Wednesday, December 31, 2008

~*Happy New Year!*~

Happy New Year to you dear friends! May *2009* bring you all love, joy, happiness, wellness, and peace!

My beloved hubby has to work tonight and my dear stepsons are at home in their apartment... so Trinity and I are living it up tonight! We have made some party hats and posed for the camera (couldn't find the timer on that thing!)... supper is cooking *pork chops and fried potatoes*... then later we have a cuddle date on the sofa to watch Shrek. While I'm sure neither of us will make it until midnight before dozing off into Slumber Land, I'm sure we will have a fun & entertaining evening.

New Year's Blessings to you all.... with many warm smiles!

~ Betty

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

~*TIME to Share*~

Hello Friends! The New Year is not too many hours away... it is ~*Time*~ to share another freebie finish!

This fabulous finish was stitched by Patti of Winding Vine Wanderings. I think it is just so sweet with the ribbon hanger & olde key. You all KNOW how I love olde keys! Thank you for sharing Patti! I love your works!

Folks, please keep sending me finishes. I do love to see them & show them off.

I've been busy with the kiddo during Winter Break... but I have been punching too. My needle was pretty dusty from what seemed like months of neglect! There will be some new offerings on Lemon Poppy Seeds on the first. Please keep an eye out!

Many warm smiles to ya....


Monday, December 29, 2008

~*More Christmas Presents to Share*~

Hello Friends! It appears my camera batteries were snagged & used for some rc car racing over the weekend. That is why the camera wouldn't work. Oh well, the boys were having fun! I have the batteries recharged now & am able to share some more goodies.

This plate was made by my soon-to-be Daughter-in-Law, Kristy...(my oldest stepson is getting married in May). She used my freebie ~*Christmas Kitty*~ to laser etch on this glass plate. Her Dad owns Flinthills Laser Expressions and makes some really remarkable items... out of marble, glass, and wood. You should have heard me when I opened this gift! I was so excited! This plate will be great to offer cookies or cheese & crackers at an Open House someday! Thank you Kristy!

These next two gifts were given to me by my dear, Sister-in-Law, Robin. Robin just started hooking and punching this past year. It is so wonderful to have her to share crafting time, ideas, and thoughts with! She is so super talented too!!!

She used my ~*Ladybug*~ doodle to punch up a top for this cute, little wooden box. Ladybugs are thought to bring good luck... so I'll have to store some up in my new box! Isn't it sweet?

This isn't from one of my patterns... but it was made using my banner. (The banner was created by Linda Pinda.) Robin had this wooden bowl sitting on her kitchen counter when I visited her one day. I commented on how cool it was ~ carved out of a single piece of wood with some bark remaining on the sides. You can imagine my surprise when I opened this gift & saw my banner Mod Podged in it! It is a great place for me to store my woolly scraps while I hook. (I save all my wool scraps & use them to stuff pillows.)

This gift isn't from anything I've created... but may be used ~ or partially used ~ later on. My darling hubby went antique shopping on three separate days to find gifts for me. (Yes, he is super sweet!). This was my 'largest' gift...

This old, glass bottle is over 2 feet tall & probably 10 inches in diameter. It is filled with TONS of buttons! How many? Well, I don't know yet... haven't counted. Hummm.... maybe I should think of doing a poll or contest to calculate the number of buttons! LOL (really though... maybe I will!)

Well, I suppose I've posted enough of my Christmas gifts... for now anyway. I really do feel blessed to have such great friends & family members. Thank you all for your kindness, generosity, and love.

'Til next time.... many warm smiles your way!

~ Betty

Sunday, December 28, 2008

~*Christmas Presents*~

Hello Dear Friends! I hope you all had a marvelous Christmas & shared many loving moments with friends and family!

I have been generously blessed to receive many wonderful gifts this holiday. Some of the most precious to me are those made from my freebie patterns! I still have several photos to take, but my camera battery isn't functioning as it should ~ pesky thing! Anyway, over the next few days, I'll post them all up so you can see.

This is one that has already been photographed...

