Sunday, May 31, 2009

~*Some Updates Are Ready To See*~

Hello Dear Friends! It has been another full day... but I did find time to update my Poppy Shoppe and list my kitty rug on Ebay. I'm sure it won't be much longer and The Primitive Gathering will be ready too. Swing by and take a look if you have time. Here is one of the ditties...

Also, in all the hustle and action of the weekend... I forgot to post about a delightful email I received yesterday morning. It was from Jeanne. She included a photo of this totally, DARLING, prim pinkeep...

She said she was inspired by me to make this super ditty. (I'm so thrilled... because it really is GREAT!) Jeanne is new to blogland... but has lots of great things to share... one of which is a peek into her life as a Mommy of the sweetest, looking lil' girl!

Thank you, Jeanne, for sending along your blog addy... and sharing your wonderful works! Keep it up!

Well... time for me to get more done before the weekend comes to an end. I'll post more in the next couple of days about what has been keepin' me so busy!

Until then... warm smiles to ya,


~*Yesterday's Fun*~

Hello Dear Friends! Yesterday did turn out to be a lot of fun... even if I didn't bid or buy at the auction. We did go & we did see some olde junque... but it was mostly tools & rust. There were a few rusty things I would have liked, but didn't want to wait around for them. Oh well...we still had fun browsing thought it all.

Trinity did like this olde heap ~

After the visit at the auction, we picked up McDonald's and made a visit to see Jamie. He has been working really hard all week moving to a new apartment. He is thankfully near the end of the task. We helped with a load and brought home his laundry. As we were leaving, I spied a park bench by the trash dumpster. I just couldn't let it go to waste! The thought of 'dumpster diving' (it was sitting NEXT to the dumpster, not inside!) totally embarrassed Tony and Jamie... but I HAD to save it! We loaded it up and brought it home.

Digging through our garage, I found half a can of Uniform Blue paint. Just what I needed! Plus, down in the storage room, were some cutter quilts and raggedy, hobnail bedspreads. Again, just what I needed! With a little attention to this, a stitch to that, and a tightened bolt here and there... this is how it looks now!

We needed a spot to sit on our front porch & this didn't cost a dime!

Today will be spent taking photos of goodies for Lemon Poppy Seeds. The sites will be updated by midnight tonight if ya wanna see.

Wishing you all warm smiles...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

~*Sure To Be A Super Saturday!*~

Hello Dear Friends! Even though I was up past midnight (way past my normal bedtime) & woke up with the birds a' chirpin' quite early... I'm ready for a fun-filled day! I'm feeling a bit of accomplishment... I've got ditties ready for both The Primitive Gathering and Lemon Poppy Seeds (they will update on the first)... and I not only finished the kitty rug, but I actually started another! WOW huh? Yes, I do still have a great number of UFO rugs & stitches... but just getting back in the swing of things & finding my groove of working is a great sense of relief!

It was funny when I pulled these photos off the camera. I had to crop this one to edit my big toe out! ha ha ha

I mentioned the other day that I was hooking under the Elms. It really is a GREAT spot! There is a view of the entire backyard and the farm field behind our home... but the sound of the birds chirpin' in very calming. Mr. and Mrs. Wren were not home for the photo-op... but they did just move in last week.

Isn't this birdhouse GREAT?! My super FIL made it for me for my birthday. I just LOVE it! Thank you again Richard!

Well, we are off to a farm auction. Maybe we can find a few treasures! I'm going to take the camera for fun too.

Warm smiles to you & may you have a Super Saturday!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

~*A Very Enjoyable Day*~

Hello Dear Friends! We had a very enjoyable day today! With Trinity out of school for the summer, it has been tricky finding things to fill his days. We have signed up for lots of activities at the library, bought summer movie passes, scheduled a few classes at the local Arts Council, began practice for T-Ball, and hope to do Vacation Bible School... but it seems just having his best friend over for a visit now and then is GREAT too! Plus... it gives Mom some crafting time! While the boys played, I enjoyed the shade under the Elms for a little hooking...

I looked up now and then to see what the boys were up to...

The trampoline is one of their favorite spots. When they werent' jumping here, they were driving the Tonka trucks over the dirt pile in the back or taking turns riding Trinity's bike around the go kart track. They really can be a hoot to watch! They both are so full of energy and imagination!

On a stitchin' note... I received an email from Nikki (no blog) with a photo of her latest cross stitch. Nikki just recently purchased a new home & is busy making some wonderful ditties to decorate with. She stitched up the ~*Symple Scissor FOB*~ chart & did a super job on it! I've sent her a return email asking to see the final finish too. We just gotta see the finished pillow, don't ya think?

