Thursday, February 23, 2012

~*Oops... guess this one is for Sarah*~

Hello Friends! I've been stitching and finishing... but have made a big BOO BOO! When marking this finished cross stitch, I stupidly used a non-permanent pen... and it bled terribly. This is... well, was... the model for my next pattern release. The one that I wanted to release next week.

Now I get to pick more threads & fibers... and re~do it. Oh well... live & learn... right?

I suppose this one will be a play toy for Miss Sarah...

She doesn't seem too impressed either though.

I'm not sure I'll get to re~doing it today. Today is a PLAYDAY! Ginger, PatiJane, Sandra, Ann, and my SIL Robin are all meeting up for lunch and a little shopping. Saturday is the Lenexa hook~in. The Oklahoma girls are swinging by here on their way there. What fun they will have! They get 4 days of shopping & playing together! Robin and I will play with them today... and then see them again on Saturday.

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. oh deary..dont worry i am sure you will re do it soon..sending you big hugs and love..
    hi to miss sarah :)
    have a lovely day xx

  2. Betty, I have had success with using denatured alcohol and a cotton swab to remove permanent marker. If that doesn't work just antique it with walnut crystals. Have fun on your playday.

  3. So sorry Betty! but.. I do hope you will have a great times with your friends!!!

  4. Oh Betty, Miss Sarah is beautiful! I don't think I ever saw her before, or if I did I forgot. Yep live and learn!! Have fun playing!!


  5. Oh no Betty! All that work! I would try the alcohol too.... and maybe nail polish remover too. I think I used that one time!

  6. but ladies, if I'm reading correctly, Betty said it was a NON perm. marker that bled. If you keep dabbing at it with cold water you should eventually get rid of

  7. I agree with Maureen...It just needs some more water..I have removed alot of that blue ink when hand quilting. Hope you get it out. Can't wait to see it!

  8. Sometimes it is really best to try again at a later time. It will turn out nice for sure! Have a good time of!


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