Saturday, December 31, 2011

~*Early Work Mercantile*~

Hello Dear Friends! Happy New Year! The year is ending in a buzz of activity for me... I'm still trying to get caught up and find my balance. I missed ~*Friday Finishes*~ yesterday... but I have been able to update my Early Work Mercantile offerings. I hope you have a chance to visit.

I stitched up this early needlebook...

And was able to put the finishes on this scrappy rug (that I started several months ago)...

As always, I wish I had more finishes... but hopefully I can do better next year. I am thinking I will make a goal to craft on something at least 15 minutes a day... hopefully that will lead me to more minutes because I usually find it hard to put anything down once I begin it. AND... I mentioned a giveaway a few posts back... I'm working on putting that together and hope to have it posted in the next couple of days.

As for now... today was a work day and I am tired. This is New Years Eve... but I'm thinking it is probably time to just go & get some rest.

Wishing you warm smiles...


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

~*What My Momma Made...*~

and gave to me!

Hello Dear Friends! I hope your Christmas was full of joy! We had a most wonderful holiday here... I do just love my family! Of course, we were here, there, and everywhere... with lots of festivities & food. I'm sure I gained some additional pounds because I was NOT being careful with what I ate at all. Today is a new day though & I can get back on track.

We weren't suppose to exchange gifts with the adults on my side of the family. We are only suppose to get gifts for the kids... and it is so much fun watching them open all their packages! The comments they make and the expressions on their faces... what a HOOT!

My Mom didn't follow her own rule of gift giving! She gave my sister and I each a quilt she had recently made. Oh, we are happy to have received them... but she broke the rule! .... and in a way, I did too. Do you remember those two small rugs from a few posts back? Well, I let my Mom have her pick first & then my sister got the other rug. So I guess I gave too. :-) Mom wanted the simple hit n' miss & my sister, Angie, took the crow.

Anyway... on to my post! These photos are not great at all... they do NOT give this charming quilt justice at all... but here they are...

I don't know where she found the pattern, but the embroidery is of two sweet lil' bears. (She is the one who gave me my teddy bear collection when I was growing up.) She stitched each tiny little stitch beautifully!

The holly hocks are so charming!
She hand quilted the entire piece.
And even added more embroidery to the border. She sits in her chair every evening working on something and watching TV. She has a powerful light and her 'cheater' glasses. She does such beautiful work!

I didn't get a picture of my sister's quilt. Hers is a teacup quilt...about the same size as this one. Mom stitches each teacup & design with more tiny lil' stitches.

Now... I do know Mom is working on another quilt for ME. She has been making crazy quilts in the recent years too... and my next one will be a crazy quilt made of velvets & woolens! I'll be sure to share it here too... but she said it would be awhile before it was done.


Yesterday was spent resting up and cleaning up. Today is my last day off before my work week begins again. There is so much to get done... Early Work Mercantile updates this coming Saturday night... New Year's Eve. So... I need to get my ducks in a row... and get something worked up!

Wishing you warm smiles...


Thursday, December 22, 2011

~*Merry Christmas*~

My warmest wishes to you all... for a very Merry Christmas! May you celebrate this season with family and friends... and make memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Warm smiles...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


These two rugs are finished... I should say FINALLY finished! They were literally started months ago, and last night I finally got the edges whipped. They are both such simple rugs too... why did they take me so long to get done? And while I'm thinking of getting things finished, why don't I have any cross stitches done? Goodness me! Or would that be WOES me!?!

Hello Dear Friends! I'm so sorry for being such a lackluster blogger... and a whiner too. I really am trying to get back to my 'old' self... creating & having fun! The hustle & bustle of Christmas is upon us all... and the daily life of being a homemaker and mom too... and working... we are all in the same boat! Some of you though, are so great at managing it all! I want to be like you!!

Now that I have these two rugs finished... I'm going to move on to my stitches. I have several of them started... and ideas for more. Plus... I'm wanting to do a GIVEAWAY before the New Year... be sure to keep an eye out for that!


Here are my finished rugs... I'm not sure what I will be doing with them just yet...

~*A Prim Crow*~
~*Symple Hit n' Miss*~
I finished them a little different this time. The linen was folded back first & stitched down. Then I whipped the edges 'slim' with some wool yarn. Lastly, I used some wool strips (about 2" or so) to cover the raw edges only. It is hand stitched down very simply & primly.
Ignore the fuzzies that I didn't get cleaned off with the lint roller... but you can see how the edge of the rugs look from the side here...
Primitive! Just the way I like it!

The day is still mostly ahead of me... so it is time to quite my complaining of lack of time... grab my needle, thread, and linen... and go STITCH!

Wishing you all warm smiles...


Monday, December 19, 2011

~*The Weekend Before Christmas*~

... was filled with shopping and fun!

