Sunday, September 30, 2012

~*Early Work Mercantile Update*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Tomorrow is October 1st... where does the time go?  It goes by so fast... and we stay so busy.  BUT...Early Work Mercantile updates on the 1st... and here are my offerings...

CLICK HERE to visit my page... but please be sure to see all the artist's wares.  They are always so tremendously lovely!

Things have been busy here.  We are making the most of our days, that is for sure!  My Step~Dad is doing well.  He does still have a big surgery ahead of him... and your thoughts and continued prayers are appreciated.  Thank you so very much!

Wishing you warm smiles...



Friday, September 28, 2012

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Happy Friday and Happy Fall!  I would like to thank all of you for your thoughts, well wishes, and prayers.  My Step-Dad, John, is home from the hospital and healing.  He will still be having another surgery in about 4 weeks... but he is healing and getting more healthy.  The surgery planned, is more serious... but with the continued prayers... he will be just fine.  Thank you!

Carla posted this finish on Facebook to share...
 This is her finish of my freebie ~*Scissor FOB*~.  Isn't it just darling perched on that cute bear's lap?  Thank you , Carla, for stitching and sharing.  You do wonderful work.  It is always a delight to see!

I have been getting some punches worked up...
Early Work Mercantile updates on Sunday night.  I thought there was enough time to work on a few more Jacks!  This is one of two in the making.  More on them later.  *smiles*

In other news... my husband and I decided now was the time!  You have heard me talk about my studio next door.  When we first bought our home, I wanted to make the entire original farmhouse into a shop... but part of it is too far gone.  At least, for the amount of money we have for repairs it is.  BUT... we did make two rooms usable and I have been loving them.  Our news now?  Well, we have decided that one room... tiny as it is... WILL BE A SHOP!  Yes, I am going to open a shop in there very soon!  There are still some details I need to figure out & some repairs on the front porch to make it safe... but in the near future... ~*primitivebettys*~ will be open with regular hours to the public!  I plan to offer antiques, vintage, and handmades.... and, of course, my patterns.  My shop room is super~duper~dinky~tiny~small... but that will just make it that much more cozy.  Right?

I have been working on re~arranging and re~organizing things over there this week.  The old part of the house is still dry & will be used as my warehouse.  So, lots of things have been securely boxed into clear totes for safe keeping over there.  Here is my progress so far...
 My wool has been sorted and refolded.  My craft books have been thinned down... I'm only keeping the ones I really LOVE.
 A place for everything and everything in its place!
 The Primitive Betty rug was made by my very dear friend, Ginger!  There are many, many, many other wonderful handmades created and given to me by dearly loved friends too.
 A corner for my ~*primitivebettys*~ models.
 My sewing desk is still a 'catch all' for clutter.  I'll get to it today.
 Inside this cabinet is all my cotton fabric.  I don't have a lot, but I do have a lot of little pieces!
 It is nice to have it all neatly folded again!

 And now the 'shop' room.  I haven't done much work in here yet... as you can see...

 Looking from the shop into the workroom...
Guess I should be getting off the computer and back to work.  Wishing you all a wonderful Friday and an awesome weekend!

Warm smiles...


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

~*My GREAT StepDaddy!*~

Hello Dear Friends! See this handsome fella here...
This is my StepDad John.  He is really a wonderful man with a huge heart & a fantastic sense of humor!  He may be my 'stepdad'... but he is every bit a Dad to me.  He and my Mom married when I was seven.  He has loved me and cared for me like I was one of his 'real' kids.  I love him dearly!  

John has given us quite a scare this past week.  Last Tuesday he was admitted to the hospital after suffering with the hiccups for close to a month.  Turns out, he has an abdominal aorta aneurism.  The doctors have been testing him from head to toe.  Yesterday they took him into the operation room to look more closely at his heart.  They found some of his arteries blocked... and were able to repair some, but not all.  The aneurism is still a great concern.  After he heals some from the surgery done yesterday, they hope to be able to add a graph to repair it.  However, that won't be for 2-4 weeks.  My Mom is telling me they may send him home to recover... and wait for the graph, but she doesn't know for sure.

