Tuesday, September 30, 2008

~*October 1st Offerings are Ready!*~

Hello Friends & Folks! Just a quick note for ya... October 1st updates for The Primitive Gathering and Lemon Poppy Seeds are ready for viewing. If you would like to swing by for a peek... please do! :)

I've made several punched pieces & a couple of hooked rugs. Here is one of my dollies up for offering....

I'm still hard at work on some cross stitch charts.... among other things. Guess I should get back to them & off the 'puter for a bit.

Until next time... warm smiles to ya!


Monday, September 29, 2008

~*Another Delight*~

Hello Friends & Folks! I received an email from Tany of Tweet Tweet sharing news with me that she used one of my freebie patterns/doodles! :)

For those of you that don't know... Tanya is the designer of some really awesome cross stitch designs. You should visit her website The Sampler Girl for more eye candy! I've got several of her patterns on my 'to do' list myself... and many others on my wish list!

Oh Tanya... it is just DARLING! A precious finish too! Thank you for working with my doodle & for sharing the news! (Your Miss Maddy is super sweet too... despite the scary look.)

It is so much fun to see all the wonderful creations made from my doodles. Thanks to you all for leaving your kind comments regarding them as well... I'll keep 'em coming.

Warm smiles your way...


Sunday, September 28, 2008

~*Birthday Fun*~

Hello Dear Friends! Today was a full day of family, food, and fun! We all got together to celebrate my dear MIL, Mary's, birthday. We had some fabulous food ~ lasagna, spaghetti, homemade garlic bread.... and lots of PIE! It was all so yummy! After we all had our bellies full... the guys escaped on their karts for races while the girls gabbed. The weather was marvelous & I think we all had a wonderful time.

My sweet SIL, Robin, made a needle punch from one of my freebie patterns. It was the perfect size to fit a jewelry box she had found. It made a wonderful gift for her Mom. Inside the box was an old family photo of Mary with all her kiddos (there are 5) from about 1970 - I'm guessing. It was a sweet treasure to tuck inside the box. The glow of happiness really showed on Mary's face when she opened her loving gift.

Mary loves to decorate for the seasons. With each, she puts ornaments & touches throughout her home and yard..... it is always fun to see what she has and does. She and my FIL, Richard, have even won the Christmas lighting contest in our town several times over the years. Tony and I thought she might like a Halloween rug that I made. (I think she was happy with it.)

Happy Birthday Mary!

Well.... after a fun, full day.... t'is time for a full night of sleep. I hope you too had a fabulous weekend!

Many warm smiles to ya.... Betty

Saturday, September 27, 2008

~*Saturday Sharings....*~

Good Day Folks! I'm so happy to share this with ya...

This was made using one of my freebies... by Rondell ~ Tomatoe Creek Prims. Isn't it super prim and super SWEET?! I love it! Thank you so very much for using & sharing my pattern.

Also, I was kindly given another award the other day by Joni of Fully Wooly Primitives.

She gifted this to me days ago.... I've been terribly busy & not gotten around to posting my THANK YOU. Thanks Joni! I really do appreciate the notice & accept the award with the greatest of gratitude!

The rules of the award state I should gift this to 7 others... it is so difficult to narrow it down. I'll work on passing the award on in the next few days.

Today is going to be a busy day. I'm at a point where I MUST clean house. The past many weeks, our poor house has suffered & been neglected. Tomorrow we are celebrating my dear, mother-in-laws birthday. The entire family should be here.... so we really should have a clean house for the festivities. I also want to do some 'creative' work... I have a cross stitch model working, needle punch jacks to finish, a pumpkin rug to hook, a UFO rug to finish, and a million plus (that might be an exaggeration) ideas spinning. Guess I should get busy.

I'm wishing you all a marvelous weekend full of TONS of smiles & fun!

