Friday, September 30, 2011

~*Early Work Mercantile*~

has been updated for October!

Hello Dear Friends! I hope you have a most wonderful weekend! My offering page for Early Work Mercantile has been updated. Here is a glance at what I have created for this month...

To visit my offering page... CLICK HERE. Be sure to browse the other artist's offerings too... you will be extremely delighted that you did!

Wishing you warm smiles...


~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends! Happy Friday to y'all! The weather has been most wonderful for us... and I hope that you have been enjoying sunny days and cooler temps too. Fall has begun... and I am lovin' it!

Here are a couple of really sweet ~*Friday Finishes*~ to share...

My buddy, Doris, has made another fine punch of Willie. This doodle is from a booklet that I offered long ago... ~*Meet Willie the Perfect Sheep*~. (If you are interested in the doodle book...just email me.) It is always a treat to see Doris create a wonderful ditty with Willie...

Another buddy, PatiJane, stitched up ~*School Girl Pocket*~. She hasn't been stitching on linen long. In fact, at the Lenexa hook-in this last February... I gave her a quick lesson. She did just beautifully!

I so LOVE both finishes! Thank you ladies for working with my doodles & patterns... and for sharing!

As for me... I don't have any finishes just yet to share, but I have been working LOTS this week. Something on this table will be finished and offered tonight on Early Work Mercantile...
I better be getting back to work... so I can meet my deadline. The update will be ready before I turn in for the night.

Wishing you warm smiles... and a great weekend!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hello Dear Friends! Yesterday I disappeared from the house and spent the majority of the day in the studio... finally! Plans are... to do it again today! It felt so nice to enjoy my 'ME' space.

to doodle


to punch


to imagine


to create!


These are a couple of the things I worked on... some needlepunch rounds to top paper mache boxes. These will be finishes for ~*Early Work Mercantile*~ that updates this Friday night.

There are so many things I want to do... cross stitch, hook, sew, and punch... I think I need to spend LOTS more time over there!

Wishing you warm smiles...


Friday, September 23, 2011

~*Friday Finishes*~

and Happy Fall to y'all!

Hello dear friends! Another Friday has rolled around... and

Cindy shared a fabulous finish... from the freebie ~*Sunflowers N' Crows*~...

It is so bright & cheery! Beautiful color choices & wonderfully clean stitches. Don't you think?

Thank you, Cindy, for stitching and sharing!

Now, I have another finish to share with you... and I'm not sure she wanted me to... but I do want to give you all some WARNING... so this doesn't happen to you. Shirlee stitched the ~*Simplify*~ freebie using some beautiful Weeks Dye Works threads. She had decided to do the staining after stitching because she had a few other projects that needed staining too... so she was just going to do them all at one time. She was very alarmed and disappointed to see the specialty threads bleed. This WILL happen with the specialty threads. I have never had a problem with this when using DMC... but this has happened to me before with the specialty threads.

With the one that I had that bled... I just left it because, to me, it was an excuse to make it appear older. But really... it wasn't suppose to happen. You may not want it to happen to your work. So... use caution. If you want to age with stain, know the floss you are using. Sometimes it is better to stain your fabric before stitching.

Shirlee, I'm sorry this happened to your piece. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


Well... today is the first day of Fall! I picked up a few mums at the store yesterday. They were priced very reasonable... so I splurged & spent $10... enough to fill the pots on the front porch. I bought gold, burgundy, and white with yellow centers. So today I will celebrate the first day of the new season with a little planting!

Wishing you warm smiles... and a happy weekend...


Thursday, September 22, 2011

~*More Sweet Kindness in the Mail*~

All the way from...
Hello Dear Friends! Today needed a 'cheer~up'... and it came in the mail. Recently I won a giveaway from Cucki... who lives in South Africa. She sent me a package of treasures... so full of thoughtfulness & kindness...

In the package was..

the postcard with beautiful photos that you see at the beginning of this post

a note card and handwritten letter in the most perfect penmanship... giving me congrats for winning

a Guardian Angel key ring

a sweet rooster cross stitch kit

some metallic threads

a pair of swan scissors with a delightful beaded FOB

a package of John James needles

and a new & beautiful tape measure (oh you should see what I WAS using!)

... all sweetly packaged in the cutest gift bags

but that isn't all! Cucki also made & gave me these darling flowers! I have a small handmade basket that I plan to put them in.

