Monday, January 28, 2008

~*Yikes! I have been tagged again!*~

Yuppers..... it seems I have been tagged again. This time it was Lisa of ~

So.... here are five things about me...

1. In grade school, I was the kid that was always picked last when it was time to choose team members. I am not an athletic person. Maybe that is why I have been tagged again on my blog.... LOL

2. I am an avid American Idol watcher. It wasn't until the third season that I discovered the show, but now Trinity & I watch if faithfully. (Last year, he had tears in his eyes when Sanjia was voted off. Sanjia was not my pick to win.)

3. I have often wondered what a dinner party would be like if Steve Martin, Robin Williams, and Jim Carrey were invited. Surely everyone would be laughing too hard to eat!

4. My favorite movies are ~ 'What Dreams May Come' with Robin Williams and 'Forrest Gump' with Tom Hanks.

5. I was Captain of the Flag Team when I was in high school..... we even went to Dallas to march & perform in the Cotton Bowl parade. It was my 15 minutes (well, 2 maybe if even that) of fame to be on national TV!

Ok.... now to tag 5 others.....

How about ~

1. Terri of
2. Tammy of
3. Angie of
4. Sam of
5. Jo of


~* I found my Valentine! *~

I am so very pleased to announce, Laurie of ljfibers has won my Valentine Give Away! Thank you ~ each and every one of you ~ for signing up for your chance to win. It was great fun for me to see all the names for the drawing. Don't fret my friends, there will be more give aways. So, if you didn't win this time..... there will be other chances.

Trinity had fun helping Mom draw the winner. I printed off all the comments & put them in a bowl. Then he picked. He wanted to know all about Laurie. .Well, she is a fellow member of PRHG. I know she lives in Minnesota & owns a hooking store called LJ Fibers. When Trinity heard she lived in Minnesota.... he was so excited! My husband grew up there and is a big Minnesota Vikings fan. Being that football is something fathers and sons share.... Trinity's next comment was 'YA!! Go Vikings!!'.

Here is the link to Laurie's website.... you might want to go for a visit!

Smiles to you, Betty

Saturday, January 26, 2008

~*Will You Be My Valentine*~ Give Away Cont....

Hi Folks! Thank you ALL for the kind words & signing up for the give away! I am just elated that so many of you have put your name in the hat! Please continue to do so.... you have until Sunday night to sign up. I thought it would be a good idea to open up another post to leave more room for sign ups. Blogspot might limit the comment space....not sure, but I have heard it before. So.... if you still haven't signed up ~ do it here OR on the other post. Please only sign up once to give everyone a fair chance. Best of luck to you all!!!


Friday, January 25, 2008

~*Will You Be My Valentine?*~ Give Away!!

Happy early Valentine's Day to you! I am so joyful with all the love in my life... my husband, my kids, my extended family, and all my friends! My wish for you all...... that you have as much (maybe even more) love in your own lives!

As promised..... I have a Valentine offering for you! One of you will be getting a little bit more than everyone else.... but you are ALL getting a gift! Because all my friends mean the world to me ~ you all deserve something special!

You will all get to 'enter' your name in a Valentine drawing to have your chance to receive this..........


~*Included in the gift is....... 3 pieces of hand dyed (by me) red wool, a tin of Mrs. Fields Premium Assorted Chocolates (It is only a 2 oz. size ~ but I thought the tin was darling & I know the chocolate will be yummy!), and a sewing roll up made by yours truly.


The wool pieces are all about (not exactly) 13 by 14 inches. They are all over dyed on textured prints. Now.... you must know, I am not a professional dyer..... but I did my best! (All have been washed after the dye process with Orvus soap.) The colors in the pictures are showing up with a little more of a yellow cast than they actually have in person ~ they are not orange. Now, hopefully I can hold out & not open the tin of chocolates before they are placed in the mail!


I made the little sewing roll out of scraps from left over projects.... but I think it turned out as precious as precious can be! When open, it is about 3 by 9 inches. I have stitched the bird on linen with a lovely red floss. The fabrics used are reproductions Civil War era prints. The roll has been filled with various olde tyme notions ~ a few bone buttons, rusty safety and straight pins, and a couple old needles. I did some hand stitching around the entire piece with my favorite linen thread & attached a cotton string for the tie up. The scrap of fabric on the inside has been stitched on over a piece of cotton batting to add a little more stability & protection (so you don't get poked by the pins & needles!). Of course, I severely aged the entire piece with my walnut & spice mix. It does appear to have flecks of dirt on it..... but I assure you, this is only ground up cinnamon & cloves.

