Thursday, July 31, 2008

~*Web Time Updates Again!*~

Hello Friends! My offerings for the 1st of the month are finsihed & ready for viewing if you would like to pop over to take a look....

Lemon Poppy Seeds


The Primitive Gathering

I really must be ready for Fall.... cooler weather, natures color changes, and lots of pumpkins! This weekend is suppose to be the warmest... or should I say HOTTEST... here, so far this year. The forecasters are predicting a heat advisory.... something I'm not looking forward to. I'm sure we will enjoy lots of AC & swimming while drinking tons of water.

May you all enjoy the best of the bestest this weekend.... with many many many smiles!

~ Betty

Sunday, July 27, 2008

~*Online Yard Sale!*~

Now friends, don't we all just LOVE a good yard sale? My buddy, BJ of Daughternature Primitive Folk Art, is having one on her website right now. She has some really GREAT prim making items.... click here to find the bargains!

I do hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! I've been hanging with the family today, but do plan on creating up a storm! I've been invited to be a guest artist for a really cool antique store in Topeka. (I'll give more details about the show closer to the time.)

Many warm smiles to you!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

~*Kreativ Blogger Award*~

Hi Friends! My blog has been given an award! My friend Marianne of Stitching, tea, and me.... also known as Midnightstitching, gave me the award. WOW! Isn't that sweet?!

The award comes with instructions...

1. The winner may put the logo on her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

It is tough naming only five blogs.... but here they are ~

1. Ginger, of Primitives by the Light of the Moon

2. Patti, of Winding Vine Wanderings

3. Beth, of The Twist Family

4. Julie, of Plumruncreek

5. Kelley, of With Hook and Needle

I'm off to give these five ladies their award! Have a blessed weekend!


Friday, July 25, 2008


Hello Dear friends! Yes, it is true.... I've been working frantically to meet my deadlines. The 25th of each month is when my first update info is due. That is the day I would LIKE to have at least 4 finished items.... then there are more deadlines throughout the following week.... plus all the other finished goodies & patterns that I want/need to have done. Anyway, (enough complaining... right?) here is how I've been making the best of my time during the busy Summer days....

While the boys (my Trinity, my Nephew, and Trinity's best friend) played wildly in the pool (not a safe place for Mom, that is for sure!) LOL ....

I set up my workstation on the swing in the backyard.... (have to keep one eye on lil' rascals at all times, of course)....

Even though the temperature here have been near 100 degrees the past few days.... there has been a nice cool breeze. The swing sits under two large elm trees.... lots of cozy shade.

I was able to make my deadline today! YIPPEE! Want a little sneak peek?

That is all I can show you or tell you about right now. Please check The Primitive Gathering on August 1st!

Have a blessed weekend with lots of fun & smiles!

~ Betty

~*Is Average Good?*~


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

I do really love my husband.... but guess I could do more. tee hee He really does need some of those Apple Fritters!

Hello Friends! I've been working furiously on some ditties for upcoming updates.... for both The Primitive Gathering and Lemon Poppy Seeds. It would be fun to offer up something on Ebay too. Oh, and YES, I do have some new cross stitch patterns in the works.... they just need some 'finishing' details first. hummmmm...... I should probably get back to work. I'll try to update my blog soon ~ maybe even with a sneak preview or two.

Have a Sunny & Smiley Day!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

~*Delicious Yellow Apples!*~

Hello Dear Friends! Do you remember a few posts back, I was telling you about my darling hubby trying to save our apple tree? Or at least the apples on the tree? Well, he did it!

(my photo doesn't show the real appeal these apples have)

We thought a couple weeks ago that the apples were not that good. When sampling some of them at the time, they were sweet.... but really soft. However, this past weekend my darling hubby decided to try again. He must have eaten a dozen of them (they are pretty tiny) before he shared the news with me that they were ripe and delicious! We quickly picked what we could reach & filled up a couple large bowls. We shared some with family.... but I have been baking with the rest of them. We had Apple Crisp with vanilla ice cream Sunday night for dessert.

My friend Marianne shared a recipe for Fried Apple Rings with me. I really wanted to give them a try.... but after several days of heat, kids, and more kids.... I was feeling lazy ~ or just worn out. Because I couldn't get them off mind mind though (have I told you I REALLY have a sweet tooth?), I had to make something. So, I decided to make Apple Fritters. Kind of the same thing? Right? I found this recipe in an old Bisquick cookbook & thought I would give it a try.

~*Apples Fritters*~

2 cups Bisquick
2/3 cup milk
1 egg
2 cups peeled/cut apples

Mix Bisquick, milk, egg until well blended. Stir in apples. Drop by small teaspoonfuls into deep hot fat (360 to 375 degrees). Turn and fry until golden brown on both sides. Drain on absorbent paper. Serve hot with syrup or confectioners' sugar. Makes about 2 dozen.


