Monday, October 31, 2011

~*Happy Halloween.. and Early Work Mercantile Update*~

Hello Dear Friends! Happy Halloween! The costume party hosted by my in~laws this weekend was great fun. It always is!

Trinity was Jason!
He picked this costume out himself... kind of funny really... since he hasn't seen the movie & really is too young to see it anyway. He looks good though!

Tony & I were aiming for ghosts, but ended up looking like some sort of weird zombie creatures...
Everyone in the family dressed up really cool! We ate some creepy~good food & played some fun games. Tony, Trinity, my nephew Avery, and I teamed up... and WON the scavenger hunt! We were awfully proud of that!

Trick or Treating will begin in just a short while from now... the kiddo is looking forward to it. We are meeting up with a few of his good friends to walk around our small town. Hopefully we don't get home too late.

As for the Early Work Mercantile update that was suppose to happen this evening... sadly I need a vacation month. With starting the new job and the craft show scheduled for this weekend with my SIL... I just couldn't make it happen. I'm hoping & praying for more balance for December 1st.

You will still want to visit the other artists though... you know there are always amazing works offered!


Have a Happy Halloween! Stay warm... and don't let the goblins get ya!

Warm smiles,


Friday, October 28, 2011

~*Friday Frights*~

Happy Halloween Dear Friends! I'm sorry to report... but there aren't any ~*Friday Finishes*~ to share with you this week. We did carve one of our pumpkins tonight & can share it...

Trinity & Tony will be carving a few more tomorrow at a family gathering while I'm at work... and then we will all enjoy some more family fun at the annual Costume Party hosted by my dear in~laws tomorrow night. Maybe I can really scare you with some photo updates from the spooky, good time we are sure to have!

Here is a simple, display we made for our front yard...

Casper was given to us by my dear mother~in~law and Trinity made the tombstones last year. It isn't anything fancy like I see when driving around town... but we had fun putting it together.

Have a Happy Halloween! Don't eat too much candy or get tricked too many times!

Wishing you warm, spooky smiles...


hee hee hee hee hee <*wink*>

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

~*New Pattern Release*~

Hello Dear Friends! I'm truly excited to release the latest in my schoolhouse sampler series!

Here it is...

~*Deaver Daughters*~ Schoolhouse Sampler

I designed this sampler to appear as if two sisters worked on it together... each stitching her own sampler and then combining the two to make one beautiful finish.

The story that I imagined while designing... Madeline and Amelia are two sisters, the only two daughters Ma and Pa Deaver had. The girls were surrounded by six husky brothers... yet they themselves were dainty and petite... wearing ribbons in their long hair and ruffles on their dresses. Pa would always comment that his girls were "but two flowers of the same garden"... boasting about their sweetness and beauty... just like their Ma. The girls were always together. They did their chores with complete cooperation and never an ill word. They walked side by side to the schoolhouse each day... swinging their arms in rhythmic precision... almost as if they were twins. In the evenings, they would sit across from one another in the farm house parlor working on their stitches... with only the flicker of a candle or the soft blaze from the fireplace.

~*Deaver Daughters*~ Schoolhouse Sampler pattern... will come with a complete full color chart (printed on a single page and another print out on four full pages for easier reference), three full color photographs, and complete instructions for stitching up the full, beautiful sampler, the primitive pinkeep drum, and some suggestions for using the pattern to create other lovely finishes.

The models were worked on Northern Cross Linen... 30 ct with threads by The Gentle Art.

The full sampler is 203 by 190 stitches. The primitive pinkeep drum is 195 by 33 stitches.

This pattern is $14.00 with free shipping when purchased from me... via email or my Etsy shoppe... or will also be available from your local needlework shop.

Madeline and Amelia are both imaginary... but the Deaver name is personal. My maternal grandmother was Betty Deaver. When I designed this pattern, it was heartfelt for me to include her... and I'm very excited about this finish. I hope you are too!

Thank you for letting me share with you. Thank you too for your continued friendship, following of my blog, and stitches from my patterns.

Wishing you warm smiles...


Monday, October 24, 2011

~*Chocolate In the Mail!*~

What a treasure of sweetness!