To sign up for your chance to receive this gift package in the mail (there is only one!)..... leave a comment on this post. You will have until Sunday night, midnight, to sign up. Please make sure I can contact you ~ either thru your blog or by email..... that way, if you are the winner of the drawing, I can get your address & mail out your gift next week. (Sorry, but this is only for US and Canada friends.) The winner will be announced here on my blog on Monday, January 28th, 2008.

Because you all deserve a gift....... this is for everyone .......

Freebie 3

A little doodle for you to enjoy! Hook it, punch it, penny rug it.... or do as you wish. Please be kind and give credit for the design to me, Betty Dekat/primitivebettys.

Ok..... enter now my friends! Hugs & smiles to you all....... Betty

(P.S. I forgot to mention.... the bird was stitched from a pattern in Lori Brechlin's Notforgotten Farm's.... Stitches in Tyme booklet. If you don't have it.... you might want to check it out. She gives some really wonderful ideas & instrucion in it!)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

~*I have been tagged!*~

Thank you Nutmeg... of The Magpie Nest. Well... I now have to come up with five things to tell you about myself & then tag five more of my friends that have not previously been tagged. So.... here goes...

1. I eat a bowl of oatmeal every morning for breakfast. Why? Because it is healthy (that is about as healthy as I get) and I think it tastes pretty good ~ if it has enough sugar on it! LOL

2. My love of olde things can be blamed (Is that the right word? It isn't bad!) on my Mother. I remember shopping with her in the antique stores way back when...... back when it really wasn't fun or cool..... but it grew on me. Thank you Mom for sharing this with me!

3. I get very grouchy when I have not done any of my hand-work for more than 24 hours! (My family knows this too well.... and urge me to 'work'!)

4. I NEVER throw wool or cotton away! Wool is too expensive to pitch..... even the tiny pieces of tails. I save all my fabric straps to use as pillow or pinkeep stuffing.

5. I can't hold a tune in a bucket.... but I love to sing in the car!

Now..... here is who I am going to tag!

1. Sarah of the Paisley Studio
2. Jean of Bluejeans n' Primitives
3. Tammy of Treasured Heirlooms
4. Sher of Old Crow Farm
5. April of April's Folk Art

BTW..... don't forget to stop by tomorrow for the Valentine give away!!! :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

~*Just a Quick Update for you*~

Before I begin.... thank you all for your kind compliments & orders regarding my cross stitch patterns. As of right now (Wednesday, Jan. 23rd just before noon) all orders have been placed in the mail and are on the way to you. For those that have asked, YES ~ I will be doing more. In fact, I have another model almost finished with many other ideas swimming around in my crazy skull!

I wanted to also tell you...... by Friday of this week...... I will have a finished ditty to offer you. There will only be one ~ so only one winner/receiver. Please come back to enter for a 'drawing' on Friday's post. This will be my Valentine offering that I have spoke of in earlier posts. So.... mark your calendars now & stop back by. You will only be able to sign up for the give~away for a short time........ more details to come!

Have a blessed Wednesday!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

~*NEW Counted Thread Designs are READY*~

My friends..... I am so delighted to offer these to you! I have four designs finished & available now...... with many dreams of creating MORE!

~*1836 Spring Tyme*~ Sampler

~*Affinity*~ Pinkeep Sampler

~*Two Birds*~ Needle Book Sampler

~*By My Hand*~ Needle Book Sampler

This is only the beginning! :) I still do have thoughts & ideas for more primitive needle punch patterns and more line drawings too. If only I didn't need to sleep now and then....

Follow the link on the left to see my offerings on eBay or search user id primitivebettys.

Have a great weekend!!!

Smiles to ya!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

~*Good Snow-filled Morning to you!*~

Good morning my friends! We had a little bit of snow last night & the temp right now is only 8 degrees. Burrrrrr that is cold! School started an hour late this morning. So, needless to say, I am an hour late today too.

I have been trying to stay awake a little later every night this week ~ working on finishing up those cross stitch patterns. So far, I have four patterns almost finished. Hopefully today will be the day to get the finishing details on them done... then off to the printers I go.

Just for fun, I started a new poll. For your rugs, needle point, cross stitch, or anything you do 'crafty-wise'..... which do you prefer. Pick your choice! It will be interesting to see.