~ Betty

Thursday, September 25, 2008

~*Finished Pillow*~

Hi ya buddies! I finished up my little Oxford punched pillow this morning & thought you might like to see it. I'm learning as I go... and have mixed feeling about the finished pillow. I love the Fall feeling it gives with the lumina pumpkin & rich variegated, deep green background.... and I even like the snaggled~look of the yarns. However, as much as I do like the snaggled yarns ~ I know they are not suppose to be that way. I've always considered myself a 'rule-breaker' when it comes to my primitive works... so maybe this is just another way of breaking, bending, or busting those rules.

My order of wool yarn arrived in todays mail... so in the near future I can get the dyes out! I'm also wanting to work the punch with wooly worms from my hooking projects. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Many smiles to ya..... Betty

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

~*Working Wednesday*~

Hello Prim Folks! Today started out with lots of rain... so much so that Trinity and I waited for the school bus at the end of the driveway ~ in the car. It worked out really well... neither of us got soaked & I had to run errands and visit the eye doctor anyway.

A trip to Walmart was on my errand list. We don't have much for 'craft supply' shopping here in our small town.... so that was as good as I could do for a quick creative shopping binge. I was wanting to pick up some of the 'inexpensive' monk's cloth and some yarn. Why you ask? Well, last weekend my Mom and I visited a quilt show. (It was fabulous, by the way!) While we were there, she bought me an Oxford Punch Needle. (Thank you Mom!) I've heard lots of gals talk about this needle, but hadn't ever seen one in person. I was interested enough to let my Mom buy it.

Since bringing it home, I've been thinking of different ways to use it. I love my Cameo punch... but that is for small projects. This Oxford punch is for rug making. Ultimately, I would like to use wool strips with my punch.... but reading the instruction booklet that came with the needle ~ it suggests starting with yarn on monk's cloth first. Well, I didn't have either. I've got a yard of rug hooking monk's ordered.... but I wanted to start on something NOW! (If you don't already know... I'm a very impatient person... and I don't consider it a flaw!) LOL

Would you like to see some beginner work?

This is a picture of the 'working' side. Just like with needle punch... the actual process is on the backside of the rug.

From the front...

Yarn shopping was very limited today. I really would have LOVED to start with wool yarn, but of course there wasn't any. I thought about using cotton, but wasn't happy with the color selection. So... I just grabbed a few skeins of acrylic. The shininess of this yarn is not appealing to me... however, because I'm a 'packer' puncher, some of the loops have been snagged ~ giving a sort of 'fluffy' look. (Is fluffy prim?.... maybe not)

At any rate, this is a learning process & it will be interesting to see where it takes me.

Before I sign off.... ATTENTION ALL CROSS STITCHERS.... I have started working a design & only need a little tweaking (plus model stitching).... on a winter sampler that I plan to be a continuation of my ~*1836 Spring Tyme*~ theme. Of course, there are many (oodles really!) designs I want to work up & release. So please keep watching.

Happy creative energy to you ALL.... with warm smiles!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

~*Beholden*~ Freebie

(70 by 40 stitches) © primitivebettys

I thought it was time to give some thanks......

When I began designing this lil' freebie, it originally was going to be the word 'thankful'.... but then 'beholden' sounded more antique and olde to me. :)

Enjoy with smiles!


~*The Eclectic Artisans Webshow*~

Hello Friends & Folk! The webshow opened yesterday & will be open only until October 6th! Swing by if you get a chance! There are some really awesome goodies to drool over!

~*The Eclectic Artisans Webshow*~

Unfortunately, I missed the show this time.... too many other things going on. Maybe I'll be able to put a few ditties up for the next show.

Many warm smiles to ya.... Betty

Monday, September 22, 2008

~*Welcome Fall!*~

Hello Friends! WOW.... two posts in one day! Amazing, huh? I've been working on my Lemon Poppy Shoppe.... or at least one of my shops ~ I still need to get my pattern shop back up & running. Because today is the first day of Fall... I've added a few sunflowers ~ along with some other ditties. Swing by if you get a chance.

Speaking of sunflowers.... on our travels over the past few weeks, we have seen many beautiful fields of sunflowers. There are farmers near LeRoy and Humbolt, Kansas that have planted fields of them. This is the time of year for them to be in glorious, full bloom... and harvested. To see the fields of bloom after bloom is really something to behold. I wanted so badly to stop to take a photo.... unfortunately this last trip only gave us the view of the harvested fields. However, with the joys of the internet, I have found one to share with you.....

