Tuesday, February 26, 2013

~*Unfinished Before & Unfinished After*~

Hello Dear Friends!  It seems the winter snowfall is going to attack us in just a few short BIG storms.  We had one last week of 9" or so... and another yesterday of about 6" more.  The kiddo has been happy to have three snow days... and even an early release yesterday.  It is nice to have him home.

I have been keeping busy too... being snowed in!

You may remember me talking about my weaving loom.  (Sherre, I know you asked.)  It was an anniversary present from my dear husband last year.  I've only made one rug on it... but I will make more!  Besides being super busy with oodles of other things to make or do... my loom is stored in our rather undesirable basement.  Our home is a simple ranch... no bells & whistles.  We do love it though!  Our basement, I do not love.  Finishing it off would be very expensive... and it certainly isn't a necessity.  So... I decided to make the best of it.

I had this idea at the spur of the moment ~ re-do the loom area!  I asked my dear Mom if she had any leftover paint she didn't want or need any longer... thinking I could just mix some partial cans together to make~do for this part of our basement.  Oh she seemed so happy I asked.  She had several cans she really wanted to get rid of.  They are difficult to dispose of... and were taking up too much storage space.  To my delight, I took them all.  One can was 3/4 full of exterior 'Moth Gray'... and was used for my re-do.  The other cans I will hold on to for some furniture painting.

Here is the catch-all, yucky area before...

 That mural on the far wall was painted by the previous owner.  There was once a wood burning stove in this spot.  It was probably pretty sweet at the time... but I was ready to make the change.
 Oh.... all this clutter!  YUCK!
The finished spot is still an 'unfinished basement'... but more bright, clean and cozy...
 I plan to pick up a few pieces of simple, common paneling this next weekend at the lumber yard.  There is a triangle under the stairs that needs covered... and I really want to replace the old paneling that follows the wall going up the stairs.  This curtain is made from some hand-me-down decorator fabric (also from my Momma).  I made it yesterday to cover the doorway to my Sarah kitty's 'potty room' (litter box).
 Do you remember the bench Tony made me last summer from an old bed frame?  Now I have a spot to put it!  *smile*
 Part of the basement floor is painted... and part of it isn't.  One day we do hope to fix that too.  In the picture below, it isn't painted.  That big box?  It was an auction find last summer.  It holds TONS of Trinity's toys!  (So he will enjoy this clean up too.)
 I can also display the antique spinning wheel that was given to me as a birthday present from my Mom & Dad...
 A few other treasures have been finding spots for display here too... a needlepunch pinkeep made for me by Ginger...
 and some sweet cross stitches made from Patti and Lori...
The spot isn't completely finished.  More things will find places for decorations here over time.  But it does seem so much more welcoming now... and somewhere I can sit to enjoy my loom.

Wishing you warm smiles...


Sunday, February 24, 2013

~*Rock Creek Hook-In Lenexa 2013*~

Hello Dear Friends!  The hook~in was wonderful... and always a treat!  This year the crowd seemed smaller and a few vendors canceled... we had a big snow on Thursday (and are planning for another tomorrow).  We did have a great time... and came home with a few bags of yummy wools (along with a few other purchases ~ but it was mostly wool!).  My sweet SIL, Robin, drove.  We missed seeing our dear Oklahoma friends who normally attend... but understood they had to cancel because of the weather.  We enjoyed catching up with our Topeka hooker friends... and were delighted to meet a few other from around Kansas and Missouri. 

I took pictures as promised... but they aren't fine, photographer quality.  They are still great eye~candy!  I truly enjoy seeing the differences in hooking styles and talents... from beginners to advanced.  

CLICK HERE to see an album of the rugs from the hook~in.  (I tried and tried to make them into a slide show, but was unsuccessful.)

Here are just a few from the album...