My folks just retired last week.  They had a dog grooming business in Topeka for close to 30 years.  They sold the building and the business the Friday before he was admitted to the hospital.

John's birthday is tomorrow.  He will be 72.  He has been talking to me a lot lately about searching for gold.  He watches a reality show on TV about gold mining.  He and I were looking up metal detectors online just a few weeks ago.  He wants to go on a gold hunt.  He has to get healthy again so he can go lookin'!

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and prayers for him... and for my Mom.  They have both been very strong dealing with this... but it has been hard.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Wishing you warm smiles...


Thursday, September 20, 2012

~*Primitive Handmades Mercanile Update*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Just a quick note to tell you my page on Primitive Handmades Mercantile has been updated.  The other artists are working on theirs too... you will want to be sure to hop over to see it all!  I just know you will!

If you aren't signed up for the newsletter yet... please do.  You can get a wonderful, free doodle from Robin!  And... there is a game you can play this month... with GREAT prizes too!   

I've shown you my needlepunch works this month... but here are my other two offerings...

I'm still getting things ready for the sale this weekend for the Fabulous Finds on 99 fun... and tomorrow looks to be a really full day.  I'm looking forward to visiting a new shop opening near here... and plan to swing by to straighten, stock, and play with our booth at Ellie Lou's too.  Always lots going on!  *SMILE*

Wishing you all warm smiles...


~*Autumn Is Near!*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Yes, Autumn is near... Saturday to be exact.  I so appreciate these cooler days!  Don't you?  They have been helping me stay busy... and get lots done!
I've been very busy this week getting final preparations ready for our sale at The Orchard... part of Fabulous Finds on 99.  The event is two days, but we are only going to set up our sale on Saturday... so we can do a little shopping ourselves on Friday. *GRIN*  This is really looking to be a great event... state line to state line ~ north to south!  The organizers have really worked hard to get a lot of folks involved... and there are a lot signed up to have sales!  It is gonna be GREAT fun!
There is now a printable map on their website if you are in these parts & would like to visit!
Tonight is also the update for Primitive Handmades Mercantile.  I have five offerings ready to post.  I shared these three with you the other day...
Pictures have been taken of the other two... and they are probably my favorites... but you will have to wait until tonight to see 'em.  They are still on the camera ready to be transferred to the computer.
Today... I have a long list of things to finish ~ design ~ and craft.  
Wishing you warm smiles...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

~*Saturday Smalls*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Joyous Saturday to you!  Today I thought I would share some of my 'smalls' with you.  Next weekend is the Fabulous Finds on 99 sale... some of these will be offered at our sale there (and much much more!), some will be in our booth, and some will be for Primitive Handmades Mercantile (that updates on Thursday night).

It is kind of crazy... but I almost feel ahead of the game!  I'm meeting deadlines & feeling great about it!

.... Before I go on... let me explain something to you.  Have you ever had a 10 year old in the house learning to play the drums?  And a husband, who loves ROCK music, learning the bass guitar?  Have you ever had both learning at the same time?  In the same room?  With the music so loud it is rattling the windows?  As I'm typing this update... my boys are practicing... and I'm finding it a little hard to keep focus.  So... if words are spelled wrong, and sentences more rambly then normal... well... you now know why.  One of these days I'll need to make a video to share this with you!  It is too silly!  And I'm not complaining... I actually LOVE it!  And I do love my boys!!!  Music playing right now... AC/DC "Are you Ready?".... So... are you ready?

 These are some candles I picked up way back... wonderfully scented in pint jars.  I made the lids rusty... and this week used some scrap fabrics to make some symple wraps for them.  The brown is some vintage, corduroy... and the pumpkins some hand~dyed wool.  Just symple... 
 Using an old chenille bedspread & fabrics, vintage buttons, snaps, and wool threads to stitch the noses... some happy snowman face pillows...
 Some needlepunched Jack~O~Lantern buddies... These will be for the Primitive Handmades Mercantile update on Thursday  night (more photos & description then)...
 And a jolly, hooked Snowman... Check out that big ol' grin!
 What are you working on this weekend?  My house really needs a good cleaning... but  there are more things to craft too.  So... I'll be keeping busy... with ROCK music filling the house!