Have a creative & smiley day!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

~*Another Sweet Friend's Creation*~

Sarah's Rug

I received an email from my buddy Sarah McNamara of hallowedhillprimitives on eBay. She was so sweet to share with me a rug she made from my 'give away' pattern Hearts Pair 1857.

She has it listed right now on eBay. Stop by and take a looksy!! She did such an awesome job on it. I love the deep, rich red. Of course, red IS my favorite color!

Sarah is a friend and fellow group member of PRHG and TheEA (both eBay groups).

If you didn't see the pattern given, you can find it on the post from December 31st, 2008..... or simply visit my picture trail for the special album of all my gifted patterns.

And YES, I am still working on a special Valentine's Day give away of something 'finished'. I am working too on the finishing touches of my first cross stitch pattern offerings. These patterns may be available for purchase as soon as the end of this week!

Friday, January 11, 2008

~*Willie Has Found Love*~

Hello my dear friends! Willie has found love! Some of you may remember my booklet 'Meet Willie The Perfect Sheep'..... well, here is my second gift to you. Willie has made a return to show off the fact he has round love ~ just in time for Valentine's Day too! (This is not a pattern from the book ~ it is a new drawing.)

Freebie 2

Yes, this pattern is for you to use with your favorite medium. Feel free to enlarge or reduce him to fit your needs. You are free to sell your finished pieces for fun or profit (no mass production please)... just give me credit for the design ~ Betty Dekat/primitivebettys. And ~ WHATEVER YOU DO ~ send me some pics of your work all finished so I can add them to the photo album in my picture trail. I LOVE to see your finished works!

I do still plan to offer a finished 'something' for Valentine's Day. This was a hectic week... with one day spent in bed with a frustrating headache. So... I am a little behind schedule. I do have big plans ahead for the next few weeks though..... they are exciting & I can't wait to fill you in! BUT.... you will have to wait just a few more days.

Please have a wonderful weekend! Be safe & create!!

Warm smiles to you,

Sunday, January 6, 2008

~*A beautiful Sunday Morning*~

It is a beautiful Sunday morning here on the prairie. We are warmer today than we have been in the past several weeks ~ the temperatures are forecasted to be near 60. The sun is shining and it almost feels like Spring. It is sure to be a wonderful day to be spent outdoors!

Days of late I have had a zest of creativity flowing through my veins. I have been working my fingers like mad ~ stitching, sewing, punching, and hooking! There are many deadlines that I am working to meet with Ebay group launches and The Primitive Gathering update (on January 15th!).... just to name a few. I also have many thoughts for more patterns to offer you ~ both for sale and for free here on my blog. Please keep watching.

The gift poll has ended. Thank you again to all who voted! I will be offering gifts to you based on the results. It looks as if most of you would like free patterns, but then many of you would also like a sampling of finished works. I vow to make good on my resolution.... this will be my year of giving! There will be another pattern offing to you by next weekend and I am thinking of giving a finished 'something' to one of you for Valentine's. Keep watching for more details about this. :)

I do have a couple of new offerings up on Ebay ~

~*Blue Bird Pinkeep *~ (adapted from a pattern by Sassafras Hill Primitives)


~*Redwork Birds*~ Cross Stitch Sampler Needle Book
(this one will be listed this evening)

Smiles for now! :) Betty

Friday, January 4, 2008

~* My year of giving has given back to me! *~

Thank you all for the kind words and the votes on my poll! (The poll closes soon, if you haven't voted yet - please do.)

My friend Lee Ann... aka woodneedleprimitives on Ebay... has already used my first gifted pattern! She has only been doing needle punch for a short time (this might only be her 2nd piece!)... but you can't tell that by looking! She did a wonderful job ~ didn't she?! I love the old, muted, & dirty looking colors ~ looks like a 'loved' olde rug. Great job Lee Ann!!

Lee Ann woodneedleprimitives

Here is the link to Lee Ann's listing on Ebay..... (sorry, I have yet to figure out how to put a clickable link for you)

There will be another pattern coming soon. Also.... keep watching for some finished hand~dids. Yes, I am going to be giving some away this year! Remember, I do love to see your finished pieces. I would enjoy displaying them here on my blog and will be adding them to my picture trail too.

Also, BLESTB is having our Heart Strings launch. Please stop by to see all our goodies! I currently have a needle book listed... but have another goody finished & waiting to be listed ~ it should be up by Sunday night for you all to see.


Smiles for now! Betty