Today has been a day of catch~up.  We enjoyed a YUMMY supper tonight... Macaroni Sausage Bake.  I found the recipe from Sweet Tea and Cornbread's blog.  Of course, I had to modify it slightly to make it Gluten Free... but it is SOOOOOO YUMMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!  You should try it!

Lots of things are planned for this week... I'll keep you posted with my progress often (if all goes as planned).  

Wishing you warm smiles...


Friday, February 22, 2013

~*Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow*~

Hello Dear Friends!  I do hope you are doing well.  We have had snow.  Lots of snow!  It is pretty and comes with its own troubles... but we truly need the moisture.  I'm not sure if this is enough to bring us out of the drought conditions that we have been in, but it will surely help.

Yesterday ~ the snow began to fall... and it was a 'snow day' from school...
 Today ~ the snow has stopped... but it was another 'snow day' from school...
We have shoveled the driveway (well, my husband did that), thrown snowballs, and took a few dives down the hills with the big inner-tube.

I've been crafting, but not fast enough.  The works in progress can't be shown yet because they are for gifts.

Tomorrow ~ is the big hook-in in Lenexa.  Of course, I have waited until today to get my things together to take along.  I cut a piece of linen, grabbed some yummy wools from my stash... and bagged up my hook, scissors, and cutter.  What should I make with 'em?  I'm thinking a primitive, olde black cat!
Oh, my camera is packed too... and my dollars for shopping.  My next post... will be all about Lenexa!

Wishing you warm smiles...


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

~*At The Auction*~

Hello Dear Friends!  This past Saturday I decided not to open up the shop... so I could attend a local estate auction.  Oh I do just LOVE a good auction!  Don't you?
 (What a BLURRY... picture!)

I didn't come home with a lot of things, but was pleased that the truck was loaded with some goodies to help fill up our booth at Ellie Lou's and my shop.  Here are a few of the things... the good, the bad, and the ugly...

These items will stock our booth... vintage & junky, but fun!
 I put these tin toy parts in a baggie... I just know someone could use them for some Pinterest jewelry making!

 These items are a little more primitive & antique.  They will stock my shop...
 I LOVE old irons!  I use them in our house as door stops... to keep the doors from slamming shut when we have all the windows open.  Which we can't do that right now, of course.  Tomorrow we are expecting a HUGE snow/sleet/rain storm... with 5-10 inches!  ICK!
 Old school readers & books...
 An old scale...
 This is a REALLY COOL Shasta Water bottle... from the late 1800's/early 1900's... (and it still has a little water in it!)


I promised to update you on my furniture re-dos.  Remember this?
 Here is what it looks like after being painted, sanded, and waxed with brown wax...
 And the partial chair?
 Here is how I played with it...

Both furniture pieces have been put in the shop... and I picked up several more junky pieces at the auction that are waiting re-do.  Hopefully I can get to them soon.  I'll share with you when I do.

I hope to update you on some other crafty fun soon.  

Until then... wishing you warm smiles...


Friday, February 15, 2013

~*Friday Finishes*~

Oh Hello Dear Friends!  I do hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!  Mine was very nice.  Unfortunately, my husband had to work.  We did go out for a nice supper together last weekend... and I awoke yesterday morning to a fresh bouquet of flowers and loving card.  And last night though... I enjoyed a nice candlelight supper with my kiddo.  He gave me a sweet handmade card.  I gave him a stuff dachshund.  (because it made me think of our new little Lucy puppy... and he thought that too)


I'm very happy to share with you... these beautiful ~*Friday Finishes*~!

This  one comes from Ana Cristina...

She stitched up one of my Valentine freebies... and stitched it up so very lovely!  Check out the sweet lacy trim on her pillow!  Too sweet!

This one was stitched up my my dear buddy, Sharon ~ you may know her as Moosecraft ~ ...

This is Sharon's finish of my pattern ~*Peacock Keys*~ (available in my Etsy shop or your local needlework store).  Sharon stitched and finished just awesomely!  She added some calico to the top and bottom (Jeanne Horton fabric).... then using some linen thread, she stitched some stained cheese cloth to the top and bottom seams. And then, added a perfect touch!.... an old skeleton key!  Just so very darling!