Many warm smiles to you.... Betty

~*Look at my Jack~O~Lantern!*~

Hello dear friends! I just had to snap a quick photo of Trinity before school today. He lost his first tooth yesterday. There were no tears ~ he simply pulled it out. He had fun whistling through the opening & kept asking if we could see his tongue. Silly boy!

Oh... I have so many things to tell you.... but I also have so much work to do. Soon I'll be able to catch you up on all my 'crafting' adventures. Till then.... many warm smiles to ya!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

~*Slowly but surely...*~

I'll get something finished...

Hello dear friends! I've worked on getting things caught up today ~ you know, the boring stuff like laundry & cleaning. I did get some pictures for some Ebay and Lemon Poppy seed offerings... but have suddenly run out of steam.

This lil' ditty did get listed on Ebay (starting at only 99 cents!)....

I have many more offerings to put up, but probably won't have a chance to work on them until Monday. Tomorrow is a fun family day. My darling hubby has decided to race his rc cars. Trinity might even get in on the fun with a new car that arrived for him in today's mail. My boys do love their remote control cars!

My warmest smiles & blessings your way for a wonderfully, sunny Sunday!

..... Betty

Friday, September 19, 2008

~*Thank you kindly....*~

Hello my dear friends! I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you for your kindest thoughts and condolences. I've been so blessed to be touched by those near and far.... close to home and across the web. Many of you have posted comments here on my blog and sent me personal emails. I have read & treasured each one. Thank you. My family and I are doing well. We miss Dad immensely.... but we will be fine, we will see him again, and we will do our best to carry on. We will always hold him near to our hearts.... with lasting, loving memories.

We are home from Oklahoma. We hated to leave. It was so nice to see and share with family and friends. The ceremony was beautiful... and just as Dad would have wanted it to be ~ except for the tears that were shed by all. Dad wouldn't have wanted anyone to be sad.

Now that we are back home, it is time to get back in the swing of things. I'm planning on updating my Lemon Poppy Seeds shoppes with both finished goods and my patterns. I also have many things I'm thinking of listing on Ebay. I hope to get pictures and listing information finished by Sunday evening. I'll pop back here on my blog with an update.

Before I sign off on this post.... I HAVE to share another darling ditty with you! This if made by Chris of mysticalprimitives. She used one of my freebie patterns, ~*Halloween Cat*~.

Isn't it darling?! Thank you, Chris, for sharing!

Many warm smiles to you all...

Monday, September 15, 2008


We are not mourning a loss... we will celebrate a life. My Dad passed over night. He touched many lives during his lifetime and has left lasting, loveable memories. He had several family members with him, by his side for his last breath. He will be missed... but will always be loved.

I know my Dad will always be with me, watching over me. I know too that I will see him again.

I love you Dad.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

~*Such A Fun Time!*~

Hello my dear friends! Oh... yesterday was so enjoyable! The open house couldn't have been better.... besides my picture taking skills that is. Everyone was so nice! Kris and her family (the owner of Dickerson's) are always so kind, helpful, cheerful, and talented! They always make me feel like I'm a part of their family.... and it is so special! The other artists at the show were super talented & super bubbly. They offered the most amazing Halloween altered art! I had never seen anything like it before. These girls had their kids involved with the fun too.... Trinity bought some gooey vampire teeth from one of their boys & I bought a voodoo doll made by another. (I don't know exactly what I will do it it... but it just looked like something I should have! LOL)

My beloved husband was so kind to help all day. He is not a morning person because of his normal work schedule, but he was up before dawn, drove the hour long drive, and catered to my every need. (Maybe I've said it before, but it is worth saying again.... Tony is the very best husband EVER & I love him so much!) :) My sister-in-law, Robin, showed up to lend a hand also. She brought along a hooked pillow to whip the backing onto... her third rug. (She is hooked on hooking!) We both worked on hooking, punching, and whipping ~ demonstrating the mediums was a wonderful way to stir up conversation with the customers. (Thank you Jo Jo for suggesting it!)

