Friday, September 24, 2010

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hey! Happy Fall Y'All! What better way to welcome the season... than sharing a few Fall ~*Friday Finishes*~!

My buddy Doris is still punching the days away. She finished up & has sold on Ebay... her version of ~*Boo Jack*~. How sweet it is!

From my buddy Pam... a smiling ~*JOL 'n Keys*~ punch needle...

I just love both finishes! Punch needle (or needle punch or punchneedle... however you choose to phrase it) is really a fun medium to work with. I've been using mine lately too. I drew this doodle up last week and finished it this past Saturday into a little pillow tuck...

Shockingly... I didn't walnut or tea stain this one when it was finished. Normally, most of my pieces are stained... guess I just thought this one was good enough the way it was.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post... I have been inspired to once again try to use my Oxford Punch needle. I drew up this JOL last night. I saw on PatieJane's blog... where Ginger was working on a black JOL... and I immediately realized I wanted one! So that is what I started last night...

I don't get to go to a camp or class... but books are a good way to learn. I HIGHLY recommend this one for the Oxford Punch Needle...

Wishing you all warm smiles on this beautiful Fall day...



  1. The finishes area all wonderful.
    Sometimes I don't stain mine, especially if I used dyed floss. I do have the oxford and the book. I like working with yarn, no cutting, so makes it easier and fun if you have lots of specialty yarns.


  2. The jacks are wonderful. I got a pretty penny for my BooJack. I love the black Jacks and will probably make one soon. Glad to see you're trying the Oxford punch again, I did one piece and quit. I may try again though. Anxious to see your finished piece.

  3. Smiles to you too, Betty! The finishes are all wonderful and really getting me inspired to make some punkin's too... the doodle you gave us with the keys on either side is really catching my ee with each finish you post.... hmmmm... better git this rug done first though! LOL! ;-)

  4. I learned to punchneedle this year and love the result. I did a pumpkin and a bunny. You have inspired me to do more!

  5. Love them....wish I did punch needle so I could make goodies like these. Maybe one day....

    Love your newest finish with the little crow...great.

  6. Enjoying those wonderful finishes as always such inspiration. Girl you have been busy with that needle punch and oxford punch just wonderful finishes you have made also. Love the candle wraps they look so prim! Happy Punchin' and Happy Fall!

  7. Oh my Betty, they are all just beautiful. You do such inspiring work. :)



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