Wishing you warm smiles...


Friday, September 14, 2012

~*Friday Finishes*~

Hello Dear Friends & Happy Friday!!!
It has been a great day here so far... sunny with cooler temps, time for an estate sale & a garage sale, a little baking... and still lots of day left for some crafting!  Awesome!  I hope your day has been as well!
I do have a lovely ~*Friday Finish*~ to share with you.  This little ~*Wicked*~ finish is from Robin...
Isn't it just charming?  She stitched if from my ~*Wicked*~ Freebie.
Wonderful work, Robin!  Thank you for sharing!
There is some more fun I would like to share with you today.  Have you heard of the upcoming Wool Challenge Becky Jorgensen of Patchwork Posse has come up with.  Well, actually... I'm not sure she has posted it on her blog yet... but will be by Monday the 17th.  AND... I'm going to be a part of it!  More to come later...
Wishing you warm smiles...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

~*Mark Your Calendars!*~

Hi Dear friends! There is something really FUN coming up!!!

1st Annual Fabulous Finds On 99!!!  
September 21 & 22!

This is going to be an exciting event... to say the least!  Highway 99 cuts through the center (well, right of center in the eastern part, technically) of Kansas... north to south.  This event will stretch the whole path!  There will be fabulous, fun sales the whole way!  Antique Sales ~ Flea Markets ~ Garage Sales ~ Craft Sales... and other great goodies!  You won't want to miss it!

CLICK HERE to see  the Google Map!   Folks are still adding their sales to the map... and it just keeps growing and growing!

I plan to go do some shopping on Friday during the event... but on Saturday, I (along with my SIL and MIL) will be set up north of Emporia at The Orchard.  We will have our cool junk, antiques, collectibles, and handmades wares!  It would be great to see you!

Of course, our booth will be stocked at Ellie Lou's too... and she is right on 99!  Oh what great fun it is going to be!!!

Wishing you warm smiles,


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

~*Halloween Freebie!*~

Hello Dear Friends!  It seemed about time for me to put up another freebie... don't ya think?  So... here it is...

 ~*Halloween Freebie*~
© primitivebettys 2012

61 by 72 stitches... threads of your choice

Please be kind... and give credit for the design to me ~ Betty Dekat primitivebettys.  You are free to use the chart to make items for yourself, gifts, or small craft shows (including selling finished wares online)... but no mass production.  And PLEASE do not sell the pattern!

What will you be making from it?  You know I would LOVE to see it... and LOVE to share those finishes!  So send them to me via jpg~file & I will! 

Wishing you warm spooky smiles...


Sunday, September 9, 2012

~*What a FUN time!*~

Hello Dear Friends!  Oh goodness... it has been such a fun few days!  Where do I even begin to start... to tell you all about it?

Well... at the beginning, I guess!

On Friday, it was such a SUPER treat to see my sweet, Oklahoma buddies Ginger and PatiJane!  They were on the way to a hook~in in Warsaw, MO... and drove the long way from home through Kansas to get there.  They stopped by here to visit, see our booth, and have a bite for lunch.  I just LOVE these ladies!  They have hearts of gold and are the most amazing gals!  I feel especially blessed to know them and call them friends!  If I could wish for anything in life... it would be that I could be more like them.  Their character and personality is honestly like that of angels!

My SIL, Robin, and I had met at our booth Friday morning to re~arrange and add a shelf that Robin's husband made... that we desperately needed.  (Thank you Jimmy!)  Then, the two of us browsed the shops on Commercial Street in downtown Emporia.  We were anxiously waiting for the girls to show up.  They were suppose to text me when close.  When I couldn't wait anymore, I texted them... and found they were already at the booth looking & shopping!  Robin & I rushed back... and the smiles & laughter began!  