Tony's other sister, Jo, and her husband, Russell, showed up to vist.... along with my Mom, and even my stepson, Jamie, and his sweet girlfriend. Having the family interest & support was more than a girl could ask. Thank you all!!!

I did take a few photos right after things were set out on the tables. The showing was inside the mall.... which isn't very well lit, so the photos are somewhat blurry. I wish I had taken more photos.... but guess I got carried away with the day.

Trinity did a good job helping set up. He put the gourds in the box (homegrown... and something to add to the table display LOL) and spread Mary Jane candies about.

Making new friends, sharing with family, showing my wares....it was a really nice time! I can't wait to do it again!

Smiles to ya....


Thursday, September 11, 2008

~*T'is Crunch Time*~

Hello Friends & Folks! It is now crunch time.... Dickerson's Open House is just a couple days away! YIKES!!!! What have I been doing? I've not been working hard enough ~ that is for sure. Do I have enough stuff to show? Will anyone show up? Will anyone like what I have brought to show? These are just SOME of the things running through my mind about Saturday's showing. I'm just a nervous wreck! So... what am I doing now? I've got a dolly drying in the oven & I'm playing with the photo editor to post up a couple sneak peeks for you....

I've hidden all the 'details' about what they really are.... just to tease ya!

I do hope that those of you near Topeka can swing by on Saturday. It is going to be rainy... but we will be inside. I'm thinking the rain will add to the Fall Fever! Plus... we will probably have some goodies to snack on & some cider to sip!

My buddy JoJo suggested that I demonstrate hooking and/or punching.... so I'm planning on it. Thanks JoJo! I think that sounds like a wonderful idea! Those of you that do know me & have met me in person know though... that I can be quiet the jabber-mouth. How much hooking and punching actually gets done will depend on how much blabbing I'm doing!

Here is the invite to Dickerson's again if you need more info ~

I do hope to see you there!


On a cross stitchin' note.... I do plan to work up some more patterns in the near future. My pattern line has just been selected for offering by Hoffman Distributing Company, Inc. I'm thrilled to be able to work with them! My first order ships off next week.

My patterns are also offered by Norden Crafts, Ltd.. They too are wonderful to work with!

Have a blessed day.... and many warm smiles to you!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

~*Another Gotta See!*~

Good day my friends! My buddy Terri of Thistle House Primitives sent me an email yesterday. This girl works QUICK! She didn't waste any time getting started on the ~*Halloween Cat*~ doodle that I put up on Monday. Oh my... I am so pleased with the results from her penny work! This spooky cat is prim perfect! The varied~sized tongues is such a wonderful touch.... LOVE IT! I've seen Terri's works in person... she is marvelous & has such a way with the needle. Thank you Terri for sharing!

Terri is offering this ditty on Ebay now if you are interested. Click here or search Ebay seller id ~ littlethistledesigns

Folks, I love to see finishes from my doodles & designs. Please keep 'em coming! It makes me smile from ear to ear!!!! REALLY! :)

Warms smiles to you....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

~*You Just Gotta See...*~

Hi Friends & Folks! I received a delightful email this morning from a very sweet gal by the name of Kathy. She said she was new to my blog (doesn't blog herself) & was really enjoying the freebie patterns that I've offered. She wanted to show me this...

Isn't the ~*Blessings*~ pillow sweet? Kathy, I love how you finished it off & am tickled to have a lil' piece of me in your beautiful home! Thank you for sharing!

Now folks.... you also must see this.....Kathy's Home. Kathy and her hubby have an awesome prim & BEAUTIFUL home. It is apparent all the love and attention they give to it. She said that her style is more colonial rather than extreme prim... but HEY... it is amazing! I'm sure you will like to have a look at it. Sit back & enjoy a cup of tea & a cookie while you do. :)

Many warm smiles to you...

Monday, September 8, 2008

~* Taking a Doodle Break*~

~*Halloween Cat*~

I'm just taking a break from all the catch up around the house..... there sure is a TON of laundry to do! The Dickerson's Open House is still on for Saturday. There are sure to be a lot of spooks & goblins in the showing.... along with our favorite black cats & Jack-o-Lanterns!