Hello Dear Friends! When I checked the mail after getting home from work on Friday, there was a box. I hadn't ordered anything and didn't recognize the return address... and the sender hadn't put a name, other than mine, on the box. Hmmmm.... what could it be?

Imagine the smile that stretched from one side of my face to another when I saw this box of chocolate fudge and this darling handmade card from dear Dora! Dora (no blog) from Massachusetts sent me chocolate fudge! How sweet! She has stitched many of my patterns and shared many for ~*Friday Finishes*~... I'm sure you have seen them. She stitches beautifully and her photography is just a beautiful.

Recently, she had the pleasure of attending an open house at Mount Saint Mary's Abbey. She was able to take part in the public tour of the new facility(She was told this was a once in a lifetime event.)... and shop for chocolate too. She lives nearby and does go there frequently to pray. What a joy that must be!

The candy is made and sold as a fundraiser for the Abbey... and it is divine! I can tell you... it makes a most wonderful gift! You may want to visit the website for some sweet shopping!

The handmade card Dora included with the chocolate is one she made herself. She photographed one of her cross stitch finishes for the front and put Happy Halloween wishes inside. The cross stitch finish is from a Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin pattern. Just wickedly darling!

I'm so touched that Dora thought of me... and sent me such a sweet gift. Thank you Dora!


I have today and tomorrow off work... I am going to take the time to get some photos taken of the latest schoolhouse sampler pattern... and write up some detailed instructions. So... if all goes well, this pattern will be released tomorrow evening!

Wishing you warm smiles...


Thursday, October 20, 2011

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends! I hope your week has been going great... and that you have some awesome plans for your weekend. I'm posting ~*Friday Finishes*~ on Thursday because tomorrow is sure to be a hectic one for me. I'm still getting adjusted to being back at work and trying to get into a steady routine with my family time, work schedule, home responsibilities, and crafty desires... but it is all fitting together. I am really enjoying my job and find it to be great fun. I guess you could say I am a "people person"... so that has to have something to do with it.

There were a couple ladies in the diner the other day that were traveling through from Michigan. I could over hear them talking about antiques and crafts... not that I was eavesdropping... but I did have to butt in and tell them that they were talking about some things I truly LOVE! I gave them directions to a few nearby antique stores that I always find worth visiting... then they offered to take me with them. It would have been fun... but I was already committed to working for the day.

Hey... this post is suppose to be about ~*Friday Finishes*~! So, without further delay, here they are...

These are both from Ronda of Simple Thyme Prims...

These lovely stitches are both from freebie patterns of mine (you can find them HERE)...

~*Wicked*~ freebie...

~*Time*~ freebie...

Both are beautifully crafted! Thank you, Ronda, for stitching and sharing.

Ronda has these pieces offered on her Early Work Mercantile page. It looks like one of the two is already spoken for... but be sure to visit her to browse her other offerings too. She does wonderful work!

Wishing you a great Friday, a happy weekend... and a whole lot of smiles...


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

~*How I Made It*~

Hello Dear Friends! The other day I shared these little bird feeders with you and promised to share how I made them. This is how...

You will need ~

1 teacup and saucer (Visit your local thrift shop for an inexpensive, but sweet one. I was able to find several china, ceramic, and even a tin set pictured above for less than $3 each.)

3/4" wood dowel

E6000 Glue

Fender Washer (I didn't get the size, but about 2" diameter will work well.)

2" Wood Screw

Exterior White Paint

Rubbing Alcohol

Paintbrush, drill, and screwdriver or a screwdriver bit for your drill

Begin by drilling a pilot hole into one end of your dowel...

Next, you will attach the Fender Washer to the end of your dowel with the Wood Screw. A Fender Washer is like a normal washer, but the hole in the center is smaller. This will allow the Wood Screw to hold the washer to the dowel.

Try to make sure that the Wood Screw and Fender Washer have a flat top/end ~ like so...

Next, using your Rubbing Alcohol, clean the undersides of your cups and saucers and wipe the Fender Washer as well. This will remove any dirt and oils that may interfere with the glue.

You will now apply the glue...