Hello Dear Friends! Are you still getting ready for Christmas? We are almost ready! I worked on Saturday, but yesterday we had some fun and did some shopping. The shopping wasn't especially fun, because it was busy... Trinity, Tony, and I braved the roads and the stores together. We are happy with the gifts we have bought and we hope the recipients are too. Before we ended our outing, we stopped by Jake's RC in Topeka to see some of the RC races...
It is tough to get pictures on my phone of the cars... they are faster than the camera...
It is easier to get pictures of the cars when they are just sitting...
Between races, the racers are busy in their pits tuning and repairing their cars...
My boys have raced on this track in the past. I think they are getting more and more interested and wanting to go back. We have a large building here at home that Tony built himself. Inside it, is his own RC track. He, Trinity, and Jamie were out in it last night racing together... but I think they may end up in Topeka soon.

What may interest you all more... when I go to the races, I always take a project to work on & I'm the only one in the place working on cross stitch or rug hooking!

The gifts we have so far are wrapped and under the tree. A little someone had to do some snooping before school today...
This is not a good picture... it was taken from my phone in the dark living room... but you can see what he is doing ~ shaking, checking for size & weight, counting how many are his... and already asking, "Can I open it now?"

Today and tomorrow are days off work. I have projects still that need to be finished... and always ones I want to do. I'll post more later or tomorrow so you can see.

Until then... wishing you warm smiles...


Friday, December 16, 2011

~*Friday Finishes*~

Happy Friday Dear Friends! I hope the week has been wonderful for you. Are you ready for Christmas? We have our tree and decorations up, but there aren't any presents under the tree yet. If all goes well this weekend, there will be some before Monday comes. We have been enjoying the season though. Trinity has decided he is too big to sit on Santa's lap at the mall... but we did stop by there last weekend to see the miniature toy train display. While we were they, he did look over at the big guy & smile! :-)

Today was a work day, but I'm home for the evening & hope to craft. Before I do that... there are some awesome ~*Friday Finishes*~ to share with you...


From Dora... her finish of the freebie ~*Silent Holy Night*~...
Dora stitched a lovely Christmas pocket & filled it with dried items from her yard. Stunning!

She stitched on 32 count Belgian linen 1 over 2 using DMC threads 918,3011,3021.
The tassel is made using DMC 918. Two rusty jingle bells are attached at each corner.

Thank you, Dora, for stitching and sharing!


Murf stitched ~*My Favorite Kitten*~... (a pattern available for purchase from your LNS or from my Esty Shoppe)
Murf also stitched the cute critters that are displayed with her kitten. So sweet... all of them!

Thank you, Murf, for stitching and sharing!


Always remember... I do love to see & share finishes. I you have one (or more) to share, please drop me an email. You can email me from the link on the left sidebar.

Wishing you all a great weekend with many warm smiles...


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hello Dear Friends! Yes, I'm feeling like... or preparing to... HIBERNATE! The weather is rainy and cool (not cold, but cool). Actually, tomorrow it is suppose to continue to rain (we really need it!), but the temps are expected to be in the low 60s. WOW! Not bad at all for December. In a way though, I am yearning for cold and some snow... not enough to make driving treacherous; but a little white dusting would be nice. With wanting colder, wintry weather... I have been feeling the need to replenish my crafty supplies. This week I ordered a new cross stitch book, some wool, and some nubby linen. I actually feel quite selfish for doing that too... because Christmas is only a couple weeks away. There are gifts I should be buying! Is it horrible to buy gifts for myself? Yes, it is... but I will be buying gifts for others too.

Today is my last of three days off before starting another work week. I'm really enjoying my job, but I am missing crafting something awful!

This weekend, I decided to skip cleaning the house (it isn't disgusting... just dusty ya know!). On Sunday, Trinity and I spent most of the day baking cookies. We made four different recipes... and he was so happy to share them with teachers, the school counselor, his principal, and his bus driver. Tonight he will be giving more to his Tae Kwon Do instructors. Let me tell ya... I'll be happy to have them out of the house! It is HARD to stay away from them!

Since I still didn't feel like cleaning yesterday, I worked on some UFOs (un~finished objects). Today I plan to continue stitching and bind these two simple, scrappy rugs...
I'm such a strange hooker... or at least I feel that way. Some of my rugs have good, (semi) even loops...
And others are hickety~pickety...
It isn't a nervous medical condition. I plan them that way. The funny thing is too... the hickety~pickety rugs LOOK like they would hook faster, but they actually take longer. Strange huh?

There are so many more projects and ideas floating around my head, sketched on my notepad, and thrown about here & there in my studio that I WANT to do. Hopefully my time schedule and state~of~mind continue to even themselves out. (now that I'm working it is tough... I know many of you can relate) As the weather continues to cool... my plans for hibernating on my days off will hopefully be filled with crafty goodness! I wish the same for all of you too.

Warm smiles to you all...


