Thursday, March 26, 2009

~*Is Anyone Else Tired?*~

Hello My Dear Friends! Are any of you tired... I mean just plumb worn down~tired? Could it be the weather? Here in Kansas we were so fortunate to have beautiful Spring, warm weather for many days... followed by cloudy, cool temps... and now we are getting really chilly with rain turning to snow over the next couple of days. They say we may get 3-6 inches. That may not be a lot of snow for where some of you live... but for us, especially in Spring, it is a tragedy! I'm thinking the whacky weather changes have something to do with why I'm just so tired. Tony commented on how tired he had been feeling last night at work too. However, Trinity woke up this morning pretty chipper... and believe it or not, he is NOT a morning kid ~ at least not on school days. LOL

Waiting with him for the bus, I noticed all the buds on our trees, bushes, and in the flower gardens. It is heart breaking to know that after this weekend they will be ruined.

Well... I'm not really in a bad mood... just tired. So... let me start posting more happily! I have some more fabulous freebie finishes to share. Let me repeat that... I have some more fabulous freebie finishes to PROUDLY share! It is just so sweet to see what you all do with my designs... just tickles me inside!

These first couple of sweet ditties were made by Cindy. She has them offered in her Etsy Shoppe. Cindy worked with the freebies ~*Beholden*~ and ~*Blessings*~ to create these warm delights. Each one is a cupboard hanger with a ribbon sewn to the top. Very sweet indeed!

And look at this! Kathy has been doing yet more stitching! She made ~*Spring Freebie*~ into a darling ditty bag! She wrote me that she intends to stitch this one again ~ making a lil' pillow. How sweet!

Thank you, Ladies, for stitching and sharing! All the works are wonderful!

Yesterday I kept extremely busy getting some things done for The Primitive Gathering update. (Yes, I still need to do some finishes for Lemon Poppy Seeds... but I'm workin' on them.) I decided yesterday too... that I WILL have two, maybe 3, new pattern releases on April 1st! Really, NO FOOLIN'! Please don't ask what they are before that date though... I'm gonna keep it a secret until exactly that day. I will give you a little hint... they are primitive. ha ha ha Just keep an eye open on that day & you will see.

Wishing you all plenty of rest and lots of warm smiles,



  1. Love the stitching they did and I can't wait to see what you have for us April 1st!

  2. Tired is my middle name...just a fact of life for women who do too much I suppose...

    and you just keep that snow away from Ohio okay??? dreary and rainy is good enough for me this week...

    new patterns...I'll be watching for them

  3. I think we are all tired of winter. I cannot wait for the nice weather and long walks on the beach.

    I love the ditty bag, that really came out nice.


  4. Your weather sounds like here in Ohio. We just use the saying if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change. And I agree with Kelley. Hope you get rested up!! Have a good day.

  5. I'm sorry you are feeling tired, I agree it must be the weather :-) We still have more than a foot of snow on the ground, and I am truly getting very tired of it! Spring can't come soon enough for me. Hope you are feeling much more chipper soon!
    Will be looking out for the new patterns...thanks again for sharing. I love your designs!
    blessings, kathy

  6. Oh yes...same here in Missouri! We are just not up to par....the way the weather has been changing back & forth it really messes with the sinuses & allergies...which therefore makes us tired!
    Thank you for your kind works & for posting my finished works! Thank you for your generosity!
    I look forward to seeing your new patterns!

  7. Hi Good Morning

    Lovely works of art from the ladies. Your patterns are so pretty.

    Now with the tired note..I have been tired ever since we change the time. And the weather. Warm cold warm cold...sunny cloudy sunny cloudy..I can't wait for warm weather.

    Hope you feel better soon..

    Hugs Pam

  8. Oh we are in for the same weather forecast! It's already turned off cold and had to turn back on the heater. Where did spring go?
    I'm past tired ~ just plain weary!

    The little ditty bag is perfect. Now I'll be anxiously awaiting April 1st to see your new patterns!

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. Everyone did a fabulous job. The weather here is making me a little slow today.It's rainy.

  10. Tired? Oh, yeah. I feel like some 90 year old lady these days.

  11. I got to see Kathy's little bag hanging right there when we traveled from MA to Canada to see them this weekend. Her home is so wonderful. If you haven't met her, I have a picture of her on my blog. Stop by and say hello. !

  12. Betty, we're so tired 'cause of these diets we're on. No calories, no energy. Sounds good doesn't it? I still want a cookie, do you? I have to admit I cheated yesterday and had food and drinks (only for Tammy's birthday would I have done that~of course)
    Are you coming to Springfield in April? Oh please, please!!!
    Let's pray it doesn't snow much. They just posted an advisory on TV for western MO. I'm only going to cover my peonies. The rest will have to fend for themselves. Survival of the fittest around here!
    Hugs, Sheri

  13. They are beautiful!!!!!!

    Talk of the day sleeping. Woke at 7am...fell back to sleep with my beautiful husband cuddling me....11 y/o wakes us off to school....husband off to finishing a doll and then blink...asleep on the sofa till 3pm!!!!! Hope I find energy for tomorrow!!!


  14. These are wonderful finishes! Thanks for sharing your designs that others have worked and finished with us. It's so inspiring and uplifting to see what people come up with.

  15. I'm tired too. Seems I keep spinning my wheels and don't get anything done. I need a week on some beautiful exotic beach and you can go with me!!
    Love the way the ditties look, they are realy neat. I have enjoyed so many of your freebies. You are such a generous person.


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