Let me take a second to warn you about this stuff... it stinks! Please be safe and use it in a well ventilated area!

This glue does take awhile to set up. I found it best to let this next step spread out into a couple of days to allow the glue to set well.

Apply the glue to the underside of the cup and set it in place on the saucer.

Once your cup and saucer has been glued together, and the glue is set well... apply a glob of glue to the Fender Washer end of your dowel...

I set my cups down with the dowels up... however, our basement floor (again, I should have done this outside... the glue STINKS!) is not level and the dowels kept falling off. Be sure to find a good LEVEL surface if you do it this way. And you will probably want to be outside.

Oh, and another thing I noticed, the tin cup & plate needs to be in a warm spot. It slipped the worst with the glue... but did eventually hold.

Once your glue has dried well, paint the dowels with exterior paint and let dry.

You are finished! Poke your new feeder in the dirt (be careful not to push down on the teacup & saucer... push down with the dowel only to avoid knocking it loose from the dowel. This is some strong glue, but you don't want to mess up your finish.) Fill your cup with clean water... and sprinkle the saucer with some bird seed (you can see in my finished photo... I haven't picked up my birdseed yet... oops!). A nice treat for the birds... and a pretty for your gardens!

Another thing I might mention... my dear Mom reminded me... don't let water freeze in your teacup. It could crack the cup.

I hope you enjoy the ~*How I Made It*~... and make yourself, and maybe even a friend, a sweet teacup bird feeder!


In some Cross Stitch News... I received a call from the frame shop last night. My next schoolhouse sampler is ready for pick up. I'm almost finished with the second finish for the pattern... so if all goes well... it will be released NEXT WEEK! :-)

Wishing you warm smiles...


Saturday, October 15, 2011

~*Early Work Mercantile*~

Hello Dear Friends! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. If anyone is interested... I still have this ditty available from my latest update on Early Work Mercantile...

This is the 15th too... so you will want to visit the other wonderful updates available from the many talented artists.

Wishing you warm smiles...

Friday, October 14, 2011

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Friday to you! I hope your week has been filled with sweetness!

My job is going great! Thank you ~ to all of you ~ for the well wishes! It is an adjustment for me to get use to the new hours I'm keeping (up at 2am is definitely a struggle!)... and re~learning the how-to's of waitressing again... but I'm picking it up. My customers ~ for the most part ~ have been wonderful! Really, there has only been one that wasn't and it wasn't me that she wasn't happy with. I guess that comes with the territory. You know I was still as nice as could be to her... and tried my bes to make her visit a pleasant one.

My crafting has been slacking the last two days while I adjust to my new routine... but each day is getting easier. I'll get it all done!

Enough of me... how about some ~*Friday Finishes*~!

There is only one... but a fabulous one it is!!!

This one was done by Connie in Arkansas. She stitched up my latest pattern...~*Olde Autumn Pocket*~. This pattern has been so very well received. I'm very proud of it and thank you all for your purchases!

She stitched on 30 count Abecedarian Blend with a combination of DMC and GAST threads. She said the color of the linen didn't show well in the photo, but I think it is beautiful! She added one of her favorite colors, Old Purple Paint, to the alphabet, motif on the lower right, and the word "October" at the top. (She didn't have enough room for the date banner at the top so she changed it to October.) The pocket is backed in an orange, brown, and purple plaid and lined in a lovely brown print with orange berries.

Thank you, Connie, for stitching and sharing. I LOVE your finish! It is most excellent indeed!

If anyone would like to purchase this pattern, it is available at your LNS or from my Esty Shoppe.

Well... time to get ready for work. My wishes to all of you for a blessed Friday and a most wonderful weekend!

Warm smiles to you...


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

~*Lots Going On*~

Hello Dear Friends! Tomorrow is the official opening at the diner and my first day back at work... in almost 6 years! I did go in for a few hours this morning to help clean and set up... but tomorrow is the day! Oh, I sure hope things go well. I pray I don't drop any food in my customers' lap... or worse yet, spill hot coffee on them! Wish me luck! Please... and thank you!