The girls didn't have to... but they gave gifts!

PatiJane made this for Trinity...
 This is so amazing!  Trinity thinks to too!  He named him "Bill Bones"... and I hung him on the front porch of the studio, because he would show up great against the red walls.
 I don't know how she did it... but he is made out of several milk/ice tea jugs & zip ties.  So much detail & neatness!!!!  Thank you PatiJane!  <3 br="br">
 Ginger painted this sweet snowman picture.  It has a ribbon hanger on on the back.  She is such an amazing artist!  She also gave me these two balls of dyed yarn.  I'm excited to punch something with it!  Thank you Ginger!   <3 font="font">

Our visit together was only a few hours, but we do hope to drive down to Oklahoma soon to visit more!

Saturday was the Great American Market in downtown Emporia.  I was up out of bed by 3:30am... and on the street by 4:45 to set up in the dark.  My family was there early to help too... (sweet MIL, Mary working at pricing things in the dark)
 The sun came up... and the friendly folks started walking up & down the street...
It was a great day!  I met up with friends... old & new.  I worked on needlepunch during the day to keep my fingers busy.  I love to share the art!  

We had a fun, busy day downtown.  I'm looking forward to doing it again next year.

We do have another market coming up before then though.  It will be on September 21st & 22nd... Fabulous Finds on 99!  This is going to be a spectacular event!  Mark your calendars... and don't miss it!

On Saturday during the market... we will be set up in front of The Orchard with a booth... offering our fun junk & handmade wares.  I'll keep you posted during the next couple of weeks with updates.

For now... I need to get busy catching up around home... it seems some laundry has piled up!  Some stitching needs to be done too!

Wishing you warm smiles...



Thursday, September 6, 2012


Hello Dear Friends!  

I've been busy preparing (stressing!) for the Great American Market... happening Saturday!  The day should be filled with so much excitement!  I'm looking forward to meeting friends... new and old!  And the weather forecast is superb!  It is going to be sunny and in the low 70s!  Awesome!  Come out this way if you can!

*** I will be set up on the "Lost" block... the 300 block of Commercial just south of the Car Show. ***

I have things gathered and most of it is ready to be boxed for the trip to town... some is still needing to be finished and some still needs price tags... but it is all coming together.

However, I am feeling like my hair is more frazzled than normal... and I'm catching myself doing one then and skipping without rhyme or reason to something else... stress does that to me.  So... I took a few minutes this morning to enjoy some calmness.  These are some things in the studio that I enjoy... simple little bits of things that bring me such sweet joy...

 Tomato pincushions... some vintage, some not...
 Lots of old canning jars filled with buttons, rusty jingle bells, and other odd trinkets...
 Rulers and more rulers.  When I find them in my auction boxes... I just put them the bucket.  Maybe someday I'll make something with them?
 These are canister jars that are missing their lids.  We have new neighbors re~doing the old, beaten down farmhouse next to us.  They have two delightful boys that are becoming best friends with Trinity.  The three boys were looking around in the cellar of the house & found these jars.  They all agreed to give them to me.  How sweet!  I washed them up... and put my wooden spools in them.  Perfect... and heart felt...
 These two pieces of White Ironstone are my very favorite.  I've tucked spools of ecru crochet threads in the pitcher... and sunflowers in the bowl.  The flat, hooked sunflowers are ones I made... but the other is one given to me by my dear friend Ginger...
 I'm not sure how this collection began... but I do own several hog scrapers... saved and ready to be made into make~dos...
 This old scale was a gift to me from my Mom.  In the red, wood bowl on top... several silver thimbles...
That is all the pictures I took... but I have more little collections of things that I think are sweet.  I'll share them another time.  Right now... time for me to get back at it!

Wishing you warm smiles...


Monday, September 3, 2012

~*A Quiet Holiday Afternoon*~

Hello Friends and Happy Labor Day!  We have enjoyed our holiday weekend... and my wishes are that all of you have as well.