Cucki, thank you so much! Your kindness & generosity is just a joy!

I'm always amazed by my online friends & how far away they can be from me. Being from Kansas... I have never been out of the country or even seen the ocean. Maybe someday I will be able to adventure out. Until then... I will enjoy those far away places through you.

Even the postage on Cucki's package brought me smiles...

So, today needed a little 'cheer~up'... nothing terrible was really wrong. I was just a little down... but now I'm smiling again.

Wishing you warm smiles too...


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

~*From a Dear Friend*~

Hello Friends! A treasure came in yesterday's mail... from my very dear friend, Ginger! She enclosed cards explaining these were belated birthday gifts... for me...

and for Trinity...

Oh my goodness! We were both glowing with glee!

My new pillow is so beautiful! I honestly had tears of joy when I opened it! The handwork is magnificent, perfect colors, gorgeous wools... it is just beautiful! I already have it displayed in the living room.

The new stash of toys was eagerly accepted! Plus, there was $10 in his card too! Good grief... who is more spoiled? Trinity or me? I can't decide!

Ginger is so talented and generous! Thank you, Ginger! We love our gifts! How can I ever return your generosity and kindness?

Our weekend was hectic and fun! But, it is time to get back to 'work' now... I've got small projects in the works to offer at our small town craft show in November... and I am still putting stitches in the second school house sampler... with hopes to begin the third soon... and I need to get items worked up for Early Work Mercantile that updates on the 1st... so time to get busy.

Wishing you all warm smiles,


Friday, September 16, 2011

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends! TGIF! Hey... you know what that means.... ~*Friday Finishes*~!

And here they are... gloriously beautiful...

Gabriele stitched up ~*Sunflowers N' Crows*~... to make this darling pinkeep... but she also used parts of the ~*Crow*~ freebie to make the hang tag. And her sunflowers!! WOW! They just make me smile!! Beautiful!


Dora has stitched up another wonderful ditty too! ~*Hallows Eve*~... a pattern you can find in my Etsy Shoppee. She said this is her first Halloween Finish of the year... hmmm, sounds like she will be making more delights! She said "first"... so you know there is going to be a second. :-) Dora stitched on 30 count WDW Cappuccino using the recommended threads, 2 over 2. Just wonderful! (And I LOVE candy corn!)
View of the applique pumpkin on the back...

Thank you, Ladies! Your finishes are always such a delight to see! Thank you for stitching and sharing!

I want to wish you all a fine Friday with warm smiles...


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

~*New Pattern Release*~

Hello Dear Friends! Here is my latest pattern...

~*Olde Autumn Pocket*~

© primitivebettys 2011

Let me begin by giving Jennie Lynn of Appleseed Prim a big shout out and a big THANK YOU! You may already know, or have read in my earlier posts, that she headed up a fun challenge for the Samplermakers group to create an Autumn Sampler. She gave us several motifs to start with that we could use if we wanted... or we could come up with our own. She gave us wonderful inspiration! Thank you Jennie Lynn!

I didn't exactly use the motifs supplied, but was truly inspired... as I created the sampler for this pocket. I didn't know when I started that my finish would be this... but it grew and became what it was meant to be... a perfect, Autumn pocket for the prim~loving gal! Really, this isn't just something to set on a side chair for display... I'm going to use mine! It is just the right size to hold my keys & coin purse... and tube of lipstick too. Or if you are a reader... it is awesome for holding your paperback when you are out n' about!

The pattern is now in my Etsy Shoppe. You are welcome to visit there... or email me directly if you are interested in purchasing. Your local needlework shop will have access to it as well... just ask them.

The pattern is $10.00 with free shipping.

It is 114 by 104 stitches. The model was worked on Weeks Dye Works 30 count Cappuccino linen (one over two)... using DMC threads.

The pattern will come with complete, clear instructions, a color chart, and a full color photograph for your reference.

I'm still stitching on the second & third models for the Schoolhouse samplers... but they will be available before too much long. That is the plan anyway.

Thanks for letting me share...

Wishing you all warm smiles...


Monday, September 12, 2011


Hello Dear Friends! Today has been a good one! It was the monthly get together at the local quilt shop for some hooking. Why-O-Why didn't I get my camera out? it was a nice gathering. Linda was working on applique Christmas stockings, Deb and Trish were working on hearts. Well, Deb was also working on a few other projects... she had forgotten her hoop was was filling in the time with many projects. There were only four of us there (missed you Sher!), but we still enjoyed the time together.

