Monday, July 6, 2009

~*Monday Make~Overs*~

Hello Dear Friends! I've been crafting! I've actually been able to sneak a few minutes in here and there & do some hooking! It feels GREAT! I'm one of those that, if I don't get to craft, I get a bit ~ just a tad ~ GRUMPY! Well, I'm not grumpy anymore. LOL

I just finished the make~over... trash~to~treasure... last night.

When we were on the way back from Eureka Springs a few weeks ago, we stopped at a few antique stores in Fort Scott, Kansas... and some others along the way. I wasn't even in the door to one shop 5 steps before I clutched this wooden bucket (an old sewing basket) in my arms. I KNEW it had a new life!

Here is a before picture of it & some of the other treasures I found.

The bucket was only about $6.00. I began by painting the entire bucket ~ metal ring and all ~ black. The next coat of paint was light blue. Next was sanding & scuffing... then some warm, walnut stain & a coat of clear to protect it. For the metal ring, I added some 'cinnamon rust'. Yes, I will admit, I found out the hard way that this ring cannot be removed. YIKES! The whole bucket will fall apart! Silly me... huh? For the 'cinnamon rust', I painted the ring with a coat of craft glue. Then sprinkled cinnamon spice to cover. Let dry. Then give it another coat of clear to seal it.

The bucket didn't have a lid, but I thought it needed one. My wonderful Tony helped me out there! I found a plastic lid in the kitchen that fit the opening ~ for him to use as a template. He cut a circle from a scrap piece of thin, wood we had laying around. I used the same plastic lid to mark some linen & hooked up the rug to top it off. I wanted it to look olde & scrappy... so I hooked it entirely of left over woolly worms & hooked it hickety~pickety... with the loops all different lengths & a lil' WONKY.

Close up of the 'cinnamon rust'...

Some closer views of the rug on top...

Another thing that makes me feel better... having my corner in the basement ORGANIZED! I stayed up late ~ super late ~ a few nights ago working on finding some order here. This area wouldn't make it in a magazine & isn't beautiful by any way, shape, or measure... but at least I know where things are and can move & work comfortably now. Well... at least for awhile... it doesn't stay this way long ya know.

Okay... I'm off to find the next project(s)!

Warm smiles to you all...


  1. Wowie Betty!!! That bucket is amazing!!!! The color choices, the cinnamon rust, the hooking... it's all super fabulous! And congratties on your organized and clean crafting space! Looks very relaxing! Toodles! ~Sharon

  2. Betty,
    I have a large one on legs, like that and hate the shiny brown. Now that I see what you did, I think I can redo mine now;) I cannot use cinnamon though, tried that once and got sick, I am allergic to it, so not worth using it. I do have a rust spray though, so I can use that before I paint.


  3. What a great idea Betty. The bucket looks amazing.

  4. OMGosh the basket is so neat. My space never stays organized for long. It's nice to get a handle on things once in awhile tho. LOL :)

  5. I love how you transformed the wooden bucket. The color of blue was just perfect and you did a great job on hooking the top!
    You've got a lot of room for crafting and it looks well organized. Seems like I'm forever having to clean mine up.

  6. I love that bucket! And love the top you made for it even more!! What a talent you are!

    Linda in VA

  7. Hey Betty! Love that trash to treasure project! I recently posted about one that I did too! Don't you just love giving new life to something old and worn out?

  8. Great find on the bucket, and I love what you did with it! The hooking does look very old. Nice job!

  9. I love the bucket. It is beautiful Betty!! You did a wonderful job.
    The hooked top is gorgous and the blue and black bucket is perrect!!

  10. Just love it especially done in the blue and the cover you hooked looks like it went with it so much. Great job!

  11. Wow, the bucket looks wonderful! Love the prim hooking you did, great way to use some of those wool worms hanging around. Your craft room is so neat, please come over and redo mine :)

  12. Betty, LOVE the cinnamon rust and the hickety pickety hooking! And I wish you lots of luck keeping that room so pretty!!! You've too crafty, I'm afraid! We love it when you're busy though.
    xo, Sheri

  13. Brilliant, Betty. I mean, "wow!" That bucket is utterly fab!


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