I was tickled to receive a package on the front porch, post marked from CT, on Christmas Eve. This wonderful ditty was tucked inside! My buddy, Chris...mysticalprimitives on Ebay ... needle punched ~*Christmas Kitty*~ and sent it to ME! WOW! She punched it large too... 7 by 8 inches! She finished it by backing it with a gray wool and stitched some woolly yarn around the edge. It is just so sweet! As if that wasn't enough... she also gifted me a sweet little White Ironstone plate. It looks as if it may be a salt dish or part of an olde tea set. I put it away in the little shadow box in my new spare room. Thank you Chris!

There will be more photos coming soon to share all my handmade treasures... once my camera is back up & running. Please keep watching!

Until then, many warm smiles to you all!

~ Betty

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

~* Isn't She Quick?*~

Hello Friends! Ginger is one speedy gal! She hasn't cross stitched in a while, but she sure does have some speed! She is already finished with the ~*Time*~ freebie I offered just the other day... yesterday was it?

Sweet stitching & finish Miss Ginger! :)

Thank you for playing with my design & sharing your finish!



~* Merry Christmas*~

Warm Blessings and Holiday Wishes to you all! Please be safe in your travels and enjoy your friends and families.

~ Betty ~

Monday, December 22, 2008

~*Another Freebie & Sharing!*~

Hello Friends! With Christmas so very close.... means New Year's is just around the corner. I suppose some are thinking of their New Years resolutions & maybe some are not. One thing I know I'm thinking of is 'Time'. It seems the older I get the more I wish there was more of it... normal huh? I can remember some childhood moments like they were yesterday & some that are fuzzy. Were they really so far away? I think of how Trinity has grown and smile with thoughts of how tiny he once was... but am very proud of the young boy he has become. Times with family and friends are so very cherished and close to my heart.

I thought this would stitch up into a sweet little, cupboard hanger. Enjoy....

58 by 32 stitches

My good buddy Ginger posted this finish on her blog. Isn't it sweet? She did the blackwork using my ~*Christmas Kitty*~ freebie. Awesome job Ginger!

I've got to get my Christmas wrapping finished & then do some baking. We have to have cookies for Santa!

Many warm smiles to you...


Friday, December 19, 2008

~*Spare Room ReDo*~

Hello Dear Friends! This Friday is going to be frenzied! No doubt about it! With Christmas less than a week away, there is still so much to get done! I still have some presents to buy and presents that I want to finish making. Plus, there is still gift wrapping and baking and food shopping and, and, and, and.... Well, you get the point. Many of you are probably feeling the same!

Part of my stress has been caused ~ or maybe this was a stress reliever? ~ because I decided to redo our spare room and actually make a spare bedroom out of it! This room was once my 'craft' room. It actually is the third bedroom, but it was filled with my computer desk, work table, shelves and more shelves... plus fabric, floss, boxes, and just whatever would fit! The floor could barely be seen it was so loaded with 'stuff'. Truth be told, you probably wouldn't want to see the floor anyway because the carpet was 40 years old!

It wasn't in the budget to get new carpet, but I did do some floor work. Our home is not filled with beautiful hardwood floors. Ripping up the carpet simply exposed the partical board, subfloor. But, with my SILs suggestion.... I primmed it up with paint! (Thank you Robin for the suggestion!)

This is a photo of what the room looked like as I was moving out...

Here is what the room looks like now.... there is still some work to be done with a little more furniture moved in & many more knick~knacks displayed.....

I'm so proud of this bed. I bought it myself, when I was just 16, at an antique store. You should have seen the look on my Mom's face when I came home telling her of my layaway purchase at the local antique store! It was price-less! Then even more so when she saw the bed!

My sweet Mom gave me many of the pillows and the beautiful crochet bed cover. The doll is one of my garage sale treasures. She was only a couple of dollars.

The curtains were an auction win for only $3. I wish they went to the floor, but they will do 'cause the price was right. My darling Hubby picked out the curtain rods. He noticed right off at the store that they matched the trim in the room.

