Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~*A Little Experimenting*~

Hello Dear Friends! The girls in AAPG (better known on Ebay as USAPRIM) have been chatting about yarn today. The discussion was started by asking what yarn is preferred for binding rugs. As the chit chat went on, I became inspired to use up some small bits of wool yarn from the store room. However, they are too small to use for binding a rug. These bits of wool yarn are for needlepoint. I've never tried that craft and at this point don't have a desire to either. But, also in the store room are two Oxford Punch needles... of two different sizes.

Buds of mine, Chris of mysticalprimitives and Doris of luv2punch, have made some spectacular needlepunch pieces using mixed yarns. So... I decided to try it out... using the smaller Oxford needle, #14 - 1/8". The design may not be visible yet, but punched so far is one skein of the yarn. Only part of this design will be punched with the wool yarn... with the remainder done in DMC and maybe a few snippets of wool threads too.... guess only time will tell...

Punching with the yarn is quicker than DMC... a little bit covers a lot more.

Ok... back to experimenting... I'll show more later...

Warm smiles,



  1. Betty~ I've been trying out the oxford punch, too. It goes so fast and it's fun to experiement occasionally. Like what I'm seeing on yours!

  2. I have never used the oxford for punch on weavers?
    I have had rips punching with the large needle, so am careful on what size yarns I use. It is fun to mix them together and a nice effect.


  3. love it Bettygirl!
    I just purchased some of the smaller sized Oxford's for the shop and have sold a couple already...can't wait to see your finish!

    thanks for sharing your doodle with us too :)

  4. i have got to practice on my punch needle. i love the way they look.

  5. I've always wanted to do some wool/acrylic larger punch, but don't have the tools. What type of wool did you use (and price?)? The thicker yarn might do nicely on some larger pieces. I can't wait to see how yours looks when finished!

  6. Can't wait to see the finished product! Looks good so far..


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