Saturday, September 15, 2012

~*Saturday Smalls*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Joyous Saturday to you!  Today I thought I would share some of my 'smalls' with you.  Next weekend is the Fabulous Finds on 99 sale... some of these will be offered at our sale there (and much much more!), some will be in our booth, and some will be for Primitive Handmades Mercantile (that updates on Thursday night).

It is kind of crazy... but I almost feel ahead of the game!  I'm meeting deadlines & feeling great about it!

.... Before I go on... let me explain something to you.  Have you ever had a 10 year old in the house learning to play the drums?  And a husband, who loves ROCK music, learning the bass guitar?  Have you ever had both learning at the same time?  In the same room?  With the music so loud it is rattling the windows?  As I'm typing this update... my boys are practicing... and I'm finding it a little hard to keep focus.  So... if words are spelled wrong, and sentences more rambly then normal... well... you now know why.  One of these days I'll need to make a video to share this with you!  It is too silly!  And I'm not complaining... I actually LOVE it!  And I do love my boys!!!  Music playing right now... AC/DC "Are you Ready?".... So... are you ready?

 These are some candles I picked up way back... wonderfully scented in pint jars.  I made the lids rusty... and this week used some scrap fabrics to make some symple wraps for them.  The brown is some vintage, corduroy... and the pumpkins some hand~dyed wool.  Just symple... 
 Using an old chenille bedspread & fabrics, vintage buttons, snaps, and wool threads to stitch the noses... some happy snowman face pillows...
 Some needlepunched Jack~O~Lantern buddies... These will be for the Primitive Handmades Mercantile update on Thursday  night (more photos & description then)...
 And a jolly, hooked Snowman... Check out that big ol' grin!
 What are you working on this weekend?  My house really needs a good cleaning... but  there are more things to craft too.  So... I'll be keeping busy... with ROCK music filling the house!

Wishing you warm smiles...



  1. aww everything is so lovely..
    i had a fun day tomm cleaning day then my stitchy time..yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    now me off to bed..
    hugs for you x

  2. Just so you know I can feel the music booming through my body. I am trying to yell, can you hear me??!!! lol!! I actually know how you feel!! My husband was in a rock band in his younger years, he plays the guitar. My older brother was in bands forever up and down the East Coast, he plays drums, Well my youngest son wanted to learn drums, so he took lessons from him and now he is in college and is studying music and ministry. My hubby is worship leader in our local church and our son plays with him. I know so well the "loud" you are talking about. Good luck.
    As far as the new creations, so nice! Love them. I have a whole list of orders I am working on today as well as some cute things for our granddaughters tea party birthday.
    Blessings for a productive weekend~Sara

  3. All that loud music is hard on your ears. Maybe you should consider moving them to a corner of your studio or the garage. Of course, then Brownie would complain. Too much loud can cause tinitus. Love all your little jack-o-lanterns!

  4. Hello Betty, love all your treasures,music helps me work to. Blessings Francine.

  5. Love your candle wraps, Betty!! So creative..I think I might have to make a few for my candles. They would make awesome gifts! I laugh as I read your "garage band" critique..I had my son's band...for years..practice in the was fun...but could be nerve wracking at times....keep some aspirin on hand!

  6. I've been neglecting my home because of my crafting addiction so tomorrow is a cleaning no crafting day. It will be hard but I can do it! Love your creations!

  7. Beaitufl goodes there Betty! Looks like rock music is keeping you rockin' in the craft dept!!! Love it all... wish I could visit the Finds on 99 sale... sounds like FUN!

  8. The snowman face pillows!!!! I love them and want them all!


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