Friday, November 14, 2008

~*NEW*~ Pattern Release!

~*Friendship Book*~
An Olde~tyme, Prairie Style Autograph Book

Hello my Dear friends! Yes... I have a new pattern. Moving all my craft stuff last weekend must have worked! It freed up my mind & gave me a sense of clarity. YIPPEE!

I have often been fascinated by old autograph books. Doing some research into the history of them, I found that they were mostly used by college students. They would sign them almost like we do now on our yearbook pages. (From what I remember from signing yearbooks over 20 years ago!) But, I wondered.... what would it have been like for a lil' girl on the prairie. What if she had a book where she could have her friends sign? Or, what if she just carried a book to write her own thoughts & notations?

Well, this is what I came up with. The finish is sort of 'Fallish' with the squirrels standing proudly showing their fruits of labor ~ the glorious bloom, a cross, and the year '1848'. Why not stitch one up to set out at Thanksgiving when your family and friends come by. They could sign... when this you see ~ remember me...

The pattern, if you wish, can be purchased directly from me via email (, Ebay, or Etsy. Pattern cost is $10.00 with free shipping.

I was thinking yesterday... well for a few days actually... it is time for another freebie. I worked up a simple chart last night, but I want to stitch it first & offer you a free finish along with it. So, look for it in the next few days. I won't let ya down. :)

So... until next time... happy stitching with many warm smiles!

~ Betty


  1. Cute pattern :) Your musings about old-time autograph albums reminds me of Laura Ingalls writing about them in Little Town on the Prairie (?)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. What a great pattern! Be sure to check out my blog!

  3. Love it and can't wait to see the new pattern you will be posting, I'll be checking back!

  4. Betty,
    What a wonderful pattern and item to make for presents.


  5. Oh Betty! This is wonderful! One of those old treasures I wish we still used today!! Thanks for bringing it back!! Cathy

  6. Love your new design Betty! Very neat you researched the information. Gives it history! I picture a little girl journaling about her trip across the country and her friends signed it before the wagon left.

  7. what a lovely pattern Betty and off course looking forward to thenext freebie too!!

  8. Hi Betty, love the book, now I am wondering where my autograph book went to!! Hummm it probably got lost when cleaning out Mom's house when she past.

    Love your toga costumes and the spider web windshield!!


  9. What a wonderful little book. I surely wish I had some cross~stitch skills. I always admire your tiny perfect stitches.


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