Monday, December 31, 2012

~*Happy New Year!*~

Happy New Year & Blessing to each of you!

Hello Dear Friends!  It is hard to believe another year has come to an end.  Where does the time go?  I would like to wish you all health, happiness, and wealth for the year to come.  May you fill each and everyday with joy and smiles!  May you rise each morning with love in your heart and energy to fulfill all your dreams from the night before!

We are getting a beautiful snow here on our final day of the year.  Our 'concrete kids' are all bundled up to stay warm...
The snow began to fall shortly after I awoke this morning.  It is starting to cover the ground good... and looks to be a packing snow... good for snowman building!  My playful husband decided to go for a 'drifty ride' on his go kart.  He is a big kid!

This morning we made a visit to our booth at Ellie Lou's to re-arrange & re-do.  My wonderful FIL built us some shelves for the back wall.  Oh my... we sure needed these!  Thank you Richard!  It was a job, but our booth is looking really good for the new year!  Ellen has the shop closed for a few days.  She and the other vendors are also re-arranging.  The whole store is going to look brand new when she re-opens on Friday!
I've been working on some Valentine-themed things... hooking & stitching!  These goodies will be offered online, in my shop, or in our booth soon...
(The hand & heart pillow tucks are from a Maggie Bonanomi pattern.)

I'm working on emptying my worm basket.  Ya.. I know... laugh with me!  Those baskets don't ever get empty - do they?  *smile*

Wishing you warm smiles...


Monday, December 24, 2012

~*Happy Christmas to all...

and to all a good night!
May you all have a truly joyous Christmas filled with love, laughter, and cheer!  

Warm smiles...


Thursday, December 20, 2012

~*Not So PRIM Owls*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Christmas is nearer and nearer yet!  We about have everything ready... but I've been stitching some small, last minute gifts.  And... well... they aren't all that PRIM!
I've stitched these up for my sister's three girls... my nieces.  I had some bright pink wool that has been on my shelf for a long time.  I just don't use PINK in my wares very often ya  know.  So... I thought it was perfect for this cute owl pattern!  I found the pattern over at The Crafty Button...
 Well, you can see... I stitched up more than 3!  Trinity really wanted one too... so he has now adopted a blue one.  And I have more!  The remainder will be for sale in my shop, booth at Ellie Lou's, or online..
 These owls are made from wool, filled with poly & some crushed walnut shells (for weight), hand stitched with linen thread... and trimmed with vintage buttons for eyes.  They are about 6 1/2 inches tall.  I think they are really cute!  My DIL suggested altering the pattern slightly to make kitty dolls... kind of like Hello Kitty.  I'll bet it could be done & I may just have to give it a try soon.

The owls, if interested, are $12 each plus mailing


Getting back into the PRIM sort of thing... I have been stitching.  Here is a little sneak peek of my next sampler... I'm thinking SPRING!
 I'm stitching & designing as I go.  It takes longer, but I enjoy the process of it so very much.  I'll share more later... and hopefully soon.

On a side note... I'm planning on making some crafty changes.  To begin with, I will no longer be updating on Early Work Mercantile or Primitive Handmades Mercantile.  I'm trying to get away from DEADLINES.  I need/want to create more patterns & finished handmades for my shop & booth.  I have set up the beginnings of a selling blog... and thinking of doing a picturetrail for updates... but time will tell.  Once Christmas is past, I will work on my plans more.  I'll keep you posted with my plans.

Trinity had his first piano recital this past Friday evening.  He was so nervous... but he really did great.  I was one very PROUD momma!!!  He has only been taking lessons since July.  He doesn't always want to practice... but he does love music.  Along with piano, he has been learning drums in beginning band this year too.  (Oh... and he also has an electric guitar, my Grandpa's banjo & harmonica, and my Grandma's ukulele... that he hopes to master!)
I just love this photo... and needed to share it with you.  If I don't post again before Christmas... Merry Christmas to you & yours!

Wishing you warm smiles...


Monday, December 17, 2012


Hello Dear Friends & Happy Monday!  With all the bad in the world... the tragically horrific events... take time to love those around you.

My dear friend, Ginger, wrote on her blog...

"Simple pleasures are truly often taken for granted.  Hug those closest to you and tell them you Love them.  Forgive those that have hurt you and say you're sorry to the ones you have hurt.  Pray even if you don't know what to pray for."
Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me.
Let there be peace on earth
The peace that was meant to be.
With GOD as our father.
I had to share her words....  Thank you Ginger!
 Yes, I have kitties in the making...
(If you like primitivebettys on Facebook... you have already seen these.  Snapping a picture & posting on my Facebook page takes just a few seconds... and can be done from my phone.  Facebook is updated more often than my blog.  So, if you Facebook... like primitivebettys!  Please & thank you!)

