Friday, February 27, 2009

~*Done EARLY*~

Hi Again Dear Friends! Yes, I'm early! I've updated my Lemon Poppy Shoppe a couple of days before schedule. With being gone tomorrow it was the only time I could work it into the schedule. Pop on over if you get a chance. The Primitive Gathering will still be updated on the 1st... I've sent my information to the webmaster to update that site. Of course... or should I say as always?... I want to get more finished ditties to offer... but only have two for each site. I keep telling myself... one of these days I'll be back on track! So goes the story of my life eh?

Here is one of my very favorite prairie dollies... she is over at Lemon Poppy Seeds...

Okay... time to get packing for the hook-in. Have an awesome Friday and super Saturday... with many warm smiles...


  1. Betty,
    Beautiful doll. I haven't made any in ages.
    Have fun at the hook in and tell us all about it when you get back.


  2. Oh Betty, I love her! I really must get back to sewing!

  3. Ohhhh another cute dollie! Very nice Betty!

  4. What a sweet, sweet doll. What is it about these little prairie dolls that just steal our hearts? I have a couple Kay Cloud dolls I just love. My husband thinks they are pitiful. :-)
    Hope you are feeling loads better, Betty!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing pics of your hook in. What wonderful rugs!! I am in awe. Also so neat that you got to meet Ginger. I'd love to meet her and Sloan too!! hehe


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