Monday, December 12, 2011

~*I'm Spoiled!*~

Yes, I am truly spoiled to have such wonderful, giving friends!

Hello Dear Friends! Oh, I'm so thrilled to show you the gifts I received in the mail the other day! I'm spoiled rotten I tell ya!!!

I'm a proud member of the online group AAPG (An American Primitive Gathering... on Ebay). Each year we do a Secret Santa Swap where we exchange names and put together a box of goodies to mail to our friend. Bobbie had my name this year... and she went overboard with treasures! I'll say it again... I'm spoiled rotten!

Everything she sent me is so GREAT... I don't know where to begin!

She sent me the current issue of Sampler & Antique Needlework (a most wonderful publication!), some prim labels (oh how fun!), a bundle of linen, some needles, and some beautiful threads!
She stitched me a sweet Snowman pinkeep... ~*Merry Winter 1809*~... a pattern by Country Rustic Primitives... so sweet!
She stitched up a lovely penny rug candle mat... aaaahhhhhh :-)
I placed it in front of our Nativity for now. I think it looks very nice there.
If that wasn't all enough.... she also hooked up this cute guy! ~*Snow Guy*~... a pattern by Maria of Star Rug Company. Isn't he just glowing with cheer?!
Bobbie, thank you so very much! You really did spoil me! I just love each and everything... and am so touched by your thoughtfulness. Thank you!

Attached to the penny rug was this...

Wishing you all warm smiles... and holiday cheer...


Thursday, December 8, 2011

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends! I hope your week has been wonderful. Are you ready for Christmas? I'm not... but do hope to have some Christmas baking fun with my son this weekend. I asked him tonight if he would be interested in baking cookies with me on Sunday... and he told me that it sounded like fun. I'm looking forward to it!

It is Thursday evening now and getting close to bedtime... but I wanted to get a head start this week with ~*Friday Finishes*~. My dear friend Sher punched up some ~*Symple Herb Filled Sheep*~ to give as a gift. Oh my goodness... they are darling! I hadn't thought of making them black and white... look at the one towards the back of the bowl! Too CUTE!

Sher, thank you for punching and sharing! You did (and always do) beautiful work!

Folks, if you are interested in purchasing the pattern for these... visit your local needlework shop or my Etsy Shoppe... or just drop me an email (link is on the left sidebar).

Well... tomorrow is another work day. I better not be staying up too late. Have a great night... and a Happy Friday!

Wishing you warm smiles...


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

~*Elf Work*~

Hello Dear Friends! I hope you are doing well... and staying warm. We are chilly here and were treated with a light dusting of snow over night. T'is the season!

Today is my last of three days off work. I had hoped to get a lot more done over these three days than I did, but I did enjoy time with my family and did get some much needed rest. Today I'm working on crafty things... and trying to get some finishes. I'm feeling a bit like one of Santa's elves!

I wasn't going to share this until it was given and received, but since I decided not to use the name of the sweet gal receiving it... why not share it? It will still be a surprise for her.

I stitched up my latest freebie, ~*Young Girl Sampler*~ with DMC threads on 30 count linen... that was Walnut dyed, and framed it in a re~purposed 5 by 7 inch frame. I wanted to make a soft finish (a needle book), but time just wasn't in my favor. This will be part of the gift given. I have a few other handmades and a few purchased goodies to go along with it. If possible, it will be in the mail on the way tomorrow.

The name "Lucie" came from a story I just read. My dear husband gave me a Kindle Fire for an early Christmas gift. On it was the short story by Beatrix Potter, The Tale of Mrs. Tiggle-Winkle. Lucie is the little girl in the story... a cute, short read. I thought she would be perfect to add to my sampler.

I have more ditties to finish... so I had better get back to it.

Wishing you warm smiles...


Friday, December 2, 2011

~*Friday Finishes*~

Happy Friday Dear Friends! I hope your day has been as wonderful as mine has been. Today was a work day... but it was a good one. Immediately after work, I picked up my SIL Robin... and together we headed for Topeka to meet up with my Mom, Sister, and her DIL so we could all visit the awesome First Friday Artwalk in the NOTO district of historic downtown Topeka. We had a truly fun time together. This event is held the first Friday evening of every month... and awesome each time!

Anyway, because of all the excitement with work and play... I hadn't had a chance to post ~*Friday Finishes*~. For that... I'm sorry. But... here is one beautiful finish to share with you...
This was stitched by Pam in Nebraska (no blog). She used the latest freebie ~*Young Girl Sampler*~... and made a few changes to create a delightful Christmas Sampler. It is truly lovely... don't you agree?

Pam, thank you for stitching and sharing. Your work is charming! I'm not finished with my own finish of this pattern yet... and after seeing yours, I may just have to think about a Christmas sampler too! Wonderful finish!

Well... my day has been full and plenty... it is now time for some rest and winks. Wishing you warm smiles and a happy weekend...