The hooked star was the one I received from my sweet SIL at Judy Cripps' a couple weeks ago. The tiny clock was given to be by my Dad when I was just a baby. It doesn't work any longer, but is still very special to me.

After pulling up the old, icky carpet. I cleaned the bare boards to free them of carpet stripping, staples, and dirt. A coat of primer was applied. Then I painted the floor just a simple antique white. (Just bought the gallon of paint right off the shelf - no mixing involved.) I then cut two stars out of some thin carboard (recycled cereal box). I was out of the wall paint color, so I used a similar paint color to stencil the stars randomly on the floor. Then to protect the paint from getting worn off too quickly, I applied just one thin coat of poly-acrylic. Some day, we may carpet the room ~ but this works for now.

We can now have company spend a night or two... or more. :)

Another project this week was this dolly...

I heard that my Grandma was wanting a Raggedy Anne doll. So what was I to do, but make her one?! I didn't have a pattern right off, but found this free pattern offered by Mamaw's Creations. I've added a few of my own touches... sure hope my Grandma likes her. Shhhh.... don't tell. She hasn't seen her yet, but hopefully will later this afternoon.

One more thing I would like to share with you today is this...

My 'little' brother (he is 31 years old) made this Copper Rose. He has it listed on Ebay ~ Click Here. It is simple & sweet on its own... but I especially like what he wrote explaining his inspiration for making it. He had read in an email of a husband giving his wife a dozen roses, one of which was plastic. Along with the roses he wrote, I'll stop loving you when the last rose wilts... meaning he would never stop loving her. Oh... what a romantic he is! :)

Thank you for letting me share my frenzied week. Guess I should get back to my list of things that must be done.

Many warm smiles to you...


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

~*Sharing Another Fabulous Freebie Finish*~

Hello Friends! Tonight I received a sweet email containing this, a freebie finish of ~*Blessings*~....

It was made by Julie (she doesn't have a blog yet) for a friend. She said she is giving the whole tray full of treasures to her friend for Christmas. What a lucky friend! Julie, the finish is darling & the gift is an absolute treasure! You have one lucky friend! Thank you for sharing your finish.

I do love to see finishes from my patterns. It gives me a smile each time I see one!

Warm smiles to you all...


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

~*Sharing a Freebie Finish*~

Hello Friends! Look at this ~

This darling ditty was made by Lisa of Black Sheep Prims Homeplace. Isn't it DARLING?! :) Lisa had the frame she wanted to use, which didn't leave room for the little doggy ~ but it is just as sweet as can be! Thank you for sharing with us Lisa! You really did lovely stitching.

We are having a 'snow day' from school today. It is cold outside. Makes for a great day to stay in & stitch away!

Many smiles to you...

Monday, December 15, 2008

~*Another Christmas Freebie*~

~*Christmas Kitty*~

Hello Friends! The days have been hectic, but I wanted to squeeze in another freebie for you. I don't think I'll have time to work this one up into a cross stitch chart, but it could be used for redwork, needle punch, rug hooking, painting, or maybe another medium of your choice. Enjoy!

Remember, you are welcome to use the doodle as you need it ~ change it up some if you want. T'is okay with me... just please give credit where credit is due.

Enjoy your day with lots of smiles!

~ Betty

Sunday, December 14, 2008

~*Little Isabelle*~

Hello my Friends.... some of you have read of Isabelle's journey to Heaven. I would like to thank you all for the comments, thoughts, and prayers on her behalf. My cousin and his wife have posted on her blog... Heart of a Princess

Smiles of thanks to you...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

~*A Symple Christmas Freebie*~

Hello Friends! I've been doodling on my cross stitch program & came up with a symple, but sweet offering for you. Maybe you are finding some crafting time in this busy holiday days? Maybe you have time to make a little pillow or ornie?

~*Silent Holy Night*~ Freebie

© primitivebettys

48 by 61 stitches

I'm going to try my best to offer up a few more freebies in the next couple of weeks ~ both doodles for hooking, punching & such and cross stitch. This is the time of giving! Please stop back by frequently.

Also, I have received a few emails saying that when the pattern is printed, the grid does not. If you are having troubles, please also check in my picture trail (link is on the left).... or email me ~ I'll be happy to forward the image to you.