I made these this afternoon with Trinity and my nephew, Eric, as my taste testers. I rolled half in confectioners' sugar and the other half in a mix of cinnamon & sugar (like Marianne's recipe had called for). The boys were excited and ate quite a few.... liking the confectioners' sugar better. I favored the cinnamon & sugar. It would have been GREAT to get a picture of boys during the taste testing, or at least of the fritters.... but it all happened too fast.... they were gone in a FLASH! LOL The fritters were really YUMMY! (A plate full did go home with Eric so he could share with his Mom & Dad) They made me think of a funnel cake (which I haven't had in years!) with apples. And, I got to thinking, I don't think I have ever had FRESH apple fritters before. Yes, I know they are a little on the fattening side (just a little! LOL).... but I will be making these again once in awhile. I feel bad, my dear hubby was at work when I made them & he didn't get to enjoy any of them. Maybe I will make up another batch tomorrow before he heads off to work. ???????

Many smiles,


Friday, July 18, 2008

~*Make It Do ~ Or Do Without*~

Hello Dear Friends! Yes, our parents & grandparents were RIGHT ON when they told us this! "Make it do or do without" is something good to learn..... especially in this day of rising gas & everything prices.

As many of you know, I live in a small town near a not-so-big college 'city'. We have a small mall & discount store close to home, but nowhere near here can I buy embroidery floss. The one store that did sell it... stopped several months ago. So now when I need a particular color of floss, I have to drive an hour away. That isn't so terrible as I'm in that area every other week. BUT, I've noticed too that the price of floss at those stores has gone up. It could be because everything is going up.... or it could be because they also know that the large discount store is no longer stocking it. Whatever the case may be.... it was/is due time for a change.

My good buddy, Ginger, was so kind to share the instructions for over~dyeing floss on her blog.... Primitives By The Light of the Moon that I was truly inspired! (Thank you Ginger!) I had to give it a try. Thus began my hunt for 'cheaper' floss..... starting with online auction listings. I also went through my own stock of floss to pull out the 'brights'.

I didn't have any commercial dye other than the dyes I use for wool. Not knowing if they would be good on cotton or not, I choose not to use them. Yes, I could have just made a quick trip to the discount store (and use more gas).... but I thought I would try my walnut crystals first. It worked!

Here is how my kitchen table looks right now....

The floss is still wet, but the colors are so much more to my liking. Would you believe these colors were once pinks, baby blues, yellows, 'Christmas' greens, and purples (for the most part)? WOW! Right?

My kind Brother-in-law gave me a box of vintage, wooden spools found in his Dad's barn. (Thank you Jimmy!) I've cleaned them up & plan to wind the floss onto them. Yes, that will be a chore..... but so worth it!

Now... it looks like I've got enough floss to last awhile. Guess it is time to get to punchin' or stitchin'. Oh.... I hope the cat can stay off the table until I get this all put away! LOL

Many smiles to you,


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

~*Ladybug Fun*~

Hello Dear Friends! We went to an estate auction (ALWAYS FUN!) last weekend. There really wasn't a lot there that I was interested in, but I did pick up this fun sprinkler. I've seen these in stores & always thought they were charming.... didn't want to spend the money on them though because they weren't really in the budget. I won the bid at the auction for much less than buying new.... great time to pick one up! This one makes me think of my Mom. My step-Dad has always called her June Bug ~ because her name is June, of course. Mom has never minded the nickname. However, I don't think she really likes june bugs. Mom has always had a crafty hand & on many of her completed works, has added a little, red Ladybug with black spots along with her signature or initials. Cute huh? (so is my Mom)

Here is the new sprinkler in action.... in the garden Mom designed for us in the front of our house.... it swirls & twirls!

Now, I'm thinking a chairpad or two..... or maybe a small round pinkeep set inside a vintage canning jar lid..... what are you thinking? :)

Have a day full of smiles!

:) Betty

Monday, July 14, 2008

~*ODD Rugs*~

(This is Kelley's inspiration rug for the challenge.) :)

Please visit ODD Challenge Blog to see & cast your vote! Kelley of With Hook and Needle hosted an awesome challenge for the hookers of PRHG. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete my rug..... but I did LOVE being part of the fun!


~*What a Delight!*~

Hello My Dear Friends! I just have to show this off! My buddy Beth made this from my freebie doodle, Independence Crow! She always does such delightful work. She needle punched the front of the pinkeep... but then did a lil' cross stitch on the back.....

