Friday, October 31, 2008

~*Happy Halloween*~

A SPOOKY hello to you, my dear prim friends! I'm wishing you all a fun & safe Halloween.... may you reap loads of treats with not too many tricks!

Trinity and I will be headed out for 'trick or treating' tonight with family & friends. We are going with a huge bunch around our small town... riding on a hay ride between stops. It should be a wonderful time for sure. I'll take some photos along the way if my camera cooperates.

Lemon Poppy Seeds is due for a monthly update tonight. I PROMISE to have it loaded up with a few goodies before I head off to bed tonight. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of one offering....

I made this lil' needle punch from a design given to my by my buddy, Kelley of With Hook and Needle...... or better known as kanknchester.

For now... I've got to get a move on.... too much to do in such a busy day.

Enjoy all your goblins tonight with tons of smiles & grins.... maybe add a few scares for fun too!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

~*Another Freebie Finish*~

Well... finished on the stitching anyway.

Sherry of Inhale Life! left a comment on my earlier post telling me she had just finished stitching one of my freebies. I didn't waste any time popping over to her blog to see it. I just LOVE the warm, rich colors she used. It is so Fallish! Thanks for letting us see it, Sherry. It is lovely! I'm curious to see the 'finish' part of this ditty too. Maybe a little pillow?


I'm still in the wondering mood.... I did clean a little & took that nap, but not sure what I'm doing next. I'm guessing it is more laundry though... but still wanting to stitch, hook, punch, or sew!!

More smiles to ya...


~*Wonders Of Wednesday*~

Hello Friends! Yup.... I'm full of wonders today. I'm wondering most of all where the week has gone! Is it half gone or has it half begun? Is that the proper way to say it... you know, proper grammer and all? Oh well, either it is or it isn't... today is still Wednesday and I still need to get some things (MANY things) accomplished. However, I do have some happy news to report! I'm very proud to announce that I have completed my UFO Challenge rug!

Ta da......

Let me first say, I purchased this pattern, Fracktur Peacock & Tulip, from Maria Barton of Star Rug Company. Maria has many wonderful designs and is a wealth of information. She has been published in Rug Hooking Magazine numerous times with many uniquely, creative patterns... including her whimsical, Iggy. If you aren't familiar with Maria... you should get to know her stuff. She is one talented cookie! Maria has a blog too.... Star Rug Company.

I choose this pattern for a few reasons.... I liked it and it looked like a challenge for me. I normally hook very simple. Yes, this is still a simple rug, but the 'pinwheel' flower has much more detail than I am accustomed to. So...... therefore, t'was a challenge. The flower actually hooked up easier than I had expected it to & I am happy with the results. When I look at Maria's model next to mine though... I much prefer her background. It has much more texture and movement than mine. Every rug is a learning process for me... and I know I still have more to learn. That is okay.... this rug will be displayed proudly in our hall. I have a spot on the wall to hang it.

So, as for today.... the wonders will continue... I wonder what will be on my agenda. Will I be cleaning, cross stitching, hooking, doodling, needle punching, cooking, napping.... or all of the above? Hummmm... guess I'll just have to see.

Please keep a watchin' though.... I do have some things worked up in my lil' brain and hope to bring them to you very soon.

Have a happy day with many smiles!

Monday, October 27, 2008

~*A Merry Monday*~

Hello Friends! I found another ditty to share with you.....

This wonderful rug was hooked by Tammy of Skip To My Ewe. She used my freebie, ~*Boo Jack*~. I'm just so tickled with it! Isn't it wonderful>! Thank you, Tammy, for workin' with my doodle! :)

It is a cool, crisp Monday here. The temperature when I woke up was 32 lovely degrees. The weather guy said it felt like 22. He was right... it was pretty chilly waiting for Trinity's school bus this morning. I've been spending the day inside working on a rug for a UFO Challenge hosted by my buddy, Kelley, of With Hook and Needle. The deadline for the challenge is this Friday. I think I can make it!

You know, Kelley is always putting up sweet photos of her kitty babies on her blog. This afternoon I noticed Sarah was in her new, favorite spot and thought I would share. She really seems to enjoy laying in this basket of woolly worms.....

Sarah was nice enough to look up at me for the photo shoot. It didn't take her long to curl back up & go back to sleep though.