Many smiles & holiday happy wishes to you...


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

~*Please Pray for Isabelle*~

Hello Friends... please pray for Isabelle...

Isabelle is my cousin's precious daughter. She is currently waiting on a heart transplant. You can read her story here ~ The Heart of a Princess.

Hugs of great thanks to you all...


Monday, December 8, 2008

~*I'm So Lucky!*~

Hi Friends! Yes, two posts in one day! :) I just had to show you these gifts that came in today's mail! They are from my pal, Debbie of Woolensails. She received my name in an exchange from one of the online groups we are in together. I'm sooooo lucky I could just jump with JOY.... well, I did when I opened the box!

A close up of the penny rug...

A close up of the needle punch pillow...

Debbie's handwork is just magnificent! The craftsmanship is spectacular! I love all my goodies & am just so lucky! Thank you Debbie! :)

I've already found a spot to display my new pillow...

The rocker is a gift from my sweet Aunt LaVon. It is a charming, antique Lincoln rocker. I just LOVE its red paint. The teddy is one of my favs. He wears an antique, child's sweater.

Thank you for allowing me to share!

Warm smiles to you...

~*Jamie is 20!*~

Hello Friends! Please join us in wishing Jamie a Happy 20th Birthday! He is one of my two very handsome, stepsons. We had a nice time last night visiting, eating supper, and celebrating with his strawberry cake. All our boys were here, along with my dear Mother and Father-in-Law, and Jamie's beautiful girlfriend, Annie. I had to apologize to him because I didn't realize until I was done that his cake was totally PINK!

He did want strawberry, but maybe I should have frosted with Cool Whip or vanilla instead of more strawberry. He is a good sport & said it was fine. It would be eaten either way ~ which is was. BUT, to add to the 'pink' decor.... I placed baby blue napkins on the table.... which made it look more like a baby shower instead of a birthday party. Silly me! :)

Happy Birthday Jamie! We love ya!


Soon I'll be making a visit to the post office. The post master is working hard today....

I just do LOVE the giving part of Christmas! Which reminds me... soon (maybe in the next few days), I'll be putting up another freebie for you just for the season. Please keep an eye out!

Many smiles to you all...


Saturday, December 6, 2008

~*Today's Hook-In*~

Hello Dear Friends! I'm so excited to share this with you! Today was Judy Cripps' monthly hook-in and it was so much fun! Judy and her hubby, Brice, have their home decorated for Christmas beyond belief! There is Christmas in every room... even the garage ~ which is now called 'The Hooking Garden'~ (It is called that because the amount of hookers that come to the hook-in each month has grown too large for just the house to hold us!) This month, Judy treated us all to lunch. It was a delicious casserole of pasta, sauce, beef & pepperoni... a fresh green salad... garlic bread... and yummy brownies! We all chatted, hooked, ate, shopped, and really enjoyed the day!

For the season, Judy offered us a really cool exchange that included something for us PLUS a chance to help others. She drew up a simple star on monk's cloth & offered it to us with the proceeds going to the Topeka Rescue Mission. Then, we hooked the star, wrapped it with our names inside the box, and brought it to the hook-in today... where we then put our names in a basket to draw & choose a package with someone else's piece. My SIL and I were called early on & did choose each others package.... did we cheat? LOL

Here is the group of us in the 'Hooking Garden'....

This is the rug that I received from Robin. Her dear Jimmy made the barn wood frame. I'm planning on starting the re-do of our spare bedroom this week... this is going to find the perfect home there! :) It is a cherished gift from my sweet SIL!

Here is a close up of my rug.

Thank you, Judy, for hosting such a fun gathering every month! I'm already looking forward to January!

Many warm smiles to all....


Friday, December 5, 2008

~*Fattening Friday*~

Hello my Dear Friends! Well... I'm blaming this on my good buddy, Ginger! She posted how to make peanut clusters on her blog the other day and I have been drooling over them ever since! So, today when I was in town running errands I found myself in the grocery store in just the right isle to buy what I needed.

