Tuesday, March 17, 2009

~*The Stormwind Fortress*~

Hello Dear Friends! We are in the midst of a wonderful Spring Break here & the weather has been so delightful! It is really hard to stay indoors ~ which we really haven't been doing much of. I hope you are all enjoying the days too!

Today, Jamie came over to help with the clubhouse re~do. Trinity just L*O*V*E*S to hang out with his big brothers! (too bad Craig had to work!) The boys and I painted the inside of the ol' metal box to cover the graffiti from days~gone~by, 'lovebirds'. (I think it said Steve loves Tina or something along those lines... not what boys need in their fort!) After the painting was finished, I let them do~their~thing... and the transformation became ~*Stormwind Fortress*~ (the boys came up with this name).....hummm... maybe they need a sign? That might be something I can help them with.

The box sits next to a small wooded area on our property. The boys searched in the woods to find sticks & logs to complete the fort. Jamie also wrapped one up in some rope to hang from a nearby tree. This one is for whacking with their handmade swords!

I caught them battling each other too...

I think they both had a very good time. It was great fun to watch them & listen to all their creative 'knight & amour' battle talk. I imagine there will be lots of playful hours spent in this fortress!

Many warm smiles to you all...



  1. Ohhhh... this is way too kewl! I think they are doing a wonderful job of building their fortress!!! The warmer weather just brings out the best in everyone! Enjoy!

  2. Very cool that the fortress is coming along. So neat Jamie was able to come out and help build it with Trinity. He'll enjoy his get away this summer!

  3. There is nothing better than a big brother! Great times to be spent now and great stories to be shared as they get older! Nice pictures of them.

  4. I think every boy should have a fort!!!

  5. Isn't it wonderful when you have a child with older siblings, my youngest absolutely adores his older brothers and they adore him.
    Looks like yours had a wonderful time!

  6. Oh what special memories Trinity will have of such a fun day with his big brother! :D

  7. What a great fortress! And it is so great they did it together!

  8. hi betty, i posted a pic of one of your freebies that i completed on my blog. :)

  9. I love watching my sons interact! It's a savoring moment when it happens. There's a decade between my sons so these moments are extremely special.


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