Many warm thanks to both Ana Cristina and Sharon for stitching and sharing!  Your works are beautiful indeed!

I won't have the shop open tomorrow... or next Saturday.  Tomorrow I'm heading to an auction to try to win some new junky wares... inventory for the shop and our booth at Ellie Lou's.  Next Saturday is the Lenexa hook-in!  Oh so much fun!!!!

Wishing you all warm smiles...


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hello Dear Friends!  Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of hooking with a group in Council Grove, Kansas.  Several years ago, when I was first learning how to hook (Do I really know 'how'?), I had heard there was a group there... but I didn't know who, where, or when they met.  Well, to my delight, I met one of the gals when she visited my shop a month or so ago.  She was so sweet to call me & give me an invite to the group!  

Thank you, Barbara!

This group meets once a month.  We met at the Historical Society in Council Grove yesterday, but they normally have a larger group... and meet at someone's home.  Many of the hookers were away on vacations... but four of us met, hooked, and chatted the afternoon away yesterday.  I had met Barbara at my shop... but also there were Georgia and Linda.  The ladies were very friendly, kind, and personable.  I look forward to meeting with them again next month.

They are planning on attending the Lenexa hook-in next week too... so I will get to see them all again then. *smile*

Ya know... I did have my camera with me, but forgot about it until I was on the drive home.  What is wrong with me?  I'm loosing my mind!

Barbara was working on a sweet rug that looked like an old 'Main Street'.  I just love old, downtown Main Streets!  This one had an antique shop in the design.  Very cool!  Georgia was whipping the edges on a sweet Easter Bunny rug.  It was very bright & cheery!  Linda was hooking on a Judy Cripps Christmas stocking.  It had an awesome reindeer in the center of it.  

I didn't get my supplies gathered to take until late Monday night.  I couldn't decide what to take... then I realized I had this tulip rug started from many YEARS ago... one that I had lost the desire to hook on.  Well, I took it and finished most of the hooking during the afternoon.  I hooked on it a little more this morning... and steamed it.  The photograph is not the best... I'll get a better one after it is completely finished.  Now... to get those edges bound and call it DONE!

Today I have many things left to work on... painting, hooking, punching, stitching.  I'll be in the shop soon.... and keeping my hands busy.

Have a blessed day!

Wishing you all warm smiles...


Monday, February 11, 2013

~*Overly Inspired!*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Yes... to some of you that have followed my blog for awhile I'm sounding like a broken record!  I'm just sure of that!  I have so many (too many?) ideas, inspirations, want-to-dos, and list of things-to-do... and so on and so forth.  Where do I begin?  Where does it end?  Does it even ever end?  Oh my...

Well, I have explained it to my husband, and I have named OUR problem (Oh YES!  He and I are an awful lot alike in this aspect of never ending stuff.  We may have different mediums or focus of things to do... but we are the very same.  We have so much going on!  All the time!  And never seem to really finish anything.)  I told him we are "OVERLY INSPIRED!"  Sound goodI know it sounds like I'm complaining.  Really though I'm not.  I would be complaining if I were bored to tears.  Right?  Boredom wouldn't be good.  Too inspired is!

Well... we won't run out of things to keep us busy for a long time.  Now if we can only figure out how to get some things DONE!

I know I haven't shared a blog post for a long time... too long again.  So... here is some mumbo jumbo of 'stuff' I currently have going on...

Our darling, little Lucy is taking a lot of our time.  We are working hard on potty training.  She seems to be trying... but still hides little 'cigars' in spots she thinks we won't notice.  gggrrrr

We do love her!  And our kitty babies... and big, brown pup, Brownie, are begining to love her too.
Do you know how hard it is to take a good picture of an active, 12 week (give or take) puppy?