Ginger's look much prettier than mine do... but they do taste yummy!

I read on the back of the Almond Bark package how to make the Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies. We already had the crackers & peanut butter in the cupboard... and what do I like even better than chocolate? PEANUT BUTTER! Before I added the peanuts to the chocolate for the clusters, I dipped the sandwiches in to coat them. So, while I should be doing other things on my still-too-long list.... I took a chocolate break & had a GREAT time doing it! Thank you, Ginger, for showing us how!

I'll be off to visit my Mom and StepDad tonight.... they LOVE peanut clusters! You know I'll be sure to share. Mom and I are going to do a little Christmas shopping. It looks like we will have lots of sugary energy to get it done!

Many warm smiles to you!


Monday, December 1, 2008

~*Some Christmas Decorating*~

Hello Friends! We started putting up our Christmas decorations yesterday. It is always fun to put the ornaments on the tree. Trinity especially loves it! Many of our ornaments are handmade ~ many by my friends across the cyber waves. We also have a collection of 'special-to-us' ornaments ranging from Raggedy Anne to Nascar in theme. It makes for just a sweet, old fashioned, family tree...

We had to get new lights this year. My hubby's favorite lights once belonged to his Grandma. He struggled with them for a long while, but just couldn't get them all to light up at one time. So, I ran to Walmart & bought these large bulbed, LED lights. They resemble his Grandma's, but are more energy-wise.

In another corner of our living room, I put my feather tree. My Mom gave me a box full of these crochet snowflakes. She didn't make them, but they are still very special to me. I have several left in the box that I'm thinking of hanging from the windows. I'll just have to see what time allows...

This Santa was one that I made about 15 years ago. He just brings a smile to my face every year when we pull him out of the box...

Now, as you can see from the photos... the sun is shining. I'm hoping it has warmed up some because we still have cornstalks on the front porch and a scarecrow greeting our visitors at the end of our driveway. It is due time to get those things down & some evergreen and large red bows up to replace them. So... on that note... off I go.

Many warm smiles to you...


Sunday, November 30, 2008

~*Working On My List*~

Warm smiles to ya... my dear prim friends! I've been working on my list ~ my Hands On List that is. A few days ago I posted a new freebie and was so excited it about it that I put my other projects on hold to stitch it up...

I stitched on a piece of scrap linen-like fabric... not exactly sure what it is... from my collection with DMC floss (3031 and 612)... 2 over 2. For finishing, the pinkeep has been backed with a yummy brown wool and filled with woolly bits left over from my rug hooking. I then stitched on the tiny pocket to hold the embroidery scissors & trimmed the edges with hand~spun yarn and vintage buttons.

I'm really pleased with the finish. Doing quick stitch pieces are a great way to fuel the fires of creativity!

Also this weekend...

I found this wonderful pattern by Cats in the Barn. These will be finished into Santa ornies.... great for adding a little handmade garnish to a gift! I hope to finish these up today.

On my Hands On List of things I need/want/must make this week... finish a hooked candle mat, do some painting for my dear MIL, finish stitching the model for my next pattern, and design up a rug to take to the monthly hook~in this coming Saturday. What is on your list this week?

Well, guess I should get back to working on my list.
Many smiles to ya....


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

~*Happy Thanksgiving*~

Hello Dear Friends... and a joyous, Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you. May you be close to family, friends, and have hearts filled with LOVE and THANKFULNESS tomorrow and always.

I've doodled up another cross stitch freebie to offer you. Maybe it will be a 'quick stitch' project for you this weekend... after the bellies are full, the last marching band has blown its tune, football games have been won, naps have been taken, and (if you dare) shopped 'til you dropped.

Hummm... what colors will you choose? What finish will you do? I'm thinking two shades of soft, warm brown stitched on a wholesome, natural linen. Maybe another scissor FOB? I think this would make a sweet gift for a friend of mine... or maybe two! I'll fill it with bits of wool from my scrap basket, or maybe some soft lambs wool & tuck in a few buds of dried lavender.


54 by 54 stitches

Warm smiles to you...


