Tuesday, March 3, 2009

~*Lots Of Catchin' Up To Do*~

Hello Dear Friends! Goodness... me~o~my... do I have a lot to catch up on! I've been down with an awful cold for the past several days, but thankfully am feeling a little better now. I haven't felt like doing anything but sleep & this has caused me to get way behind with all that I want to tell you!

So... let me pick somewhere to start and I will get you caught up on all the hoopla & fun!

First off, this past Saturday was the annual hook-in at Lenexa. My SIL, Robin, and I met up at 7am to drive the normally hour and a half drive. Well, we also met up with a terrible snow storm. In all truth, we probably should have stayed home. The drive took us more than two and a half hours... and we passed maybe as many as twenty wrecks, skids, and turnovers. Thankfully we arrived safely and the drive home was a piece of cake as the snow & ice was all gone. The hook-in was still great fun! Even though I was in the beginning stages of my dreadful cold (completely lost my voice by the end of the day)... it was still great to meet, mix, mingle, shop, and drool! We were delighted to meet my good online friend, Ginger, in person. Ginger and I have been friends via the cyber world for a good long time now... it was wonderful to see her in real life! She was visiting from Oklahoma with her good friends Pati and Sandra. They are all just as sweet as pie!

Ginger and myself in front of the rug display.

Robin and myself getting a little hooking in.

Pati, Sandra, Ginger, and myself.

Want to see some of the awesome rugs? I didn't take notes about the makers, designers, or patterns... please forgive me...

This one was made by my sweet SIL Robin ~

This is only a small sampling of the beautiful works displayed... wish I would have been able to take a pic of every single one!


Secondly... I have a few fabulous freebie finishes to share!

This one was made by Robby of Glory River Primitives. She used the freebie ~*1857 Bunny*~ to make this really sweet ditty bag! PLUS... she is offering it at a giveaway on her blog! Swing by to sign up! She did an awesome job! It is so sweetly prim perfecto!

This one we have already seen, but it is a delight to share it one more. You see, this fabulous finish was made by Kathy and was given to Linda of Behind My Red Door. Kathy shared it with us before she gifted it to Linda. We all loved how Kathy displayed it... but I know we will all love it displayed in Linda's home too. Lookie...

Linda also noted that the sweet lil' birdie was made by Kathy as well. WOW! What a darling display, sweet friend, and awesome gifts!

Thank you Ladies for stitching & sharing!


Lastly on this post... I would like to mention that Ginger is having a super giveaway too! She is going to gift a lucky winner all the needfuls to start punching! Be sure to drop your name in the hat!

Ok... I'm going to sign off & go get a little more rest to heal this horrid cold.

Many warm smiles to you...


  1. Betty~ It was such a delight to meet you and Robin in person, just wish you had be feeling better.
    Love all the pictures in the post and thanks for mentioning the giveaway.
    Hope you get rested and feeling better soon.

  2. First,I hope you get to feeling better.Next, I wish I'd known you were at Lenexa,I would have love to meet you.I did get to meet Ginger.
    We are having a hook-in June 13 in Eureka Springs Ar. maybe you can come.

  3. You ladies are all so cute! How fun to meet a bloggin' bud. Love those hooked rugs. Cute finishes on your freebies.
    Have a wonderful day & I hope you get feeling better.

  4. So many friendly faces and wonderful smiles! Thanks so much for posting pics of the hook-in Betty! Warm tea and honey hugs to you to get feeling better quick! :-)

  5. always enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the great hooked rugs...so nice:) glad you and Ginger got to meet too and already signed up for her great giveaway!

  6. Betty~Hope you are feeling like yourself before too much longer!
    Those are great rugs...simply fantastic!

  7. That looked like a fun time Miss Betty! Lucky you for getting to meet all those talented women :)


    ps... Get Well Soon!

  8. Oh those rugs are just treasures!! Love them all!

    Kathty actually made 2 of those - one for her and one for me- aren't I lucky!! Thanks so much for sharing it.

    I hope you feel beter soon!!

    hugs, Linda

  9. Wow, what wonderful pictures and what a great time you enjoyed. :D

    Now - get healthy! :D

  10. Betty,
    Hope you're feeling better. Looks like you had a great time. How FUN to meet Ginger!! The rugs are beautiful and I like the one you were working on in the picture. :)

  11. Thank you for sharing those inspiring pictures of the beautiful rugs! Each one as differnet and lovely as their creators. Hope you are on the mend.

  12. Hope you are feeling much better Betty. Enjoyed seeing all the pics from your hook-in, those rugs are beautiful!!! Linda's new cupboard looks so pretty..... so fun to see my other stitchery on display :-)
    blessings, kathy

  13. Gosh it's so nice meeting people. Looks like it was a fun day. Beautiful finished pieces. Thanks for the tip on Ginger's site, I did sign up. . . if I win, you need to teach me how to use the tools. LOL Feel better!!


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