Friday, February 24, 2012

~*Fun Times With Friends & Gifts Galore*~

Hello Friends! Yesterday was so much fun! It seems so rare that I get to get~together with the girls. It sure is a treat when I do though! Time spent with friends is priceless... don't ya think?

Ginger, PatiJane, Sandra, and Ann drove up from Oklahoma... and stopped here on their way to Lenexa for the big hook~in. My SIL, Robin, was able to take the afternoon off work to be with us too. We met for lunch and then browsed the shops in downtown Emporia. There were lots of giggles, gifts, and smiles!

Here are all the goodies my lovely friends gave me... yup.... I'm spoiled!

Each and every goodie is a TREAT for sure! Lotion (made from the Miracle Lotion recipe that Sandra gave us last year, but only Robin added some Rain Scent to it... divine!), wool (dyed by Sandra), sweet ornaments, a snippet jar, hand sanitizer, a cross stitch book, magnets, a pot scrubber, some 'designer' tea... and handmade wares too... a handcrafted notepad by Ginger, a personal calendar made by Robin, and a darling needlebook also made by Ginger. So many treats!!!
Ginger said she made the notepad with leftover scrapbooking materials she had after celebrating her parent's 50th wedding anniversary. These papers are super sweet indeed!

Robin made the calendar cover of wool with a cross stitched banner. So primly nice!

Ginger is an Oxford Punch Queen! She whips out one treasure after another with that needle! Her work is crafted so fine... with such talent and a huge heart! If you are interested in learning the Oxford punch... she is holding a retreat at her home in May with Frank Bielec... oh, I wish I could go. Unfortunately, it isn't possible for me. Click on Frank's name though... it will take you to the link on Ginger's blog to learn more about the retreat. Maybe you can go?

Thank you to all my friends for all the gifts. I will treasure them always... but will treasure you forever.

Robin and I do get to meet up with the girls again tomorrow for the hook~in. We are planning on leaving here at a bright & early 7am. I haven't packed yet... but will be sure to take my camera along so I can share the day with you too.

Wishing you all warm smiles...



  1. There's almost nothing better than shopping with the girls! Glad you had fun!!

  2. wow sound like a perfect happy day..
    beautiful gifts..
    big hugs xx

  3. Great day with the girls and you have some lovely gifts, too.

  4. oooo sounds like you had lots of fun and really nice goodies you got there too :) love mouse xxxx

  5. Oh how fun to meet up with such great friends but even better to be blessed with sweet gifts from them! =]

    Enjoy your time together~


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