PS.... I had some time to 'doodle' this too....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

~*The ABCs of Thanksgiving*~

Hi Friends! I just have to share this picture of my lil' pilgrim. Today was the 1st Grade play. There were two performances... and I went to both. It is really fun to be a proud Momma! :) The whole class did a super job. Everyone remembered their lines and spoke loudly. I could tell Trinity was keeping an eye on me. Every time I aimed the camera at him, he would give me his huge, cheesy grin.

Cheesy smiles to you....


~*Healing Up & Still Catching Up*~

Hello Dear Friends! Didn't I just post that I was catching up? Didn't I get caught up? Yes, I did... and no, I didn't. T'is the story of my life now days. Well, part of it is to be blamed on illness. Nothing major really... last week started with me having a head cold & giving it to the kiddo. He missed school two days, but is feeling all better now. Then, I had some sort of relapse and was diagnosed with strep throat. We are both on antibiotics now and getting back to normal (if there is a normal!). I'm just hoping and praying that my hubby doesn't catch the crud. With Thanksgiving only a few days away... it would be just terrible for him to be sick. Well, it would be terrible for him to be sick at anytime, wouldn't it?

There is so much that I want to post about. This may turn out to be a really long post... or maybe I'll just write off and on over the next day or two.

First off, I should apologize. I forgot to take my camera to the craft show on Saturday. We all did have a wonderful time... and boy was it crowded! With the economy going the way it is, it was really nice to see people out and about... and buying too! Although I only made a purchase of my beloved kettle corn, I did see many packages being carried through the crowd. I also over heard one woman say she was going to need to take a second trip to the car to free up her arms. There were all kinds of yummy goodies to oodle over ~ jams, fudge, cookies & other baked goods; there were snowmen galore; Santa was there in all shapes and sizes; and then numerous other goodies almost as far as the eye could see. It was really a nice way to get into the holiday spirit.

Next on my catch up list... I received another award! Goodness gracious!

This one is from my buddy, Marte at Boggy Creek Primitives. Thank you Marte! You are a sweetie for thinking of me.

The rules are that I pass it along to 5 I believe are amazing blogs. Oh goodness... where do I start?

Well, here goes....

1. Kay of The Rustic Cottage
2. Barbara of Mainely Stitching
3. Tanya of At the Honeysuckle Tree
4. Beth of The Twist Family
5. Sherry of Blog In Sherry

And that reminds me! I still need to pass this award on...

This is one that my dear friend, Ginger, of Primitives By the Light of the Moon gave me last week. I'm sorry to take so long getting it forwarded Ginger. Please forgive me! Thank you again though for thinking of me.

The rules are:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs for this award.
4. Add links to those blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.
6. Give a reason why you consider their blogs cool.

Ok... 10 blogs... some have probably already received this, but they probably deserve it a 2nd time too!

1. Debbie of Simple Country Blessings
2. Sandy of For the LOVE of Prims
3. Lottie of Sweetpeas Primitives
4. Patti of Winding Vine Wanderings
5. Terri of Thistle House Primitives
6. Bren of That Thing I Do
7. Tammy of Skip to My Ewe
8. Sher of Old Crow Farm
9. Cathy of Hooked on Primitives
10. Julie of Julie's Keepsakes

They are all a true inspiration with a wonderful creative spirit! I guess I should go let all these folks now I've forwarded the award on to them!

I've got a 1st grade Thanksgiving play to attend this afternoon (yes, there will probably be pictures posted ~ LOL) and I'm thinking of a Thanksgiving freebie... so please keep watching.

Until next time... many smiles to you!
~ Betty

Friday, November 21, 2008

~*So Far Behind*~

Yup... that is how I'm feeling! Hello dear friends! It has been a busy week... full of stitching, hooking, 'life', and illness. I was down & out for a full day & then Trinity caught it & missed two days of school. We are both doing much better now and (knock on wood) Tony hasn't gotten it.

I've been reading all the comments & would like to thank you all for the enthusiasm & praise! You are all so sweet!

One thing I desperately need to catch up with is a TAG I received from Julie!