Thank you, Nikki, for stitching and sharing!

The day is drawing near an end here... guess it is time to find my pillow.

Wishing you all warm smiles,


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

~*I Am So Lucky!*~

Hello Dear Friends! A few weeks ago, I entered a blog giveaway. I could hardly believe it when I won! Lookie at what I received...

Let me just say.... the photo does not do it justice ~ It is BEAUTIFUL beyond belief! I'm not a quilter & am always amazed at the work that goes into piecing different fabrics together to have a finished product so grand! I'm just always left with my jaw to the floor & the sound... aawwwwwwww... humming out of my mouth when I see quilted creations. I just LOVE this! Oh, and along with the pieced runner, I also received a cute notepad, yummy dip mix, and pair of delicious smelling votives.

It was made and given to me by Cindy of Down on the Farm. Swing by & visit her blog... she is a true Gem! Thank you, Cindy, for your generosity and kindness!

The past several days has been spent working on finishes for updates on the 1st of June. I also started a small hooked rug the other night that I hope to have completed shortly. Photos will be posted in the next couple of days... so keep watching. Until then...

Warm smiles to you...


Monday, May 25, 2009

~*Memorial Day Wishes*~

My Friends... may you enjoy the blessings of the day with family, friends, and joy. Make new memories and remember those cherished by the heart.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

~*The Happy Couple*~

Hello Dear Friends! We are so very pleased to announce the joining of hearts for this happy couple! Please meet Mr & Mrs Craig Dekat...

We celebrated this happy union with family and friends last night at the home of Kristy's parents. The wedding took place at sunset on the dock of the family pond. It could not have been more beautiful! Once they said their vows and the Pastor announced them husband and wife... the bullfrogs began to sing in celebration. It was really spectacular! The wedding was followed by a delicious meal, reception and dance. We all celebrated late into the night & a grand time was had by all. My husband is one proud Poppa!

We wish Craig and Kristy the best with hearts full love & joy... now and always!

Warms smiles to you all & Happy Memorial Day wishes...


Thursday, May 21, 2009

~*USA Kitty Freebie*~

Hello Dear Friends! It has been awhile since the last freebie... so here is another. Maybe there is enough time to work this one up before The Forth of July? Enjoy...

© primitivebettys

As always, please give credit for the design to me, Betty Dekat ~ primitivebetty AND... share your finished goodies so we can all see 'em!

Warm smiles to you...


Monday, May 18, 2009

~*While Waiting For The Bus Today*~

Hello Dear Friends! While waiting for the school bus today... Trinity did a little bouncing...

This is the last week of the 2008-2009 school year! Gosh it went FAST!

After the bus left, I decided to take stroll around the yard. We have several blooms...

a few old~fashioned iris

Our small goldfish pond has a puncture in it ~ so no fish right now until we figure out what to do with it... however, the water iris that my SIL, Robin, gave me last year popped today!

A few peonies ~ just in time for Memorial Day!

The roses my Mom gave me last year have started to bloom too! So pretty!

Crafting? Yes, I have been crafting... quite a bit really. BUT... after mowing yesterday ~ with Tony on the rider and me with the push mower ~ I set out with the trimmers and hit the trees. This is the row of trees (or would it be rows?) we have along the front of our home. They WERE so over~grown and such a nuisance when it came to mowing. I'm really not sure Tony was ready for me to do this... but once I started trimming I just couldn't stop. The whole escapade took about 6 hours ~ pruning and clean up! Nice & neat now! Mowing next time won't take so long & won't interfere with my crafting as much.

Oh... and crafting... well, these are just a FEW of the UFOs (unfinished objects) going right now. This is just my needle punch pile. I also have a LARGE cross stitch pile and several rug hooking piles! BUT... no mowing today... just CRAFTING!

Wishing you all many warm smiles,

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

~*Tuesday 'To Do' List*~

Hello Dear Friends! Tuesday has begun with my 'To Do' List... sewing patches on the kiddos' Cub Scout shirt (tonight is the last pack meeting of the school year & he moves into being a Wolf Cub), ironing work shirts (oh how fun ~ NOT), cleaning the kitty box (really NOT fun), transplanting some perennials before the expected rain this afternoon and tomorrow, some light house cleaning... and then CRAFTING! I'm at the end of the list... just need to sweep the floors then I can PLAY! I'm not sure where my energy has come from today, because I didn't sleep well last night... but I'm on a roll!

Before I get back to my list, I have to share this delightful ditty...

