Thursday, March 26, 2009

~*Just Added a Poll*~

Hi Friends! Please take the poll and share your FAV cross stitch and needle punch finishes. Do you mostly frame your works? Do you just seem to LOVE to make lots of lil' pillows? Are you an avid ornie (ornaments ~ for those that may be curious) maker? Or, do you just simple LOVE any ol' prim finish? Maybe you just leave your work simple, plain, and prim to be tacked up inside an antique cupboard. Please leave a comment to share your thoughts and ideas.

From the freebie finishes I've seen... there are lots of pillow makers... but there have been some really delightful ditty bags too!

Lets see what the poll tallies up... shall we?

Warm smiles & thanks to you all...


  1. I'm tired of being tired too. I'm going to try getting more exercise. I'm going to start walking a little after supper. The weather changes aren't helping. Just so you know you aren't alone. Come on Spring. :)

  2. I love so many different finishes! I love to see people come up with unique ways to finish off their projects. Depending on the piece, my opinion or choice rapidly changes on my fave finish.

  3. I like any type of prim finish but i usually frame mine. I like knowing it is protected under glass.

  4. I ticked 'other ideas' because I like making pockets/bags to hold a bit of herbs, dried flowers, or whatever.

  5. I love any old finish as well .. but one idea I use for my needlepunched goodies is sewing it onto journal covers that I piece together..
    Hugz xx Tea


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