OHHHHHH.... she GOT me! LOL

For the game ~ the rules are as follows:

Rule #1 ~ Link to the person that tagged you.
Rule #2 ~ Post the rules on your Blog.
Rule #3 ~ Write 6 random things about yourself.
Rule #4 ~ Tag 6 people at the end of your post.
Rule #5 ~ Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their Blog.
Rule #6 ~ Let the tagger know your entry is up.

So.... six random things about ME? Hummmmmmm, here goes....

#1 ~ I'm constantly busy, but never get anything done!
#2 ~ If organization were a 'graded' task... I would most likely get an 'F'.
#3 ~ My favorite meal is a cheeseburger & fries. (which I have way too often!)
#4 ~ I don't have a dishwasher, but probably wouldn't use it if I had it anyway.
#5 ~ I'm a blabber~mouth & LOVE to talk!
#6 ~ It would be amazing if I visited a shopping mall more than 2 times a year - I just NEVER go to them.

Ok... now it is time for me to TAG six of my dear friends. Here they are at random! LOL

#1 ~ Kim from Cabin Creek Farm
#2 ~ Cathy of Hooked on Primitives
#3 ~ Ginger of Primitives by the Light of the Moon
#4 ~ Cyndi of She Seeketh Wool
#5 ~ Rondell of Tomatoe Creek Prims
#6 ~ Tanya of At the Honeysuckle Tree

Oh goodness.... there are so many more girls I could tag! But I know the game will get around & gobs will be 'it' before it is over!

Also, I need to give my buddy, Ginger a big hug & thank you for this award....

There are rules for this award too... and I do plan to get to it... however, it will have to be on another post. I will try to get to it by the end of the weekend.

Tomorrow I'm going with my mother-in-law & sister-in-law to an annual craft show. It should be a fun day out! I'll take the camera along & see if I can get some good photos to share.

Thank you again for all your comments & praise. I'm trying to think of something sweet to offer for Christmas. So please keep coming back... it will be here soon.

Many warm smiles to you!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

~*Symple Scissor FOB Freebie-S*~

Happy Sunday to you dear friends! The other day I promised a freebie would be on the way... and here it is. It is a simple ditty... but sometimes simple is good for stirring the creative juices & get you inspired to do more.

For this freebie, I thought it would be nice to give you a couple of different finishing ideas ~ cross stitch and needle punch. FOBs are about 2 1/2 by 3 inches.

© primitivebettys
Stitch count ~ 37 by 46.... I stitched 2 over 2 on 32 count Lambswool linen. (I have yet to figure out how to show the legend online... floss colors are listed below.)

© primitivebettys
You may need to reduce this image for your FOB. I stitched with my Cameo Ultra Punch ~ MD needle... with 6 strands of floss.

Floss colors used are DMC.... 3781 Mocha Brown DK, 356 Terra Cotta MD, 355 Terra Cotta DK, and 3051 Green Gray DK. For the needle punch finish, I also added hints of 3021 Brown Gray V DK with the background of 422 Hazelnut Brown LT. Both finishes were stained in my walnut & spice mix after assembly.

I assembled the FOBs into tiny pillows by backing them with a scrap piece from an old army blanket. They have been filled (lightly) with more scraps of wool. (A little hint, use light scraps for the cross stitch pillow so it won't show through.) I do use my machine to put the pillows together... but LOVE the hand~finished look. So, for the cross stitch finish, I used some linen thread & made tiny 'x' stitches around the boarder. For the needle punch finish, I put a strip of wool (1/4 inch) to 'hide' the seam & stitched it on with my linen thread. For the hangers, I used inexpensive satin ribbon on one and a 1/4 inch strip of wool on the other. These were about 16 inches long, folded in half, knotted on the loose ends, and then stitched to one back corner.

Because these are lil' pillows, they do dual duty as pinkeeps too!

Wouldn't these make quick finishes to add to your holiday gifting? I hope you enjoy the freebies. Please remember, I love to see freebie finishes & love more to brag about them on my blog. So please share with me!

Many smiles & happy stitching to you....