This was lovingly made by Kathy as a Mother's Day gift for her dear MIL. She used the ~*Beholden*~ freebie & did a marvelous job. The fiber choices are very warm & I just love the hanger. Very nice, Kathy! Thank you for stitching & sharing!

Well... I'm off to get back to my List.

Wishing you all warm smiles...


Monday, May 11, 2009

~*Monday Mumbles*~

Hello Dear Friends! I'm just mumbling today trying to find focus to start my week. Before I go any further with my post, I want to wish you all a belated Happy Mother's Day! I hope you shared joy & love with your family on this heart felt day. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every minute of it & was very spoiled to say the very least! My boys are just the BEST and I do just love them to pieces!

Most of the day was spent with the family laughing, playing, and eating... but I was able to pull out my punchneedle & craft in the evening. I've got a few projects near completion and hope to show them in the next few days.

I did receive a delightful email yesterday with a sweet, freebie finish. This one is from Laura. She punched up ~*Snowy Tony*~ and finished it off to make a darling pinkeep. Isn't is sweet?

We are not wanting to see any more snowy days here until next Winter... but this is a very welcomed snowman! Thank you, Laura, for playing with the doodle and sharing!

As I sit here thinking of the week's activities... I've got hopes to complete numerous projects ~ of all mediums of course. I hope you have craftin' on your list as well!

Happy craftin' with lots of smiles...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

~*Dancing Poppies*~

Oh... just HAD to share a couple pictures of the dancing poppies in our backyard! :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

~*Happy Birthday*~

Hello Dear Friends!

Yesterday we held the 'May Birthday Party' at our home. We had a day full of fun, laughter, family, and joy. May Birthdays include (from left to right)... Robin (SIL), Jo (SIL), me, and Kevin (Niece's husband).

Warm smiles to you all...


Sunday, May 3, 2009

~*Twilight Stroll*~

Hello Dear Friends! The other night, Trinity and I enjoyed some great quality time together. We visited the David Traylor Zoo, our lil' small town zoo, for the ~Twilight Stroll~. There were docents on hand to answer questions, crafts & games for the kids, and even a free, family, outdoor movie showing. While we didn't stay for the movie ~ it just just too cold still... we did have a wonderful time! It is awesome to be able to share and make memories with this lil' guy!

One of the crafts was to make 'pig noses'. The movie that was showing was Charlotte's Web. So... the pig noses were just the thing. Too funny! He left it on for the egg race too!

We hope to go again for the next stroll scheduled in June. It will be much warmer then... so we will also stay for the movie.

Wishing you all warm smiles...


Saturday, May 2, 2009

~*Saturday Sharing*~

Hello Dear Friends! I've received several emails showing some awesome finishes... and ya just know I have to share! Lookie, Drool, and Enjoy!

Just in time for May Day, Kathy stitched up ~ super speedy quick ~ the ~*May Day Freebie*~. She finished it off into a delightful lil' pillow. Just charming, isn't it? I love her choice of fibers!

Patti also stitched ~ super speedy quick ~ to get her May Day piece finished. Another dandy ditty! Again, I just love the choice of fibers. So SWEET! Patti is thinking of stitching this a second time over one. I'm just in awe of folks that can stitch that tiny. I've tried it & feel cross~eyed after just a few minutes!

Sam worked with a May Day doodle from my ~*Welcome Spring*~ booklet (available via email from me... you can see the booklet offering HERE). She finished this off to attach to the top of a wooden box. Totally CHARMING! Sam is offering it for sale at her WSOAPP Shoppe.

And, last but definitely not least, Lauren (no blog yet) made this sweet lil' mini~rug with the ~*Woolly Freebie*~ doodle. She says she isn't real 'wild' about her finishing... but I am! The penny tongues are super sweet! The buttons add even more charm. DARLING!

Thank you, all of you, for working with my charts & doodles... and for sharing! Each and every finish is a true work of the heart!

Many warm smiles to you all...


Friday, May 1, 2009

~*Happy May Day*~

Hello My Friends! Wishing you all a bright, sunny, bloomin' May Day! May it be charming, relaxing, and joyful! Trinity and I may be going to a Twilight Stroll at our small town zoo this evening. If the weather holds out, it will be a fun time with the kiddo! Our zoo is very small with only a few animals, but the gardens are exquisite! I'll take the camera along and share with you.

Sara is the first to stitch & share the ~*May Day Freebie*~. Isn't it darling? I love the blues & adding the buttons is totally charming! Thank you Sara for stitching & sharing!

I stayed up late last night and listed the first of (hopefully) several items on Ebay last night. If you would like to see... please visit by clicking HERE.

Wishing you all many warm smiles...