I had the idea the other day to make kitties.  Looking through my book collection, I spotted a lovely little kitty needle keep in a Kindred Spirits book.  I began making it... well, five of them really.  BUT... then ran into a brick wall with the instructions.  Oh, don't get me wrong... I totally adore Kindred Spirits books & patterns!  I don't want to say anything bad about them ever.  They are great!  However, for the life of me I could not make heads or tails out of the instructions for finishing this one.  The kitty in their pattern has the sweetest little jumper that unbuttons at the shoulders & opens to reveal the needle holder heart on her belly & pockets in her jumper.  My sewing skills are good enough to get me by usually... but not this time.  So... I improvised (which is something I am good at doing!)... and came up with these!

My kitties have bibs made from a vintage quilt with some wool applique!  I cut the bib, stitched the edges & added some pretties on the front.  Then gathered it at the top & sewed it to my kitty shoulders.  Without the bib, they look too much like a voodoo-doll with pins sticking in 'em.  YIKES!  I can't have that!  They have to have the cute bibs!
 Well, I finished the first 5.  One was taken to my booth at Ellie Lou's, two have been mailed off to sweet adopters (buyers), and several other folks have requested more.  (I'm offering them for $10 each plus mailing)

These kitties are completely hand sewn... my sewing machine didn't want to follow directions with the tiny limbs these kitties have.  The first batch were filled with poly... but the next batch (8 more) have their head & limbs filled with poly & their bellies lightly filled with crushed walnut shells.
 The faces & paws are all primitively embroidered with cotton floss... their hearts are warm wool.  I haven't measured them... but they are about as tall as the length from my finger tips to my wrist.  And they are just as sweet as can be!
My plans are to finish up these 8 today... some are adopted... some are still looking for homes... and then I can make some more if needed.

Also on  my agenda today... work up a funky-not really prim-woolly owl doll pattern!  I think my three beautiful nieces each need one of them!  I'll share those finishes with you too.  I'll be working outside my color comfort zone with these!  There are some bright pink, orange, purple, and green wools on my shelves that haven't been over dyed yet... that would look great for my young nieces' owls!

Have a blessed day!

Wishing you warm smiles...


Saturday, December 15, 2012

~*Sandy Hook*~

My thoughts and prayers for those affected by yesterday's tragedy...

Friday, December 14, 2012

~*Another Freebie Friday!*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Oh the whirlwind of the Christmas Season is in full force!  Don't ya think?  I'm doing my very best to enjoy it... and ignore the commercial~side of things.  It is tough... and really does sadden, stress, and disappointment me to no end.  It seems to be everywhere!  I do not understand any of it.  Sure, I like to give.  That is the BEST!  However, I don't understand the commercials advertising new cars as Christmas presents... or expensive washers & dryers... or massive flat screen TVs.  Really?  Is anyone that rich that they can give those things as presents?  Well... I suppose there are, but I'm not a Trump or a Kardashian.  Are you?  I come from an average American family.  My personal 'want list' consists of a new hoodie I saw at Walmart a few weeks ago that is only $18... and the request that someone ANYONE help me finish painting our living room!  Oh, a new car or appliances would be awesome... but not realistic!  Really, if I don't get the hoodie or the help... I will still be happy.  Seeing the joy in my son's face at Christmas is enough to bless me!

We have bought most of our presents... and have had to scale back from years past.  With the higher gas prices leading to higher grocery prices... it has taken a tole on our pocketbook.  We are still giving what we can and are more than happy to do it!  To see loved ones glow and smile is really all I ask.  

~For it is better to give than to receive...~

Trinity and I visited the Angel Tree at Walmart the other day.  We bought for a young boy so he could have a Christmas.  We shopped together through the clothing and toy isles... so we could give him things he both needed and wanted.  It is my hope that Trinity will remember this always and continue to give as he grows older.

Along with my gift giving... I am trying to make some handmade items.  It seems this is my plan each year... and yet each year I wait until just a short time before Christmas to do it.  Well... my FREEBIE today may be something you will be able to stitch and give to a loved one...

~*A Child is Born*~ Freebie
© primitivebettys 2012

45 by 35 stitches... use scraps of fabric & threads... please give credit to me, the designer for the pattern

An ornament?  Package tag?  Bowl filler?  Just a simple ditty to share with you.

Wishing you warm smiles...