 Finally... I was able to get one not-so-blurry...
 Recently, ny sweet Momma gave me a PILE of wool.  She found all of this at a garage sale.  Oh YAH!  How great is that?  I've been doing some hooking.  It seems now I need to be also doing some dying.  Yards and yards!
 This piece isn't wool.  It is printed cotton.  Tony and I were out & about today just spending some time together.  We ran across a small fabric shop in an OLD, small downtown hardware store.  This store was so full of stuff!  The stuff must have been collecting in this mom & pop shop for at least 50 years!  We didn't have a lot of time to spend digging around... but I did pick up this sweet piece of fabric.  I couldn't resist!
 Last week, I finished this piece.  It is a small drawer... maybe for a dresser topper.  I mixed up some chalk paint of my own concoction to paint it... then hooked up this little rug to put on top.  The rug was inspired by one my dear friend, Ginger, recently made.  (Speaking of Ginger... she is one great gal who can really get things done!  She is one of the busiest, friendliest, most lovable gals I know!)
 I lined the drawer with vintage print fabric.  It is lightly padded too.

 Lucy went in the shop with me today to take some pictures.  I tried again to get a good one of her... but she had something stuck to the tip of her wet nose!

Check out her ears!  What a HOOT, huh?
I cleaned her nose off and tried again...but then we got blurry again...
Another current project...
I painted the school desk and a partial chair (since I had enough milk paint to do both)... 

These pieces aren't finished yet.  They still need to be waxed... but they are close.  I'm thinking of painting a word or words on the partial chair.  Primitive?  Junk?  This is my seat?  Any ideas?  Share them with me... please.  *smile*
 I'll post a finished picture of both soon.

And more hooking!  I hooked up the bunny Saturday afternoon while I was in the shop.  The flower rug was drawn up and started.  It may change before it is finished.  I'm going to Council Grove tomorrow afternoon to hook with a group of ladies there.  This will be my first time with the bunch.  I'm excited and looking forward to meeting them and spending the afternoon.  I'll take the camera so I can share with you.
Oh... and I know many of my East coast friends are beneath a huge blanket of snow right now.  I pray you and your families are warm and safe.  In our backyard though...
Surprise Lilies are popping!

I'm not 100% happy about this.  Yes, I love Spring.  But I do also love Winter... and would love a good snowfall!  Plus... we terribly need the moisture.  We are still suffering from a severe drought here in the Midwest.

Thanks for letting me share my mix of mumbo jumbo.  Wishing you all warm smiles...


Friday, February 1, 2013

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends!  I do hope your week has been well.  Mine has been good... except for a few days I was down with the cold.  It seems to be making it's rounds.  Many of my family & local friends have had it.  Too bad we have all had to share it!

I'm very behind with sharing ~*Friday Finishes*~.  My sincere apologies go to Marty, Barbara, and Sara for not sharing your beautifully, sweet finishes earlier.  Marty sent me an email on January 19th... and I missed posting.  Girls, I am so sorry!  Thank you for stitching and sharing.  Your bowls are truly lovely!

 The girls used my freebie pattern ~*Sunflowers N Crows*~ to makes these lovelies.


 This next beauty has been stitched and shared by Dora.  Oh... she has just done it again!  Dora always has such pretty stitches!  

Dora stitched on some scrap fabric using GAST Old Brick and DMC 3021, 1 strand over 2.
A small, mother of pearl heart shaped button was added.  Lace trim gives it that
little finishing touch.  Oh so sweet!  Don't you agree?

She used my freebie ~*Valentine*~ pattern.


As always, thank you so very much for stitching and sharing!


As for my own finishes this week.  Well, I finished making all the needlepunch hearts needed to fulfill orders.  They have all been shipped... and now I'm thinking strawberries & bunnies!  Oh... if only I could work faster!

I'll be in the shop tomorrow and plan to be punching or hooking... or maybe even stitching!... between customers.

Wishing you all warm smiles...