Monday, March 16, 2009

~*This is So Cool!*~

Happy Monday to you ~ My Dear Friends! I have begun my morning as usual (minus getting Trinity ready for the school bus that is) ~ by checking my email. You just gotta see this...

This is a felted soap made by Jenny from Armada, MI. I have never heard of this ~ but felted soap is, according to her, a handmade soap that has a 'built in' washcloth. She used my freebie ~*Willie Has Found Love*~ to do the felting. I think this is just so cool! Don't you? Thank you, Jenny, for sharing this awesome art form!

Jenny has a cottage industry too that you will want to be sure to check out ~ Sheep Hollow Herbs.


Today is going to be another beautiful weather day here ~ upper 70s! Trinity has a dentist check up (we hope he doesn't have any cavities!) today... but maybe we can get started on that lil' clubhouse too!

Wishing you all a beautiful day with lots of warm smiles,



  1. Those felted soaps are a dream! But that one?... there's no way I'd use it! LOL it's way too pretty!

    Betty, you have to try a felted soap... you'll love them!


  2. I have felted soap and it is fun to do,would be fun with kids too.

  3. Never heard of such a thing. Very interesting, and so different! Love how she used your design Betty..

  4. That is a neat idea, never heard of it either.
    What fun to have your design on such a unique creation.


  5. I saw "felted soap" last year in Lancaster - wasn't sure how it worked! Do you just wet and use it? or is just for "pretty" My mind isn't comprehending this one! LOL

  6. great isn't it!!!! It must be a blast to see all of your designs done by different crafters. Thanks for offering the freebies. xxxRobby

  7. How awesome is that...felted soap! How great to have one of your designs on soap. Wishing you and Trinity a super fun week.

  8. That is very cute. Never heard of that before???

  9. Felted soap??? Never heard of that, but how cute is that!!


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