Today has been a quiet day... and I've been working on quickies for the flea market.  I'll only have a couple of tables... and they should be full... with lots of things spread out on the sidewalk under them.  I've only shopped at this flea market in the past... so this is going to be an all~new~venture for me.  Hopefully it goes well... and I enjoy friends old and new during the day.

I'll be offering my vintage junk and antiques... and many of my handmades.

Here are a few things I've made this afternoon from my 'junk stash'...

Yup...more PINKEEPS!
 I've used a vintage quilt... that would be considered serious CUTTER~QUILT~QUALITY on some and vintage feed sack cloth on others.  They are filled them with woolly snippets.  I seem to find tiny dishes and fillable things in my sleep!  My favorite in the bunch?  Well, it would be the old, leather baby shoe!  *SMILE*

Then, while I was making them all... I remembered I had this old grater.  It was one I picked up long ago with the intentions of making myself a pinkeep... and today I did it!  Since taking the picture, it has been placed on my sewing table/desk... and filled with my pins & needles...
 You may remember me posting about making some of these before.  VISIT THIS POST to read about the materials & my how~to.  

Wishing you all warm smiles... and a wonderful holiday...


Saturday, September 1, 2012

~*What I Did Get Done*~

Hello Fine Friends!  Well sadly, I did not get my wares finished for the update last night on Early Work Mercantile... and that I truly find a bummer.  However, I did finish my challenge piece for Lori's (Notforgotten Farm)... ~*Top Hat Jack*~ challenge!
Wanna see?
 Lori provided the awesomely, handsome ~*Top Hat Jack*~ stitch pattern for free on her blog.  The challenge was for the finish.  She didn't want to see anything same~o same~o... her words "no pinkeeps, pillows or frames allowed!!!"
 I got to work stitching with the idea of making a sewing box similar to what Patti made in my earlier post.  But... if you know me... you know my mind often times wanders and what I start with isn't always what I finish with.  This is one example.  Honestly though... it was more of a time crunch.  I put the final stitch in the piece last night at about 7pm.  The deadline for the challenge was today.  I wanted Lori to have my finish no later than this morning.  So... I went digging through my 'junk' stuff and found this great old metal, first aid kit box.  It was the right size!  But... it was white... a little black spray paint could fix that.  I sprayed it very haphazardly... leaving a great 'smokey' finish... then glued the stitch to the front... and filled the inside with GOODIES!  And for some extra prim ZING, I dusted the stitch with ground cinnamon... oh~la~la...
 Lori will be posting all the challenge pieces she received today on her blog.  She is also going to post a poll... so folks can vote on the finishes.  Then one of us will win a great Autumn/Hallowe'en  goodie basket from NotForgottenFarm.  Cool!

I'm excited to see all the other finishes... I know they are going to be ~knock~your~socks~off COOL!

Please visit to see 'em and vote for the one you like best!  (and I'm not saying that has to be mine... because I know there are going to be some really GREAT ones!) Vote for your favorite!

Before I end this post... let me tell you about the goodies in my box.  
The darling orange pumpkin was made by my dear friend Lori of HomeSpunPrims.  I have tried to make some myself too, but hers are amazing!  She uses Styrofoam balls and drywall compound.  So cool!  

The wax wares were made by Kim of CabinCreekFarm... and even though I have had them for many years now... still smell AMAZING!

The pinkeep is one of mine... ~*Hallows Eve*~  ... :-)... the needlepunch pumpkins are some I made a few years back.  They are filled with whole cloves & smell yummy too!

Thanks for letting me share!  And... I'm on a stitchy roll... with my next Prim Sisters pattern ready to stitch... and the next shoolhouse sampler still in the works.

Wishing you all a great Saturday... filled with lots of warm smiles...


***** Editing to update you that Lori has the post up with the other entries... and the talent is amazing!  Please swing over to see 'em and cast your vote for your favorite!  CLICK HERE  *****