Sunday, June 28, 2009

~*Slippin' By*~

Hello Dear Friends! Time is just slippin' by! There is so much I wanna tell ya & share with ya... goodness, where to begin?

Well, I'll just start and see how far of an update I can give you all. This past Friday were the annual Worm Races at our library. This was the first year Trinity has taken part in them. He came in 3rd! Or should I say? ~ his worm came in 3rd! My Grandma came for a visit and joined the fun. It was so nice to have her here and to share time with her!

Grandma and Trinity before the races ~

See the long, fat worm? That is 'Johnny' ~

The prize for the top three winning worms was a shiny trophy and a bag of gummie worms ~

Grandma guarded the worm between races. She had to be on-her-toes 'cause Johnny is FAST!

The temperatures here last week were in the upper 90s and sometimes hit 100+. We still enjoyed time outside playing with the worms.


A Boy and His Dog

Meet Brownie ~ our newly adopted, rescue dog ~

We adopted this lovable guy this past Monday. He has suffered from neglect and malnutrition, but is one happy-guy now! We took him to the vet for shots and heart worm testing his first day with us. The vet gave him a clean bill of health. He is eating good & loves to be brushed, petted, played with, and hugged. He has been spending time in the garage when we aren't able to be with him in the yard & has been very good about NOT having any 'accidents'. We have plans to build him a pen that will allow him to go in/out of one of our out buildings when he chooses ~ through a doggie door.

Now, if only all our feline, family members felt the same love we do for Brownie... all would be well ~

At least, Mr. Bean and Tommy can still play in the yard while Brownie is near ~


Before I finish this post, here is another fabulous freebie finish to share with you ~

This wonderful ditty was punched by Charlene (no blog). She did a very sweet job ~ don't ya think? The color choices are very cheerful & just make me smile! She has it listed on Ebay right now if you would like to see more. Her Ebay id is redlockscreations. CLICK HERE to go directly to her offering.

Thank you, Charlene, for playing with my doodle & sharing!


One more thing, dear friends... I'm thinking it is about time for another freebie. Please keep an eye out for another coming soon. I'm not sure yet if it will be a doodle or a chart... but something should be posted by the end of the week.

Warm smiles to you all...


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

~*USA Kitty Freebie Finish*~

Hello Dear Friends! Here is another wonderful ditty to share...

This awesome ditty was needlepunched by Marte. Marte is a friend and member of PRHG and BLESTB on Ebay. This pattern was donated by me to a group pattern booklet ~ that was compiled by the members of PRGH. She did such a darling job on this! I love the color choice & how 'olde' it looks. Awesome work Marte!

This pattern was exclusive for the group members, but I do have a similar one that is a freebie for all. You can see it Here.

Marte has this listed on Ebay now... Click Here to see the listing.

Warm smiles...


Monday, June 22, 2009


Hello Dear Friends! I hope you had an enjoyable weekend. Happy Father's Day (a little late) to all your Dads! Dads make the 'simple things' wonderful...

Tony and his Dad ~

My Dad ~

My step-Dad ~

My other FIL ~

I'm blessed... that is for sure!

Warm smiles to you,


Thursday, June 18, 2009

~*Freebie Finishes To Share*~

Hello Dear Friends! I've got a few more wonderful finishes to share with you!

I was looking around blogland today & found this charming finish to share with you ~

This lil' ditty was stitched up by Melissa. Isn't it sweet? It is from the freebie ~*USA Kitty*~ & I think it finished up very nicely. Melissa choose the perfect colors & primed it extra~special! Thank you, Melissa, for playing with my freebie doodle!

Also, my good buddy Kathy used my kitty doodle to needlepunch this sweet box to give to a good friend of her's as a birthday present. Inside she wrapped a few other lil' goodies, including a sheep made from my ~*Symple Herb Filled Sheep Ornie*~ Pattern.

What a GREAT gift! Kathy put lots of love & care into making this present. Thank you, Kathy, for playing with my patterns. You made some darling treasures indeed!

Remember everyone, I LOVE to see finishes & I LOVE to share them!

Warm smiles to you...


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

~*NWA Hook-In part 5 FINALE*~

Hello Dear Friends! Thank you for allowing me to share all the beautiful rugs & fun from our weekend in Eureka Springs. It really was a great weekend! I probably do have more to share with you about it, but will consider this my FINALE POST for now anyway.

To top off such a fun weekend, my good friend, Ginger, and her charming hubby, Danny, came over to our hotel for supper ~ grilled chicken breast by my awesome BIL, Jimmy... YUMMY! I've got to tell you, I truly admire this couple. Ginger and Danny are both the sweetest & kindest anyone could have the honor to meet and know. I do feel extremely blessed to have this friendship.

Ginger gave both my SIL, Robin, and I quilt tops she had made. She said these are from her stash of UFOs. I cannot imagine having a stash of these... they are both beautiful. I missed getting a picture of Robin's, but here is mine ~

I'm going to keep this in a safe place until I get the nerve to try to finish it myself... or take it to a trusted quilt finisher. Isn't is wonderful? I just love the design & the colors! Thank you Ginger!

I've talked (typed) so much about Robin & Jimmy... I should share them with you too ~

And our smilin' mugs too ~

And to close the post... sunset on Saturday evening...

Warm smiles to you all...


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

~*NWA Hook-In part 4*~

YES! There are still more rugs to show you! Enjoy!

Well... that is it for the rug photos. They have all been wonderful, haven't they? There will be one more post from our marvelous weekend tomorrow & then back to my same-o, same-o bloggin'.

Warm smiles to you...


~*NWA Hook-In part 3*~

More rugs from the hook~in to share...

I do actually have MORE photos to share of the beautiful rugs! WOW! It is really just astonishing, isn't it?

Warms smiles,