She told me she does plan on listing it on Ebay soon.... but it isn't there yet. Her seller id is heartstringprimitives. Beth also has a very sweet blog.... and a couple of REALLY sweet kids.... The Twist Family.

It has been a weekend of playing catch up.... after our visit in Oklahoma. Dad is doing well, but still has a long road of healing ahead of him. Your continued prayers on his behalf are GREATLY appreciated. Thank you! I've started laundry and tried to clean the house (but just a little)... weeded the big flower bed in the front & have plans to bake a peach cobbler with some sweet peaches from my mother-in-law. YUMMY! My body is aching to create ~ so hopefully I can pull out a needle before the day is over. Oh... and it is getting to be time for another freebie doodle too.... watch for it in the next couple of days.... whatever it may be. ;)

Many warm smiles to you..... Betty

Monday, July 7, 2008

~*Did You Have a Wonderful Forth?*~

I'm sure hoping you did! We had a very full weekend ~ with lots of fun & sunshine & fireworks!

We had a GREAT time watching the annual parade held in my Mom's neighborhood. Apparently Trinity was too busy watching all the exciting passer~byes to smile for the camera! LOL

Oh, and did you hear? There is a new presidential candidate in the running! It is none other than my beautiful niece Emma! She would appreciate your vote! LOL

Trinity & I are headed to Oklahoma for a visit with my Dad (my beloved hubby has to work). Dad begins radiation today. I've got plans to take some cross stitch projects with me, but will be enjoying the visit with family. There is always lots to see & do on the mountain. My camera will be at hand & I'll post up some pics when we return.

Many warm & sunny smiles your way!


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

~*Time to Share Some Fun*~

Hello Friends! I would like to share some of my exciting adventures from this past weekend with you!

My sister-in-law, Robin, invited me to go with her to visit Toad Hollow Daylily Farm this past Saturday morning. It is not far from where we both live & was a beautiful morning to attend. Not only was it the annual Daylily Tour... but the weather was nice. It had rained the night before & was still sprinkling some... making the temperature manageable & the sun so it wasn't beating down on us. The gardens are just jaw~dropping STUNNING. If you are ever in the area, you should stop by! If it is too far for you to travel to... stop by the website to visit the slide show. You will see what I mean about jaw~dropping!

Besides the beautiful gardens, we spotted many unique, handmade pots. We were given a brief explanation of how they were made & wanted to learn more about them. .....more on the pots to follow..... gotta tell you about the rest of the day first.

After the tour, we headed off to a local estate auction. There we met up with her boyfriend & examined all the treasures to be won. Oh..... I do just LOVE those estate auctions! I have been trying to budget myself lately and not spend too much extra money.... so I was tickled PINK to fill up my car for only $28 ~ granted that is full of 'treasures' not gasoline.... but I did get to spend the whole day entertained with family and fun! My winnings consisted of a 5x7 wool, area rug (it is free of stains & doesn't smell) that will find a home in my future studio; a vintage, wood bowl & a couple old pottery bowls; a vintage floor lamp (another treasure for my studio once the dear hubby rewires it for me); and my PRIZE of the day...... a wooden firkin! I have been wanting a firkin for some time now ~ not for any particular reason.... just wanted one. It is missing the lid, but that made no difference to me.......

The firkin is about 9 inches tall, plus the handle, and 10 inches wide at its base. I thought it would be a good spot for some rolled up wool or dried flowers..... when I find the time to do it.

After I got home for the day..... I began my research on those handmade pots. I discovered the name ~ Hypertufa. This apparently isn't a 'new' process. Hypertufa troughs have been made for a great many years.... originating in the Orient, but becoming very popular in the 1920's on English farms. During my research, I found many recipes. Sunday, Tony took me to the home store to get the items needed. (he is a sweetie!)

Sunday afternoon, Robin came over so we could make some mud pies.....

We discovered that this is a learning process..... and weren't 100% happy with our results, but it was fun & we do want to try it again. Here is what the pots looks like while drying.....

I don't have a picture yet of how they look now.... but will plant at least one up to show later.

Well, that about covers the weekend...... until next time.... many smiles to you,


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

~*1st of the Month Updates are Ready*~

Hello my Dear Friends! I have been pleasantly BUSY the past few days putting the finishing touches on MANY ditties..... items for updates on The Primitive Gathering and Lemon Poppy Seeds..... PLUS!..... I have added a couple more ditties to Ebay too!

Oh.... I have some really fun things to share with you from this past weekend.... but, because I've been on this computer for the past SEVERAL hours, I really need to get away to water the flowers & do a little house cleaning. I promise to post up the fun & share lots of photos soon.

Until then.... many warm smiles your way!