him, but he's a cutie too. I may just stitch up a whole family of them! LOL


  10. Wow, I love your work! I will add you to my "favorite blogs" list!

    That is some crack, his poor little head! LOL...I joke about my son having a hard head too! :)


  11. Betty,
    I am enjoying your blog and I love
    your cross stitch primitives. I
    also appreciate the freebies -
    very generous of you!
    My question is,on what type of fabric do you stitch the small pillows? Do you dye it yourself?
    Also, what is the significance of
    '1857'? I know it must be a special year.
    with much thanks, Denise

  12. Betty,
    I seemed to have left off my
    email address for the answers to
    my questions!
    PS Have you ever made pear preserves? YUM on a hot buttered

  13. Betty! Betty! Betty! I am so familar with your story of Trinity hitting his head on the windshield. I've been there. When my 11 year old was 2-3 years old it was the middle of the summer (in Tennessee), our air conditioning was broke in our townhouse and Jose was sick with a fever. In order to cool him down, I gave him a nice soothing bath and then went to the car to get some ice cold air conditioning. He did the exact same thing Trinity did. Jose stood on the passenger floor board and started jumping. Bonk! went his head into the windshield. He cried, but wasn't injured. However, my windshield had the star crack like yours, but then a continuous straight crack came all the way over to the driver's side. It was a BIG crack. Just to be safe, I took Jose to the ER because he was so little and had been sick, plus he cried so. Needless to say, Jose was perfectly fine, but my windshield and my pockets were not. :-)


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