I've been busy with crafting. Yesterday was our monthly get~together at the quilt shop for some hookin'. Only one other gal was there... but we still did a little hooking. The night before, I quickly drew up a few doodles on some linen. The craft show at our little, local mall is coming up. These will be finished into small mats or pillows. This one was hooked yesterday morning... I only stayed for a little over an hour...

My mom dropped off the next schoolhouse sampler at the framers for me the other day. It should be ready for pick up soon. The small cross stitch in this photo will be the second finish for the pattern...

The pattern should be ready for release in the very near future!

I'm also working on these...

Do you know what they are?

Here is another picture...

These too will be for the craft show... well, except for two of them. I'm keeping one & giving one to my dear Mom. They are garden bird feeders! Sprinkle some birdseed on the saucer and put some water in the tea cup. They probably should have been made up for the Spring craft show, but maybe someone will be interested in them for gift giving.

I'll show you more when they are finished... and give you a simple tutorial for making them too. I just need to paint the sticks first.

Wishing you warm smiles...


Friday, October 7, 2011

~*Friday Finishes*~

WooHoo! It is FRIDAY!

Hello Dear Friends! I hope you have some wonderful plans for the weekend! The temperatures here have continued to be most pleasant... and the days sunny. We do desperately need some rain, and it looks like we may have a slight chance for it towards the end of the weekend. I'm not sure what all we will do this weekend... but I'm sure we will have a wonderful time.

I did receive an email finish... from Lora. She stitched up the freebie ~*Sunflowers N' Crows*~... just lovely...

Thank you, Lora, for stitching and sharing!

I pulled the last stitch in the next schoolhouse sampler last night. I'm not going to share it just yet... and have a second finish to do that will go along with the pattern. Today I will be visiting my Mom... and she has graciously offered to take it to the frame shop & choose a frame for me. With starting my new job next week, I just didn't see how I could get it to the shop... since I don't do it locally. I am VERY happy with the finish though! And can hardly wait to share it!!

My snowballs are done... what do ya think?

Here is how I made them...

Styrofoam balls
drywall compound mud (I used pre-mixed.)
white paint (I used indoor trim paint leftover from a recent remodel.)
Mod Podge (matte finish)
German Glass Glitter
latex gloves

Wearing your latex gloves, smear on a thin layer of drywall mud to each of your Styrofoam balls. Putting on thick layers will risk cracks when drying... thin layers are best. As you apply the mud, leave it slightly rough. Set aside on an old vinyl tablecloth or some other smooth surface (aluminum foil or metal pan will work too). Let this layer dry fully. Then repeat.

After the mud has fully dried, paint with white paint. Let dry.

Apply a generous layer of Mod Podge and sprinkle with glitter. Let dry.


*** I purchased my German Glass Glitter from an Ebay seller many years ago. I cannot locate this seller currently... but I'm sure you can find this great glitter online or at a local shop.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend filled with many warm smiles...


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

~*Snowballs in Fall? ... and some progress & news*~

Hello Dear Friends! Yes, snowballs... but they aren't made from cold, wet snow! I'm attempting to make some bowl fillers... from Styrofoam & drywall compound. That much is done. They will be decorated with this beautiful, German glass glitter before they are finished...
No, I'm not trying to rush past this beautiful Fall weather we are having. These are for the craft show at the local mall in November... and for some gifts too.

That isn't all I have been doing. Here are a few sneak peeks of the next schoolhouse sampler... second in the series of ~*Victor Minor*~...
early blues, woody brown, and deep greenThis is a larger sampler, and there will be two finishes with the pattern. I'm still stitching on it most every day... and taking it along on every outing I go on.

Some news to share too... I'm very excited about this... and nervous & scared too. After almost six years... I am re-entering the work force. I have been hired as waitress for a small diner opening in town. I think it will be a lot of fun! I love to be around people... chatting, giggling, and hearing stories. The hours will be most wonderful... allowing me to still be mom, wife, and crafter. Plus... the extra income no matter how big or small will help our family budget. I am looking forward to this new venture... and to making more friends.

I do still plan to craft! And to stitch! I could never let that go...that is a huge part of what makes me ME!

I have some snowballs to make... go gotta run.

Wishing you warm smiles...