It has been three months since I have hooked. We didn't meet last month & I missed the month before... so it did feel very nice to pull some loops. Here is my progress on my latest, hickety~pickety rug...
Just a simple, old crow with a scrappy, hit n' miss border. I am just working from my scrap bag... trying to use up some of the leftovers.

Over the weekend, I decided it was time to finally paint our front door. We have lived in this home for five years. This old door has had years of abuse... from the heat of the afternoon sun & from the window on the cheap, old storm door being left open during the rain showers. The sealer on it was cracked, bubbly, and peeling... but it is a good, solid door. Tony took it down for me and set it on some saw horses... then I sanded & cleaned & painted it. After three coats...
It looks nice from inside with the door open.
And is beginning to look nicer on the outside too - notice the cheap, old storm door is still there. I am saving to buy a new, PRETTY storm door. Hopefully I will have enough saved up soon.

I also did some more stitching on my Autumn Challenge piece. The stitching part is finished... now for the finishing...
I will post more soon to share the finish... and have a goal to also release it as a pattern. What do you think so far?

Wishing you warm smiles...


Sunday, September 11, 2011

We will always remember...

And never forget.

Wishing you warm, heartfelt blessings today and always...


Friday, September 9, 2011

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends! It seems I have been rather quiet this week... just trying to get some things done & not too much to post that would be interesting, I guess... until today that is! It is time once again for some fabulous ~*Friday Finishes*~!


From my dear buddy, Doris...

Her version of ~*Boo Jack*~ freebie doodle...

And her version of ~*Black Cat & Jack*~ freebie...

Each and every handmade from Doris is made with heart. She over~dyes a lot of her own floss and just punches with pure perfection. It is always a treat to see her works! Thank you, Doris, for punching and sharing!

Doris has these offered on Ebay now... click on her name above to visit her listings... but if you would like to make your own, click on the sidebar link to go get the freebie doodles!

My wishes to you all for a great weekend... filled with many warm smiles...


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

~*Challenge Update*~

Hello Dear Friends! I thought it was about time to share my updated challenge piece with you... and also just to get back to stitching after being so wrapped up with everything else that has consumed my time lately.

So... here is my updated challenge sampler...

You may recall, the challenge proposed by Jennie Lynn of Appleseed Prim for the members of Samplermakers. This is what I've been able to stitch up so far... and I do hope to have it finished and released as a pattern very soon!

Jennie Lynn gave several motifs to inspire us... as well as a set of objectives to strive for. I've added my own changes and inspirations to the motifs... and hopefully am creating a sweet Autumn sampler to inspire more stitchers.

Our birthday party was a big success last weekend. Lots of fun, food, and good times! One little boy was especially happy...
He was thrilled to dust off his go kart & spend the day zooming around the yard. This is his 'tough racer' look...

Wishing you warm smiles...


Friday, September 2, 2011

~*Frantic Friday*~

Hello Dear Friends! Sadly, I don't have any ~*Friday Finishes*~ to share this week... instead, it is a ~*Frantic Friday*~ for me. I needed to get the box of goodies packed & shipped to Lori of Notforgotten Farm for the Trunk Show...

While gathering everything up... I LOST one of the models I REALLY wanted to send. It is still missing... but everything else I wanted to send is packed and now at UPS...

I am so tickled to be a part of Lori's shop! I only wish I could visit in person!! Her Gathering of Primitive Friends Show is scheduled for September 17th & my patterns will be there on display. Those of you that get to visit... have a great time! I'm sure Lori and friends will be the most wonderful hosts!

Also today... was the big grocery shopping outing to prepare for the HUGE August/September Birthday Bash we are hosting this Sunday for our family. We expect about 40 to gather... laughs, giggles, go karts, swimming, and FUN! (about 10 of those 40 have birthdays in these two months!) I'm making two large party subs, some grilled chicken, and a couple desserts... but others will bring food too. Like always... I'm sure we will have more fixin's than we can eat... but will have leftovers to enjoy later.

Now that those things are marked off my TO~DO list... time to clean and straighten up the yard & gardens...

It always feels stressful the few days before these parties... but I do LOVE to have everyone over. We are truly blessed with a wonderful, large family!

Wishing you all a joyous holiday weekend! Stay safe and celebrate with those that you love!

Warm smiles...