Sunday, December 9, 2012

~*The Nutcracker*~

Hello Dear Friends!  We are getting closer and closer to Christmas Day... things are busy and getting busier.  Last night though, Tony and I took some time to enjoy each other... with  no stress or fuss.  For 'date night' we went to the local performance of The Nutcracker.  It was put on by an area dance school, Sherry's Dance Workshop, and performed in the beautiful Albert Taylor Hall at Emporia State University.  I had not seen The Nutcracker since I was a little girl... a long time ago.  This performance was so charming... and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The grace and brilliance of the older dancers is just so amazing.  However, I especially enjoyed the sweetness and giddiness of the younger dances... the little girls that were just learning to dance.  There was one little one ~ she was maybe 3-4 years old ~ that didn't care much about the dance... she was just smiling and waving at her parents out in the crowd.  She was so sweet!  The performance was very heartwarming... and so very touching. It is always nice to take a break from the stress and tension... sit back and ENJOY! (Although... the Mouse King was still frightening!)

I hope that you too are enjoying the festivities the season provides... the joy with loves ones... and that you are not too wrapped up in the stress, hustle & bustle, and marketing.  Enjoy your family and friends... cherish the joy of Christmas and surround yourself with love.

Wishing you warm smiles...


Friday, December 7, 2012

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Well... this isn't really a ~*Friday Finishes*~ post... I'm going to make it more of a ~*Freebie Friday*~ post!

~*Old Cat*~ Freebie Doodle
 I had been wanting to work up a free cross stitch pattern... or doodle.  Then something happened and gave me the inspiration for this freebie.   A sweet gal ordered a pattern from me... and I sent her the wrong one.  Oops!  Long story short... she wanted this one... which really wasn't a pattern I had available.  The finish below is a piece I made and sold a long while back.  I've had cat doodles as freebies... but they are long gone with my old broken computer.  (I hope I am remembering correctly!)  So... I drew this one up & am giving it to all of you.  Please feel free to use it as you wish... but give credit to me as the designer.
Because this was a work from so long ago, I don't know the thread colors used.  I'm sure you will find threads that will look lovely in your stash.  Remember, if you are going to punch it... reverse it!  Remember too... that I LOVE TO SEE & SHARE FINISHES!  SEND THEM TO ME TO POST!

So... are you going to punch it, stitch it, hook it?  Some other medium?  I wanna see!


Thank you again for the prayers for my StepDad and Mom.  He has been released from the hospital and they are both very happy to be home.  The doctors are trying to decide what the next step will be... they are considering a pacemaker now.  He is home and feeling well.  We are very happy for that!

Wishing you all warm smiles...


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

~*Pumpkin Cruch Cake*~

 Hello Dear Friends!  Some asked about the YUMMY dessert my sweet SIL Robin made for Thanksgiving.  She made it special... gluten free... for me!  I devoured it!  It is SO VERY GOOD!!!!  The recipe was shared on Pinterest via my good friend Pati Jane... then Robin found it & baked it for our Thanksgiving gathering.  Originally, it was posted on The Picky Apple... and my GREAT thanks to The Picky Apple!  *YUMMY*

When Robin baked it, she used a Gluten Free cake mix... this recipe as it is posted is NOT a Gluten Free recipe... it can be baked either way... and you probably won't be able to tell it is Gluten Free when you go that route with it... if there are folks in your home that don't want to dare try something a little healthier.  *wink*

Pumpkin Crunch Cake

  • 1 box yellow cake mix
  • 1 can (15 oz) pumpkin puree
  • 1 can (12 oz) evaporated milk
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1 1/2 cups chopped pecans (the original recipe called for 1/2 cup)
  • 1 cup butter, melted
Heat oven to 350 degrees F.  Grease bottom of 9 x 13″ pan.  Mix pumpkin, milk, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, and salt.  Pour mixture into greased pan.  Sprinkle dry cake mix over pumpkin mixture and top with pecans.  Drizzle melted butter over pecans.  Bake 50-55 minutes.

Try it!  You will LOVE it!


Has your week started off well?  Things are up and down here.  

On the ups... my dear Aunt Sue came for a short visit over the weekend.  She is from California... and we really very RARELY get to see her.  I'm very happy for Facebook!  We have been able to get a little closer thanks to social media.  She is an amazing woman and I admire her greatly!  I wish the distance from California to Kansas wasn't so far!  

More ups... I've been working hard printing and sorting patterns.  Some downs do go with the ups here though... my printer broke.  I replaced it with one to get me by... and it is so super slow.  Thankfully though... the pattern orders for my distributors will be finished tonight and will ship out tomorrow.

And very sadly... more downs.  My dear StepDad is back in the hospital.  He was admitted late Saturday night with the flu.  After all he has been through, the flu is the last thing he needed.  My Mom is hoping everyday that he will be released.  He is feeling better.  He no longer has the IV, he is eating, and he is alert and joking around some.  However, his heart rate has been very low... and irregular.  We are praying that the doctors can get him to normal again so he can be home.  Your thoughts and prayers for him and my Mom are still very much appreciated.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Wishing you all warm smiles...