Have a merry Monday with many smiles!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

~*Just Listed on Ebay*~

Hi Friends! It has been a busy weekend thus far.... and it is only Saturday afternoon! But, I'm happy to report... it is a busy FUN weekend! I've been working with my hands and enjoying every minute of it! I hope you are too!

I've just finished & listed this on Ebay...

Click Here to Visit the Offering or search primitivebettys.

My workroom looks like a tornado has hit it... but the pieces are still a' flyin'!

Enjoy your day with fun & smiles!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

~*T's A Working Wednesday*~

Yuppers... Friends, it most surely is! There are updates due very soon for both The Primitive Gathering and Lemon Poppy Seeds. Tell me... why do I get down to the wire every month and feel such a rush to get things done? Maybe it is normal, but goodness! I also wanted to keep at least one ditty offering on Ebay at all times and I'm really slacking there too.

So, today I have oodles beyond oodles to work on ~ cross stitching, needle punching, rug hooking, and prairie dolly making. Guess I shouldn't be on the computer then - huh?

Well, I have a really good reason to be posting right now. My good buddy, Ginger gave me this award....

How sweet is that? Thank you, Ginger! I'm touched!

As with most other awards... there are rules to pass it along. So here are the six that I'm gonna pick this time.... (you know it is always hard to narrow it down!)

Sher of Old Crow Farm Check out her front porch!

Laurie of Prairie's Edge Primitives Have you seen her hooked corn?

Marte of Boggy Creek Primitives She has been a punchin' fool lately!

Debbie of Woolensails I've been drooling over her newly re-done workroom!

Robin of Bird In The Hand Primitives I'm so envious of her trip to Lancaster, PA!

and lastly...

Beth of The Twist Family She has two of the most beautiful children ever & lives the American dream!

Ok... guess I should get to work.

Many smiles to ya!

Friday, October 17, 2008

~*Life With a Six Year Old*~

Hello Dear Friends! Days of late, I have been struggling to get any finishes done. I've got numerous projects in different states of completion.... and oh so many promises to fulfill. T's the way of life I suppose.

One of the reasons (I can't really use this as an excuse), is that Trinity does still take up a big chuck of my time.... but he deserves every minute available! He is growing up so fast! The night before last, his bedtime story was ....

I'm pretty sure this book belongs to one of the older boys, either Jamie or Craig. They were Turtle followers in their younger years (maybe still are!). Because Trinity likes anything that the big boys like... well, this is one of his favorite books. When we finished reading it the other night, Trinity spotted the recipe on the back page....

Oh how he wanted to make them! So, yesterday, when he got home from school.... I told him if his room was cleaned Spotless.... he could make them. Of course a six year old can't clean his room spotless without Mom's help. We managed though... with not too much fuss. Then, he set out to make us dinner.

We made a few alterations to the recipe.... using pizza sauce in place of tomato sauce & added come Canadian bacon. You know, they weren't too bad. Trinity ate two himself!

He was very proud of his accomplishment...

We had a very fun evening. His bedtime story last night? Well, we started a Junie B. Jones book ~ Boss of Lunch. Humm.... I wonder if Junie B. has recipes?


I have received a few more emails with finishes to share!

This first one was done by Lisa of Black Sheep Prims Homeplace. Lisa had seen Rondell's finish & wanted one of her own. Wonderful work, Lisa!

Then, I also received this one from Cristie Nixon. This isn't from one of my freebie patterns. It was made from ~*Punkin and Holly*~, a needle punch dolly pattern. It looks like she has the dolly framed - so maybe she isn't finished off into a doll. But what I thought was most DARLING.... look at the lil' charms hanging from her hand! Beyond CUTE!

Thank you, Ladies, for sharing!

Ok.... like I said earlier.... I have finishes to be finished. I had better get to it.

Have a blessed day with many warm smiles!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

~*More to Share!*~

Hi Buddies! Yup, another great ditty has been brought to my attention! This pillow was made by Pam of BASKETSNPRIMS. This is yet another darling, prim finish. I cannot tell you all enough... I LOVE TO SEE THINGS MADE FROM MY DOODLES! I'M JUST TICKLED PINK EACH AND EVERY TIME I SEE ONE! REALLY!!!! Pam said she found my blog & doodles through Rondell of Tomatoe Creek Prims. She isn't the first to tell me that either. I think Rondell needs a big hug, pat on the back, and huge SMILE of Thanks! :)

Thank you for sharing your finished pillow, Pam. It is charming!