Enjoy the freebie!

:) Betty

~*Wishing You a Happy Monday*~

Hello my dear friends! I would like to wish you all a Happy Monday & a blessed week. Please find joy & love with family and friends... and treasure each moment.

We are home safely from our visit in Oklahoma. It was nice visit with Dad & see the love that surrounds him. We shared stories and smiles. We did treasure each moment..... and are wishing & praying for more. It was nice to see the family together.

Thank you for all your concerns, comments, and prayers. Dad has hope & trust in God. This cancer is not going to change that.

Many warm smiles to you....


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

~*Busy Wednesday*~

Hello Dear friends.... it has been one busy day. Last night I received a phone call with news that my Dad wants me to come for a visit. So today I've been trying to get everything together for the five hour drive. As you may know, he has lung cancer. He has been getting radiation treatments, but has not been improving. Last week the doctors gave him a feeding tube... but still no improvement. My darling hubby cannot get away from work ~ Trinity and I will be making the drive alone. Maybe a little sun~shiny smile from Trinity will brighten Dad's day.... and bring a little joy to my step Mom and Grandma too. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers on his behalf.... they are GREATLY appreciated.


On a lighter note, I've been awarded ~ again.....

from Linda of Linda Pinda's Blog AND Kathy of Rugs of mine...in time. WOW! Thank you! I'm honored to have been given this award so many times.... guess I really am a prim crafter! Because I've been given and shared the award before.... I'm not going to send it along again. But thank you ever so kindly for thinking of me. It really touches my heart!


I would also like to thank you all for you sweet comments on my blog! I don't reply to them.... well, because I haven't figured out how. But I do read each and everyone and LOVE that you are reading the little things I post!


Also, over there on the side bar, I've added a link for you to click that goes right to all my freebie patterns. If you are looking for one, it should be there. I'm feeling it is time to offer another one & plan to do it soon. When we are back from Dad's, I'll work on putting one up.

Have a blessed weekend and many smiles to you....


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

~*He Is Excited TO DO HIS BEST!*~

Hi Friends! Tonight was the first night of scouts. Trinity was so EXCITED about being a Tiger Cub that he could barely stand still! (well, he can barely stand still at anytime.... that is normal) He and I both had a nice time at the meeting & had a chance to meet a bunch of friendly people. We are looking forward to the program. Of course, we will have to get Dad in on the action too when he isn't at work. The first camp is scheduled towards the end of the month. I know Trinity wants to go... we will have to make sure Dad is off work!

Thanks for letting me share my handsome lil' guy in his uniform!


Monday, September 1, 2008

~*Robin's Rug*~

Hello Friends! My sister-in-law, Robin, just stopped by to show me her rug & I just HAD to share it! This is only her second rug & I think she has taken to it like a natural.

The pattern she used was one that was gifted to me by my buddy Sarah of The Paisley Studio. Sarah and her sister, Barb, also sell together as Hallowed Hill Primitives. A couple of sweet & talented girls they are!

Robin had her darling Jimmy, make the barn wood frame to fit the rug. They had originally planned to put the rug in from the back ~ like you would a normal picture... but then opted to mount the rug by laying it into the routed out groove from the front. It worked perfectly!

Robin is a dear soul & I'm proud to have her as a sister-in-law..... and happy as can be that she is interested in hookin' with me now too!

Warm smiles to ya...

~*Happy Labor Day*~

My wishes to all of you for a glorious, fun~filled holiday! May you spend the day in sunshine with family, friends, and lots of smiles!

Today is September 1st... that means updates for The Primitive Gathering and Lemon Poppy Seeds. Because I'm feeling like I am stretching myself a little thin, I've only updated on The Primitive Gathering. I've decided to wait until mid~month (after the Open House) to update on Lemon Poppy Seeds.

Here are two dollies I've posted for the update. Don't they look like they are ready for a party?

Have a beautiful day! Warm smiles to ya.....