Warm smiles,

~*Another Ditty to Share*~

Hello Friends! This was kindly shared with me last night... so I, of course, had to share with all of you!

This lil' ditty was stitched up by Krissie of W*I*N*T*E*R*W*O*O*D. Reading up on Krissie's blog, it sounds like she is just getting back into the stitching-mode & is happy she is. I really love how this piece turned out, but especially like the framing. Wonderful Krissie! Thank you for sharing!

Many smiles,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

~*Falling Leaves*~ Freebie Doodle

Hello My Friends! I thought it was due time for another doodle. With the coolness in the air and the shorter days.... Autumn is upon us. We are seeing more and more leaves in our yard & tripping over acorns and walnuts. When Tony got home from work last night, he spotted about six deer in the yard. They were enjoying the acorns and what was left of the grapes. It must have been a sight to see... but once they spotted him, they ran off to the soybean field.

Enjoy the doodle. Remember, I LOVE to see finished ditties & am always happy to post them here and share with all.

Many warm smiles,


Saturday, October 11, 2008

~*~Saturday SWEETS~*~

Hello Dear Friends! So... maybe these aren't the sugary kind of sweets... but SWEETS they are....

(okay... maybe this one is sweet)

These are pictures that I took today at Judy Cripps' monthly hook in. She so graciously opens her door once a month, serves breakfast, provides dessert at lunch... and lets us all drool over her hooked rugs, wool, and warmly decorated home. There are somewhere between 20 - 30 hookers there each time. Everyone is so friendly & talented.... just makes for an awesome day! My dear sister-in-law, Robin, drove this time. (Thank you Robin!) It is always nice to see beloved buddies... Sher, JoJo, and others! I think we all really enjoyed each and every minute of the day!

The two rugs above are a couple my camera would let me snap (may be time for a new digital camera before too long, but that is a whole other story). Would you believe, these are both on the floor in her entry?! Judy has more rugs throughout her home & doesn't hesitate to let folks walk on them. I guess, after all, that IS what they are for.

To see more of Judy's work & patterns... visit her website HERE. She has an events calendar on her site too... maybe you can meet up with her sometime.

Now for more Saturday SWEETS....

This is my lil' sister, Angie's, house. Angie has her cute LITTLE house all decorated up for her neighborhood's Fall home tour. She calls this her 'Champagne Cottage'. A cottage it is for sure! It is only about 900 square feet (maybe even less)... but just cute as a button!

Here is my niece, Emma's 'princess bed'....

My Mom painted this on the other wall in her room....

There are fresh flowers, carved pumpkins, candles, even a few glasses of bubbly to set the mood. It is a very sweet lil' house.

Okay friends... after a day of fun & SWEETS.... t'is time for me to head off to lounge.

Many warm smiles to you...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

~*More Needle Punch*~

Hello Friends! Another needle punch ditty.....

(Listed on Ebay if you would like to see.)

I really enjoy to work 'dimensional' with my needle punch. I'm hoping to make up some more lil' sheep like those that I offered last year. For now... I'm trying to meet deadlines & fulfill promises and obligations. I've got cross stitch models in process along with a couple of hooked rugs. Oh... do I need to work quicker.... t'is the story of my life I suppose.

Well, on that note, back to work....

Many warm smiles to you,


Monday, October 6, 2008

~*I've Been a Punchin'*~

Hello Buddies! Yup.... t'is true... I've been a punchin'! There are, of course, a hundred and one other things I shoulda, coulda, need ta... work on... but this is a start of what will hopefully be, a very productive week.

~*Angel Kitty*~ will be listed on Ebay tonight....

Click Here or search seller id ~ primitivebettys to view the listing.

Ok.... gotta get back to workin'. Many warm smiles to you!


Friday, October 3, 2008

~*Friday Feline Fun*~

Hello Friends! Today is a cool, Fall day. The windows are open to let in the nice, crisp air. While sitting in the living room, we noticed Tommy (one of our lovable outdoor kitties) peeking in....

What do you think HE is thinking?

Oh no.... here comes Sarah in STEATH-MODE.....

She MUST investigate .... there may be an intruder...

You KNOW Sarah is thinking ~ "Oh... how DARE he try to get into MY home! That lil' BRAT!"

You just gotta love 'em!

Many smiles....